Stole my Heart - A Zayn Malik Fan Fiction

Summer's twin brother Liam is coming home for the summer holidays and his band mates come to stay with him. Romance buds between summer and Zayn, but could one person come between them?


8. :D


In the morning once everyone was up we decided we'd go camping for a few days. We all packed our things then we chucked our bags in the car. We headed to the supermarket to get some supplies.  

"ooh I want skittles!" I say excitedly. Zayn hugs me tightly from behind and I cuddle into him. "seriously guys?!"Louis exclaims. I giggle and pull Zayn through another isle. As soon as I turn around to face him, his lips crash onto mine. I take in his soft lips smiling into mine. Some old lady clears her throat wanting to get to the shelf we are currently blocking. I stiffle a giggle, "terribly sorry miss"I say pulling Zayn out the way. "don't you ever hurt that young lady, do youu hear me boy?"she says directly at Zayn. "I would never do anything to hurt her ever"Zayn tells her squeezing my hand gently. We walk away and find the others who are fighting over who gets to push the trolley. "seriously guys?" I say laughing. We finally gather everything we need, pay for it, and set off to the camping place which nobody has bothered to tell me where it is exactly yet. Liam is driving in the front with Sammy at his side, I'm so glad they are together they make an amazing couple and I know Liam wouldn't do anything to ever hurt her. In the middle of the car is steph and Harry who are making out, next to them is Niall and Louis. And in the back is Zayn and I. We are in the car for about 4 hours but it's worth it because when we get there, I am amazed at how beautiful it is. There is nobody in sight. "this isint a camp ground is it?"asks steph. "nope"says Liam. I leave Zayn sleeping in the car and get out and look around, I find an amazing looking swimming hole with a water fall, and rocks surrounding everything. Then I find the perfect place to set the tents. I find Heaps of flowers so pretty and colorful.  

I head back to the car to find everyone where I left them except Zayn is now awake.... I think Louis woke him up. "well steph and I will share a tent k"says Harry, we don't even answer that. Steph giggles. Liam says "sum, we can share a tent"it was his big brotherly way of saying in going to keep an eye on you, don't want you getting up to mischief. I roll my eyes and sigh. Zayn comes beside me and whispers in my ear "il meet you later tonight we can go for a midnight swim?". I face him and say "sounds good" I give him a smile which he returns. Our foreheads touch and he kisses my lips ever so softly.we part and I go help Liam set up our tent. Everyone figures out their sleeping arrangements, Sammy and steph end up sharing because steph feels bad for leaving sammy on her own. Niall and Louis share and so does Zayn and Harry. Once our tents are up I quickly go inside and slip my togs on underneath my clothes. It's already getting dark so we make a start on dinner, we cook sausages just so it's easy for the first night since no one can be bothered doing anything else. We then make smores and Niall gets marshmallow all over his face. I turn my head slightly and watch Zayn, I love how when he laughs his eyes crinkle up at the corners, and his eyes are like magic because everytime I look into them I get drawn to him even more. I blush realizing Zayn caught me watching him, he gives me one of his adorable winks and pulls me closer to him with his arm wrapped tightly around me, I snuggle into him. "oooh! We should play hide and go seek!"yells Louis. We all laugh and Harry says "yes! Let's!"he whispers in stephs ear. "Niall your in!"Louis yells and sprints off. We all look at one another unsure then Zayn pulls me up from where we are sitting and we run, we hear everyone else scampering off in the distance. "this isint fair!"I hear Niall yell from a while away. I giggle and Zayn pulls me down to the ground behind a bush. "wana go for a swim now?" he whispers into my ear. "yeah, that'd be nice"I say smiling even tho it's really dark and he probably can't see me smile.  

We sprint hand in hand towards the swimming hole, laughing the whole way. We reach the edge of the water panting. I take the place in "it's so beautiful!"I say, the moon is shining over the water and it looks so inviting "last one in's the loser!" I say pulling off my clothes revealing my bikini, I don't hesitate knowing Zayn is probably watching me and dive under the water. The water is cool and refreshing, Zayns head pops out of the water "this is freezing!" he says. 

I giggle and swim over to the water and sit underneath it, Zayn follows. "I wonder if they are looking for us?"I ask. Zayn wraps his strong arms around my shoulders "I hope not"he replies and leans in for a kiss I press my lips to his. He pulls away and I hear him take a deep breath. "Zayn? Is everything ok?"I ask. Zayn see my worried look and holds my face so delicately, then he looks into my eyes and says "summer I know we havnt been together very long but.....

Authors note: ;) so should I leave this as a cliff hanger?! 0.o just kidding I won't do that to you guys you've already been waiting for me to update for ages!!! Sorry I haven't in so long but il try update as much as possible but I have lots of studying for internals :( but on the plus side... On April 22nd I went to the one direction concert and omg they were amazing! Like I'm 

Still shocked I was in the same room! Zayn looked at me!!!! Like not even joking! Aghhhdjfjjf ok sorry haha you probably just wanting to read the rest of the chapter so il let you do the now :D xo

I love you"he says, Zayn looks at me worried. I smile, "really? Because... I love you too!" I say and we stare into eachothers eyes. Zayn kisses me, but this kiss is different it has passion, love , sweetness, and joy all mixed into it. His hands were tangled in my hair and I had my arms slung around his neck. The kiss depend... We were so oblivious to everything around us that we didn't hear everyone creeping towards us, we didn't realist what was happening until we got shoved into the water. I spat water out and glared at Liam "hey!"I say pissed off that e ruined the moment. Liam smirks "sorry sis"he says and I splash him with water. Everyone joins in and we have a massive splashing contest. I find Zayn again and we go sit on the sand and just watch everyone messing about. I fall asleep in Zayns arms feeling extremely happy.

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