Stole my Heart - A Zayn Malik Fan Fiction

Summer's twin brother Liam is coming home for the summer holidays and his band mates come to stay with him. Romance buds between summer and Zayn, but could one person come between them?


7. :)

"what the hell is going on here?" comes my dads booming voice. Zayn and I spring apart. "uh hi mum, dad, Zayn's my boyfriend" I say nervously. Zayn quickly pulls on his shirt. "hello sir" says Zayn in a quiet voice. "I think you should just go back to bed, I need to talk to summer" says dad. Oh shit he already hates him! He's not going to give him a chance.  

Zayn walks calmly out of the room. Dad waits till he leaves then looks at me sternly. Mum looks like she is not sure what to say. "summer what were you doing!? Your using protection right?!!!" my dad says a bit to loudly. I hope nobody has woken up and can hear this. "dad!! He's my first boyfriend! I really like him, we havn't even done anything wrong!" I say. I didn't want my parents to find out this way. "Paul stop, your making her upset! If she says she hasn't done anything then I believe her, you should too!" says mum. "fine, go to bed summer" he replies as I hurriedly scramble from my seat to my room.

Next morning

Liam walks into my room eating a piece of toast. "sum do you know why dad seems so upset?" he asks as I sit up. I blush and play with my bracelts not looking up. "uh well Zayn and I might have been kissing and dad might have walked in on us.." I say in a small voice, still not looking up. "sum you naughty girl, but I dont understand why dads so annoyed?" he says. "neither! If it was you tho it'd be a different story, dad adores you , your his favorite you always have been he only pays attention to you" I say blinking back tears. Liam walks over to my bed and pulls me into a tight embrace. "oh come on now sum I'm sure you don't mean that, dad loves me as much as he loves you! And dad Is always proud of you, when we were younger I used to get jealous, and I was the one who destroyed your teddybear not the dog, sorry!" he replies sheepishly. "you killed Larry stylinson?(authors note: lol thought I was funny using this name for the bear:D ) Liam you meany!" I say with a pout. "sorry sum I will get you a new bear I promise" he says, kisses me on the forehead and walks out. A few minutes later he pops his head back in " let's all have a pool day , we hardly ever use it, and there is supposed to be a giant heat wave today" he says and walks off again. Probably to find sammy. I think Harry and steph are in the garden. I walk down stairs and find Niall with his head in the cupboard looking for food. "hey Niall" I say causing him a fright and he bumps his head on the cupboard door. "sorry!" I say quickly exiting the room, I bump into Zayn and blush. "morning beautiful" he say and pulls me in for a kiss. It's short but sweet. "I'm going to get ready, we are having a pool day" I say excitedly kissing him once more before I skip off. I run up to my room and chuck my bathing suit on along with my favorite short shorts.  

Once I'm ready I run downstairs to find everyone heading outside. I sneak behind Zayn. And wrap my arms around him. Luckily mum and dad have work all day. Ariana and crystal arrive and Louis pushes Ariana into the water splashing almost everyone except me since I duck behind Zayn, "hey!" says Zayn turning around. "your Gona get wet!" he says with a mischievous smile. He picks me up bridal style and I kick my legs squealing trying to get away from his grasp but achieve nothing. Instantly I feel the cool splash of water. "Zayn you poo!" I say pouting. I reach the edge of the pool he leans down and kisses me then says "your cute when you pout" with an adorable smile. I blush. "your cute when you do that too" he says and before he can consider what I'm doing I pull him into the water. "I can't swim, I can't swim!" he says panicking. I laugh "Zayn you can stand you know?!" I say & he stands & blushes. "uh yeah I knew that I was errrrrr joking?!" he replies. "okay let's pretend that, I guess your cute enough to let it slide" I say all flirty. He walks over to me, and takes hold of my face in his hands, he kissed me slowly first, I lean closer, he teases me by lingering his lips just over mine, I groan a little "Zayn!", I laughs and kisses me deeply, he pulls me so that my legs are wrapped around him. I tangle my fingers in his hair wanting more, he trails little kisses down my neck stopping at my colar bone giving me the butterflies. "get a room" yells Niall. I giggle and blush. Zayn kisses my nose, and puts his hands on my bum, I blush a bright scarlet, "you naughty boy" I flirt but making a joke about it. He winks and I bury my head in his shoulder. Suddenly there's a big splash since Louis jumped in.  

We stay in the pool most of the day, then decide to tan, by then I am happily dry and the sun has gone down, we decide to go inside but Liam couldn't help himself and pushed me into the pool which is now freezing. I climb out shivering and Niall is laughing to hard to realize me coming towards him, I give him a big shove and he falls into the water with a splash "that'll teach him" I say, my teeth chattering. I go inside and put on my warm comfy pj's and then we all decide to watch a movie, I cuddle up to Zayn trying to keep warm, he has his arms around me holding me close his chin rested on my head. Liam puts on a scary movie so most of the movie I have my head buried in Zayns chest. It feels so nice to have someone you can just cuddle and say they're yours. We go to bed after the movie but I make Zayn walk me to my room cause I'm too scared. We stop at my door and he kisses me goodnight "see you in the morning sum" he says smiling. "night Zayn" I reply climbing into bed falling into a deep deep sleep.

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