People say white lies and big lies are all lies which are ultimate sins, but the lies I have been feed change everything. So when you change the game, you change the girl. I have to lie too.
What happens when I become just as big a liar  as every other person around me? It was totally unconscious my change but hanging around with liars grows on you .
We do all of this in the name of relieving pain, Protecting someone we care about, Protecting ourselves. All for the greater good. And now, to relieve ourselves of all the pain we've caused each other, for us to move on and maybe even have a chance at happiness, we have to give the truth a shot.


1. Cancer Girl


"so you really have to go?"

"Yes Caleb. I really have to go. My doctor here said that's the only way I'll have even a slight chance of surviving."

"And you have cancer?" he asked very dumbly or seeing through my lie

"Of the heart. Like I said last three times"

"Why didn't I know that?"

"Because we don't really care for each other Caleb"

'But I love you Cam"

You think you do. Look, this is or the best. If I get through this, maybe we'll give this another try. Who knows?"

He nods and hugs me for a long time and after a minute. I hug him back
Caleb was one of the few truly sweet guys who I strung along but didn't really care for

"I'll miss you and will be thinking about you."

"Me too Caleb. You take care." and I walked away only to be stopped barely three minutes down my walk through the school hallways.

"What's this I hear about you moving cos you have cancer?" Luke said holding me by the arm.

"Umm the truth?" 

"It's not the infectious kind, is it?" he asks widening his eyes.

"Luke that's HIV . And we never had sex so you're in no danger."

"Oh. Right. Well good luck. I'm sure you'll get better, I'll call." he said before kissing me on the lips for a second and walking away to meet up with his jock friends and assure them he was HIV negative.
Oh how I would love to see his face if the boy ever hears he truly did contact it through one of his many whores.
I hurriedly followed through the hallways, plugging my earphones in to pretend I'm deaf to the world and the calls of the fake concerned characters of my school
 I managed to get to the bus stop without a hitch, got on and took a seat with a sigh, Last day of school for me. No more of that rubbish.
I thought too soon because just as the doors were about to close, my former crush jumped through the doors and quickly took the seat next to me.

"This seat is taken" I said blankly

"Oh yeah by who?" he asked with a sexy smirk

"Not you"

"Well it is now. Irony is, it's by me."

Rolling my eyes and not wanting to encourage this conversation, I looked out the window.

"Hey, you're that Cancer girl."

"Birthday's July so yeah." I said even though I knew he was referring to my supposed cancer of the heart.

"No I mean you have cancer. But that's quite a bitchy irony."

"Don't talk about a deadly disease that lightly boy." I growled and he looked taken aback.

"Jeez, a yes would do. I'm sorry. Really."

"Yeah I can feel it."

"So you're going to New York. That's really not what I would call a medical place but what do I know?"

"Yeah, what do you know?"

"Hey don't be so mean, you may die tomorrow."

I gasped and turned to him which made him burst into laughter and hold his hand up.

"I'm sorry. Stupid joke. I'm sorry."

I glared at him once more  and Quickly turned back to the window to hide my smile.

"So. When do you leave?"

"Sunday. Not that it's any of your business."

He gives me a cheeky grin and the bus just keeps moving in silence.

A stop was announced and as I thought that I never recognise the name, and stood up to question the driver on what route we wer staking, Jason stood too.

"What? This is your stop?" He asks.

"No." I grunted waiting for him to move.

He moved into the walkway and gestured to me. "Please, ladies first."

I gave him a suspicious look before obliging and could hear his thoughts which made me roll my eyes.

I walked to the driver , "hi. Sorry which route is this?"

"The normal one were to follow." he replied dully and when I told him my stop he looked at me like I was weird, "we've passed that ever since. You know where you are going to?"

"Yes I do! I'm not stupid!"

I growled and stomped my foot. I didn't have enough money for another bus ride back and I felt bad ripping Sam away from Derek while they were looking through furniture for the home we were moving to.

"it's not that big of a deal princess. You can just come over to mine and I'll drop you off with my car." Jason said from behind me.

"Or you can just give me money for a ride back and I'll be grateful."

"Where's the fun in that? Come on."

"Look I'm not some hoe looking for a quickie." I snapped.

"Who asked for a quickie?"

"You're holding us back ma'am. If you don't have enough money, get off." the driver said lacking sympathy.

"I'm a girl dying with cancer, so I'm sure waiting won't make anyone of you die before me except you have stage 3 cancer."

The guy softened but then Jason had to ruin everything, "no she's not. She's my girlfriend who's angry with me cos she thinks I slept with her best friend but won't let me explain."

"Get off girl." the driver deadpanned.

"He's lying! He's a pervert who wants to use a dying girl. You have to help me. My sister will be waiting to take me to the next Doctor's appointment."

"Face it princess, I win." Jason breathed into my ear.

"I'm sorry." he said opening the door for me.

I hissed and alighted the bus seething,

I started walking back not even bothering to follow my ride.

"My house is just here you know that right? I suggest you follow me except you're planning to walk ten blocks to your house." Jason shouted.

I stopped and looked up to see him pointing to the opposite direction with a smirk on his face. I walked to him and stomped on his toes effectively wiping the smirk off his face and unto mine.

"Oww! What was that for?!" he howled as he jumped around with his foot in hand.

"You're not gonna walk around with that stupid smirk if I have to be anywhere near you. Lesson one."

He frowned and started walking in front of me, I followed him humming under my breath. After about two minutes we stopped in front of a big black gate. He went to the intercom and spoke into it, "Hey, it's Jason."

The big gate opened and he strutted through while I just dumbly followed him.

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