(MA 16+ story) Ebony was a normal girl, living a completely normal life, in what she thought was a normal world. She always pushed the borders of the rules her parents put down for her to follow, always wanting a life with more adventure, more adrenaline... Until one night she pushed it too far. Life aint' all rainbows and butterflies when everything you cared for is taken from you, when everything you know is thrown out the window! Will she escape her kidnappers? Or will she die trying?


13. A Soul Brother

It was a few days later when I could finally move freely again. It was mostly my anger and defiance towards - ugh, I couldn't even think his name - that encouraged me to be able to do anything other than sleep, eat, and use the bathroom, but sweet nothings whispered by a few certain people certainly helped.

Angus stayed away from me now, although I wasn't quite sure why. I had briefly wondered if Leon or Hiro had spoken to him, but quickly dismissed the idea. Then again, there was always Masa...

It was surprisingly bitter-sweet to think about. Masa had somehow ended up as a brotherly figure in my mind; trying to protect me, pushing me to go back to when I was happy and safe- sort of. But I kept wondering why he couldn't see what I saw now. My ex was a douche, and I was an idiot for not noticing it sooner. Hell, I was an idiot for actually going out with someone that much older than me in the beginning, but what can you do?

The heart wants what the heart wants.

But sometimes the heart is stupid and you should throw it off a cliff.

With jagged rocks on the bottom.

And then stomp on it for good measure.

And, just to make sure the heart got the message, set it on fire and dance around it, chanting about voodoo or something.

Then again... Maybe that was a bit too harsh...

My eyes flicked to the yellowing bruise on my ribs, and scowled darkly. Definitely not too harsh.


This was actually the first day that I'd managed to pull myself out of the bed. I dressed myself in clothes that Leon had bought me to try and tempt me out of bed - and I had to admit, he had amazing taste - but of course it didn't work.

In the end, I still got the clothes.

I was wearing a pair of black leggings, with dark grey ankle boots over my feet. I had a loose white T-shirt on, with a red plaid shirt thrown over the top, hanging wide open with the buttons undone. I also had a grey scarf wrapped around my neck and a grey beanie on my head.

I seriously loved Leon's fashion sense.


I quietly opened the door to the bedroom, looking my head left and right. For a moment, time seemed to slow.

My eyes slid over to the door, and locked on. Swallowing, I crept out of my room, and tiptoed my way over, my hand slowly reaching out towards the handle. But as my fingers brushed over the cold metal, I suddenly felt sick to my stomach.


Did I really want to leave?


Something in me was screaming No. But I knew better. I knew what Stockholm syndrome was, and I was getting my ass out of here. I wasn't okay. I needed to go home.

My mind made up, I clenched the door knob and turned it, slowly, all the way around...


My heart lurched up into my throat. Did they get careless and leave the door unlocked? The corners of my mouth slowly pulled into a big grin. I would get to see my mummy again. I would get to see dad again. I was so close I could almost taste it!

I swung open the door with too much enthusiasm, but froze when I saw what was on the other side of it.

a security door.

With a code lock.

My heart sank to the floor, and I went from excited to completely broken. It was too good to be true.


Every emotion that I had suppressed over the last week came to me in a rush, and my legs gave way just as the strangled sob that had been bubbling to the surface broke free. Leaning my forehead against the cold metal of the very thing that kept me away from home, I only cried silently as the sound of footsteps coming nearer and nearer reached my ears.

Whichever one of the four men it was, I couldn't have cared less at that moment. Resentment and frustration bubbled in my chest. If they had reached out to touch me, I would have fought them with everything I had, and they knew it. Instead, they stayed put, watching me silently and waiting for me to turn around.

So I did.


Hiro simply stared at my face for a moment, before shaking his head and dropping to his knees as well. A wry smile twisted his features as he regarded the door behind me with disdain. "Yeah. When Masa disappeared to let off some steam, and we were in here with you, Angus got it done. It'd be a waste of money to get rid of it now, though."

I swallowed and looked away. Whether my voice was scratchy because of lack of use or because I was crying, I didn't know. "Yeah. I figure you're not going to tell me the code?"

The man at least had the decency to look away. "Unfortunately, no. My balls are on the line here, girly."

I snorted, which caused him to look up and grin at me. "Oh, you like me talking about my balls, huh? Feel free to talk about them too if you like."

Now I really did laugh. "The only thing I'll be saying about your balls is that you have none."

Hiro scowled at me, although I could tell by the amused spark in his eye that he wasn't offended. "Oh? I can prove they're there, just take a look." And with that, he reached down to undo his jeans.


My eyes widened to the size of saucers, and I squealed and leapt at him, pushing him onto his back and succeeding to get him to stop doing what he was doing. He snickered and winked. "Well, if you wanted to be on top that badly, you could have just asked."

That devilishly sexy bastard.

"Ha, ha, fuck you."

"When and where?"

"Midnight, in your dreams, buddy."


We both looked up when Masa's voice came from the kitchen. "Oi! Hiro, if you don't keep it in your pants, I'm cutting it off!"

Hiro winced. "The other half of the equation this time."

With that, I slid off of him and the two of us walked quietly towards the kitchen. Hiro insisted on walking behind me just in case I decided to run off again.



As we entered, my eyes landed on Masa leaning against the bench top, before fluttering over to Leon, who was lazing about on the couch.

Hiro spoke from behind me. "Leon! Nice choice in clothing. The leggings really show off her ass."

I whipped my head around and glared.

Definitely a bastard.


Masa practically snarled at Hiro, before grabbing my arm and pulling me towards his chest. "One more fucking comment like that, and I'm using the steak knife for more than just eating beef." Hiro visibly paled. Meanwhile, Leon was laughing so hard he had fallen off the couch.

"You-" *laughing fit* "-are such a-" *laughing fit* "Oh my god, look at Ebony's face!"


I was pulling a pretty damn unattractive expression. You know the one where you're trying really hard not to laugh? Yeah, that one.

Masa looked down and sent a warm smile in my direction. "Stupid expression to match a stupid girl."

I scrunched up my nose and punched him in the arm. "Jackass."

Definitely like an older brother.



Filler chapter this time! Sorry I haven't updated in so long xD


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