Stole my Heart - A Zayn Malik Fan Fiction

Summer's twin brother Liam is coming home for the summer holidays and his band mates come to stay with him. Romance buds between summer and Zayn, but could one person come between them?


5. :)


I wake up feeling extremely happy, last night I'd made sure I put on my cutest pajamas. I walked to my bathroom and quickly brushed my teeth. I walk back into my room and Sammy and steph are awake. "hey girls!!!" I say smiling. "hi" they reply. I brush my hair , then I head downstairs. Liam is sitting in the kitchen, "hey, did you have a good sleep?" I ask and pour myself some fresh orange juice. "yeah and yourself?" he replies. I smile "it was good" I say and takes gulp of oj. "I was thinking we could all go to the beach today since it's supposed to be really hot" Liam says. "yeah, sounds like fun" I say finishing my oj and putting the glass in the dishwasher. I hear feting padding down the stairs, Liam looks up and quickly exits the room. I feel Zayns strong arms wrap around my waist. I close my eyes and lean into him. "morning beautiful" he says kissing my forehead. I giggle then look up at him, he looks so adorable when he's just woken up. "I'm not beautiful! I'm barely decent!" I say blushing. Zayn spins me around and holds my hands, staring right into my eyes he says "sum you're beautiful, how can you say this about yourself! Your so beautiful it hurts please don't ever think otherwise, it makes me sad to know you think your not beautiful, because you are!" he says seriously then he kisses me so sweetly. We pull apart and lean my head on his chest, his arms surround me. we stay like that for I don't know how long.


Once everyone is awake we get ready for the beach. I pull out my favorite bikini and chuck it out, then I slip on some denim shorts and a flowy white top with my white converse. I leave my hair out, then I pack my beach things and I'm ready to go.

We all hop in the car, Liam and Sam in the front, Harry and steph in the back... 

Zayn and I in the middle and Niall and Louis in front of us. Ariana and Crystal were meeting us at the beach. After about 15 minutes in the car we were at the beach. We all got out of the car and Zayn took my hand. We walk a bit down the beach and found a perfect spot which had a tree that could give us shade If we got too hot. There were also huge logs where we could sit on. We set up our spot and the boys took of there tops and ran for the water. Sam, steph and I decided to sunbath. Luckily we wore our bikinis under our clothes. Ariana and Crystal soon arive and Louis and Niall come running. Louis picks Ariana up and twirls her around. Niall envelopes Crystal into a hug and kisses her softly. I close my eyes but after not even a minute I feel cold water drip onto my stomach. My eyes lurch open, Zayns standing there grinning. "hello" I say cheerfully gazing up at him. He winks then says "how would you like to come for a swim with me?". "I'd like that but I just want to lay in the sun for a few more minutes" I say. Zayn pretends he doesn't hear me and picks me up & puts me over his shoulder. "Zayn! What are you doing, where are you taking me? Zayn!" I say but he only chuckles. I try to escape but he's too strong. "Zayn! No! Don't!" I say giggling and screaming as he carry's me towards the water. "nope" he replies poping the 'p' at the end. We reach the waters edge and Zayn walks further up to the tops of his legs. "ready?!" he asks. "no!"I say laughing. I block my nose waiting for the impact of the water. Instantly I feel myself thrown in the air, I come crashing down and make a splash. I stand up and wipe the water out of my eyes, wait where is Zayn? Someone grabs me from behind and I scream. "sorry!"says Zayn turning me to face him. "you gave me a fright" I say giggling. I watch a smile tug at his lips. Oh I want to kiss those lips so bad right now. Zayn grabs my chin and pulls me closer I stand on my tiptoes and lean in to kiss him but he kisses my cheek instead. "Zayn! Don't tease!" I say flirting. He winks then kisses me hard with passion. Being with Zayn makes me feel so happy! I'm lucky that he likes me.


Zayns pov 

We head back ashore where Liam and Niall are starting to make a bonfire. Summer and I sit on logs that surround the fire pit. When she sits down I put my arm around her. I like having her near, this guy wolf whistled at her before and I kind of got jealous, I know it seems stupid but I was. I'm so happy summer said yes because I like her so much. il never let her go, and il never do anything to hurt her.

Summers pov

We were all sitting around the bonfire. Niall and crystal were cuddling, wrapped in a blanket. Louis and Ariana were holding hands talking. Steph and Harry are making out. Liam and Samantha have there heads together talking.  

Zayn and I are leaning into each other, I can see this gorgeous girl start making her way towards us. Zayn looks up and see's her coming. A flicker of worry flashes on his face but he quickly hides it. She's now 10 feet away, "I thought it was you Zayn!" she says in a flirty voice. I automatically don't like her. "oh uh hey Nicole. I uh havn't seen you in a while" he says not looking at me. "yeah, we should hang out sometime " she's says fluttering her eye lashes. "uh sure?...." he says not knowing how to answer, then he points to me and continues speaking "this is summer, my girlfriend, summer this is Nicole my uh ex". She looks at me as if suddenly realizing I'm there. "oh hello" she says putting on a fake smile. "hey" I say with gritted teeth. "well it's nice meeting you summer, and good to see you again Zayn but I should be heading off" says Nicole and bends down and kisses Zayn on the cheek!!! Oh how I want to slap her, but I won't. She walks away smirking. I turn to see that everyone watched what just happened. Liam looked worried, but tried to cover it by smiling when i looked over at him. I snuggled closer to Zayn scared that Nicole could steal him away from me.  

We stayed at the beach till midnight talking, laughing and just having a good time, then we headed back home and went to bed.

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