A Change of Heart

He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me...


2. Morning

I hear the crunch of gravel , as my feet along with many others trudge along the path outside Oakland Comprehensive. Fear grips me as I realise that this school is bigger than my old one. Much bigger. If you have ever started a new school you know how it feels. Everything is different, from the place you are in to the clothes you wear. 

Oakland doesn't have a set uniform, so I had no idea what to wear. After eating a rushed breakfast with Mum and Dad I stood in front of the long mirror in my bedroom. At first I got into my old uniform  A stereotypical private school outfit, which consisted of a white blouse, checked skirt, navy jacket, white socks and cool shoes - on account of I loved my school uniform. But then I changed into tight fitting blue jeans, trainers and a comfortable, woolly cardigan which I wore over a white T-shirt which presented a picture of my favourite band. So anyway, I kept changing from one outfit to another deciding that I would wear whatever I had on when Mum was ready to leave.

My sister barged into my room with an air of confidence, which bordered on arrogance. My golden haired, sapphire eyed sister. Basically what she was doing, was acting like her normal boisterous self when inside she was shaking like a leaf at the prospect of going to a new school where she wouldn't be the centre of attention. Linda Owen, was the one girl everyone wanted to be like.

When I tore away from my daydream about our old school, she was gone.

"Maisie!" Mum calls. "Hurry up and get down here at once!" Sadly I break away from the mirror and my reflection which is the same as ever, and head downstairs wearing my private school uniform.

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