(MA 16+ story) Ebony was a normal girl, living a completely normal life, in what she thought was a normal world. She always pushed the borders of the rules her parents put down for her to follow, always wanting a life with more adventure, more adrenaline... Until one night she pushed it too far. Life aint' all rainbows and butterflies when everything you cared for is taken from you, when everything you know is thrown out the window! Will she escape her kidnappers? Or will she die trying?


10. Abuse

I think Leon's reaction rubbed off on me, because we were both just sitting there, unmoving, as three very familiar voices move down the hall, into the kitchen, and eventually into the room we are in.

Angus is the first to see us. He has to do a double-take before he cracks a grin. "Well well, what's happening here?"

Hiro and Masa both turn to look at the two of us at the same time. Leon sits up, and I slide back into his lap, the material of his jeans rubbing against my still-bare crotch. I've suddenly become painfully aware of that, although all I can do is remain motionless. Like a porcelain doll.

"It's not what it looks like." Leon says, raising his hands in a gesture of surrender. Masa's face twists in anger, and Angus begins to laugh, his shoulders shaking as he does so. I scramble to my feet and run into the kitchen, my bare feet scrambling on the cold tiles as I dive into the hallway. My face was a dark crimson colour, so hot you could fry an egg on it. I sat against the wall, and put my head between my knees.


A creaking alerted me to something I hadn't noticed before.

I tentatively looked up, my eyes catching the front door swinging on it's hinges. Unlocked. Open. Unguarded.

My heart began to pick up speed. I could do it.

I could escape.

I could leave.

I took a deep, quivering breath. My foggy mind seemed to clear, and on shaking legs, I stood.

One step.

Two step.

The door was drawing closer with each step I took.

Three step.


Footsteps in the kitchen alerted me to someone coming to retrieve me. I made my steps quieter, walking on my toes.

Five step.

Six step.

Hiro stepped into the hallway when I was just inches away from the door. His eyes widened and I turned rapidly to make a break for it.

Seven step.




I began to sprint, and as soon as I began running, so did Hiro. All the pleasantries from the day had left my mind, only the horrors that I had unconsciously blocked out revolving around and around. Hiro may have been faster than I was, due to his long legs, but I was far more agile. It would have been an even match, if I weren't running in a straight line. I screamed as he grabbed me from behind, though his hand quickly covered my mouth, holding my lips together and muffling any sound I could possibly make. I struggled in his hold, but it was no use. He was just too strong.


I felt my eyes begin to fill with water as we neared the front door again. Hiro was breathing heavily in my ear, proof of just how hard he had been running to catch me. I would have been breathing just as heavily, if he weren't covering my mouth.

Luckily for me, every human was born with a nose.


Before I knew it I was dropped onto the floor on my hands and knees, infront of all four men. My breathing was heavy, and I was trembling in fear and expectance. I couldn't look up.

"Dammit, you little bitch!" Angus roared, and I tensed, preparing myself for the horrible blow that would inevitably come. And holy crap did it hurt.

Angus kicked my in the ribs so hard I might've soared about a metre. I landed on my side, and tears immediately started pouring from my eyes. I was struggling to breathe, gasping for air. Even then, it was uneven and ragged.

"Ebony!" I heard Leon call, though he didn't move. His expression was frantic, a mirror image of Hiro's. Masa was the first to move as he ran towards me, kneeling beside my limp body. He lifted me carefully, as if I might have broken at the slightest touch.

"Stupid girl..." Masa whispered, the scentence familiar, and sweet to my ears. His voice and body trembled, out of anger or sadness, I don't know.


He carried me in his arms through the kitchen, down the hallway and into his bedroom, where he placed me tenderly on the double bed, just as he had before. He sat on the single bed, simply watching me with a grim expression, until my breathing became normal again. He stood to leave.

"Don't go."

Masa turned to look at me, recognising what he had to do once again, remembering from the night before. He said nothing, though slipped into the bed behind me, holding me gently in a warm embrace under the blankets. I allowed myself to sob into his chest, even though my ribs ached with every movement I made. Masa was the only person I would show weakness to. He was the only person who hadn't sexually abused or raped me, out of four, and was actually one of the kindest people I've ever known. And he was my kidnapper, for Christ's sake- what kind of fucked-up, unlucky life did I have?

And yet, the ever gentle Masa continued to hold me in his arms, until I eventually stopped crying, and settled into an uneasy sleep.


Masa's point of view

As Ebony fell asleep in my arms, I allowed myself to feel anger. I wanted to protect this girl. I wanted her to be healthy, to live happily. It was what any normal person would want for someone who was suffering; Unfortunately, I was stuck with Angus. That abusive motherfucker needs to be taught a lesson. It wasn't natural, it wasn't right, and it needed to stop. He abused young, broken girls to satisfy his anger, yet he didn't have the guts to take on another man, to take on someone his own size. And the other two idiots just sat there and let it happen. It irritated me so much- they should have been beating the crap out of him by now. Yet they didn't do a goddamn thing.

Slowly, I pulled away from Ebony. She was like a doll, limp and lifeless without me beside her, without me to protect her. My heart ached in memory of the first girl, the one who fell first to Angus' harm. I couldn't save her; she died, and yet somehow Angus escaped the blame.

Sarah, I'm sorry.

I shook my head; no, that was not going to happen again. My love for Sarah had ruined everything; I left the house for an hour to get the things Sarah and I would need for a happy life together. I was going to leave with her. But, of course, when I got back she was beaten to the point where I couldn't recognise her. After a few hours in hospital, she died. I didn't even get to kiss her, one last time...


I stared at Ebony a little while longer, before I left the room. I stormed up the hallway, through the kitchen, and into the living room where Angus was so calmly watching the television.

"Angus..." I murmured threateningly, my voice trembling with anger, just like it had been when I first picked up the crumpled Ebony when she was kicked.

As Angus looked up at me, I could see true fear in his eyes; the spineless bastard. I stepped towards him, and he immediately jumped off the couch and walked in front of me. Although he was the same height as me, it always seemed as if I was looking down at him. "Masa, erm, I-"

He didn't have a chance to finish his scentence. I clenched my hand into a fist and put everything into my right hook, my full body weight. He was already on the floor.

I jumped on top of him, pinning him to the ground with my weight as I ferociously beat him, over, and over, and over. I don't know how long I had been hitting him for when Hiro and Leon finally managed to pry me off the now unconscious Angus.


I shook them off, gave each of them a glare, before glancing once at Angus and leaving the room. I walked back to my bedroom, and Ebony was sitting awake in the middle of the bed. I smiled gently at her. "It's alright, I'm here now, go back to sleep."


And so I cuddled up behind her. "Goodnight, Ebony."

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