Stole my Heart - A Zayn Malik Fan Fiction

Summer's twin brother Liam is coming home for the summer holidays and his band mates come to stay with him. Romance buds between summer and Zayn, but could one person come between them?


3. :)


Zayn kissed me! I didn't know what to do so I ran, I found steph and Sam hiding in my room. "girls um something kinda happened, it wasn't anything bad but I'm confused" I say quietly. They look at me puzzled, "what happened?" asks Sam. " well Liam was coming and so I quickly hid under his bed, but I didn't realize Zayn was there! He was looking at me, then he told me I was beautiful and we uh kissed!" I reply as I feel myself blush. They look at me suprised,then steph asks "why are you confused?". 

"well it doesn't mean that he likes me, he probably doesn't...."I say looking at the ground. "why wouldn't he like you, your gorgeous!" says Sammy. I raise my eyebrows at her "uh no, your the stunner!" I say and wink.


Zayns pov

I don't really know what Liam would think if I told him I like his sister, she is a babe! But I can't tell if she likes me. When I kissed her it felt right, but she ran... I have to win her over, Our else I think i'l go insane!  

Liams head pops under the bed "found you Zayn!" he says. "uh um Liam, I kinda just kissed your sister" I say. "thanks man now I have that image plastered in my head" he replies. "sorry, so your cool with me liking your sister?"I ask. He looks at me seriously, "I don't mind, but even tho your one of my best mates if you hurt her, I'l be coming for you" says liam and I know he's not joking around. "Liam I would never hurt her, I really like her but I just don't know how she feels about me." I reply. "I'm sure she would like you, I mean she didn't slap you" he says laughing.

Summers pov

Everyone has stopped playing hide and go seek now and are discussing something in the lounge, But I'm still upstairs avoiding Zayn, I made it awkward, but I guess I have to go.  

I enter the lounge and Louis screams "we are going ice skating! At night!".
I see Zayn looking at me and I instantly blush remembering our innocent kiss, I sit down next to Sam and steph. "I'm going to bring crystal!" says Niall. "and I am bringing along Ariana" says Louis. I'm guessing these girls are there girlfriends. Great now it's going to be a couples night, I'm sure liams going to make his move on Sam tonight. We all get ready then hop in the car, and I'm sitting next to Zayn in the car, oh how this is going to be awkward!
"hey sum" he says and I blush. "hey" I reply quietly. "are you looking forward to ice skating?" he asks. "uh yeah I guess, I've only been once before and I'm not very good" I say laughing nervously.

Once we get there the stars are already out in the sky. We put on some skates and head onto the ice. Everyone is already good so I just stand holding the rail because I don't want to look like an idiot, and I definitely don't want to fall on my ass in front of Zayn.

Liams pov

Ok I'm gona do it, I'm going to ask out sam. I skate towards her, she look nervous, I take hold of her hands and say "Samantha, I have to tell you, I really like you, I think you the most beautiful girl I have ever met, will you be my girlfriend?" I ask. She looks at me eyes going wide with surprise, but she quickly hides that. "yeah I'd like that" she says in a small voice. I lean in and kiss her.


Summers pov 

I watch everyone, there are couples everywhere, and here's me single and standing alone. I feel someone tug on my arm " summer come skate with me please" I turn around and it's Zayn again. "I can't, I suck!" I reply looking at the ground. "i'l teach you" he says and pulls me, but because I can't ice skate very good I almost smack my head on the ice, Zayn catches me before i do . "see!" I say blushing.
"your cute when you blush" he says smiling at me which makes me blush even harder. "here take my hand, trust me, i wont let you fall" he says, I look at him unsure, he puts his hand out in front of me, I take it. We start off slowly, but soon enough I've got the hang of it. "your not even bad!" says Zayn. "that's because I've got a good teacher" I say flirting. I blush. He skates closer to me and our foreheads are touching. We look into eachothers eyes and I think he's going to kiss me!. "come on guys! We want to go get hot chocolate!" says Niall ruining the moment and we jump apart realizing that everyone was watching us. I blush like crazy.
"sorry" says Zayn and winks at me. I quickly look away and skate towards Sam and steph.

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