Stole my Heart - A Zayn Malik Fan Fiction

Summer's twin brother Liam is coming home for the summer holidays and his band mates come to stay with him. Romance buds between summer and Zayn, but could one person come between them?


2. :D


Niall opens the door "pizzaaaaaa!" he yells. I jump from fright, I was not expecting that!
We all sit in the lounge and eat the pizza, I can feel someone watching me I look up, I see Zayn looking down blushing slightly. Ok he might not even be blushing about me. I don't even think he would like me. Everyone's laughing and talking, I can see Sam watching Liam, shit! I was going to talk to him, I'm such a bad friend, I guess i will have to do it later. Even tho I've only had 1 slice pizza I'm stuffed. I watch Zayn talking to Harry, zayn has really long eyelashes and those lips damn-. "shall we put on the movie?" says Liam interrupting my thoughts. "yeah" everyone agrees. We all get comfortable, I sit on the floor knowing there's not enough space on the couch. I feel someone sit next to me, I look, it's Zayn. Why does he have to be so good-looking! 

The movie starts but I don't really pay any attention to it. Zayn moves a bit closer towards me and our arms are now touching, I get the butterflies, all I can focus on is his arm next to mine. I try to watch the movie but My mind keeps slipping. "I liked that movie!" says Louis once it's finished. "me too!" says Harry. "I'm tired shall we go to bed lads?" asks Liam. "yeah" says Niall who was sleeping through half of the movie. "night" they all say. Liam hugs me and whispers "we'll talk tomorrow k" then he follows the boys to his room. Once Sam, steph, and I are sure they are gone I say " I talked to liam, but I didn't tell him who it was, I said I wasn't sure if I liked them, by the way steph I saw you and Harry" I say giggling. "what do you mean?" she asks the blush creeping up her cheeks. "well you guys were flirting the whole night! It was kinda obvious" I say laughing. "yeah you were steph but don't worry he was flirting back" says Samantha. "well maybe we were" says steph grinning slightly. We decide to head off to bed.


In the morning I'm the first to wake up. I look out my window and it's snowing!!!
"girls wake up! It's snowing" I say excitedly. Okay I know it's just snow but I happen to find it fun, Liam and I would always play in the snow when we were younger, I walk to Liam's closed bedroom door and knock. Zayn opens the door, I realize that I am staring at his bare chest I blush, and he smirks at me. "oh um is Liam there" I say quietly trying to avoid looking in his eyes. "yeah, i'l get him" he says goes back into the room and then I hear "LIAM WAKE UP!" , then I hear a thump so I'm guessing Liam fell off the bed.. I hear shuffling then Liam is at the door "yeah?"he asks half asleep. "it's snowing!!!" I say which makes him fully awake.
"i'l get changed then we can go outside" he says and closes his bedroom door.
I go back to my room then Sam, steph and I get changed.
We dress warmly then we head outside and hide behind a tree waiting for the boys to come out. We wait for what seems like ages! But finally they come outside. I whisper to Sam and steph "okay are you guys ready? When I count to 3 charge at them and just keep chucking snowballs okay" they nod in agreement. "one, two, threee!!!" we run and I manage to hit Liam on the head with a snowball, I get hit in the back I think it was Niall because i hear him giggling hysterically. I run and hide behind the tree covered area and duck behind a tree. I feel strong arms pick me up from around my waist, they turn me around. "trying to hide ae?" says Zayn grinning mischievously. "um well.... yeah kinda" I Say laughing.
"well not anymore you better start running" he replies and winks. I start running and Zayn is right behind me.
I suddenly slip on some ice and fall, Zayn doesn't see it in time and falls on top of me. I gasp, "sorry!" he says watching me. He has the most gorgeous eyes ever! I could stare at them all day.
But instead I say "your kind of squishing me" I giggle and I can see a blush starting to form on his cheeks. "sorry" he says and hops off me.
He holds his hand out "need a hand?" he says and I take his hand. Once I'm on my feet I say "thanks" and quickly walk away.
I doubt he likes me I think to my self. I'm sure there are lots of pretty girls he would like alot better. I'm not really watching where I'm going but I walk into someone, it's Liam. "oh sorry, do you want to go round the back and we can talk?" he says. "okay" I reply an we go. "so, I'm guessing you like Zayn?" Liam says raising his eyebrows.
"yeah but don't say anything, I don't think he feels the same about me" I reply. "why wouldn't he like you sum? Your gorgeous! I mean you are my twin" he says laughing.
"I don't know," I say unsure. "Liam? what do you think of sam?" I ask.
He looks at me curiously and I know that he is wait for an explanation.
"Liam you cannot tell anyone I told you this, but sam's had a crush on you since you were 5! You never really notice her but I think you should give her a chance please" I say feeling bad that I told him about sam's crush but I tell Liam everything and I know he won't tell.
"she what? Are you serious?!" says Liam mouth open in surprise. "um yeah, she definitely likes you, how could you have not known? " I say. "okay summer don't tell!.... but I like Sam, i started getting feelings for her just before the x factor so I couldn't really do anything" he says blushing. "this is great! You have to ask her out!"I say excitedly. "I will thanks for telling me sum" he says pulling me into a hug. "your welcome, now let's go back before anyone notices that we left" I reply.  

Everyone's still throwing snow, steph comes running up to me. "summerrrrrr!" she says as she comes to a halt. "hey steph" I say smiling. "guess what! Harry asked me out on a date!" she says excitedly. I hug her and say "that's amazing! I'm glad you are happy!".
We play in the snow for most of the day, and everytime Zayn says something I get shivers down my spine. We go inside and decide to play hide and seek , Liam is counting. Everyone runs off to hide, "ready or not here I come" says Liam.
Oh no I haven't found a place to hide. I hear Liam coming up the stairs, I dive under his bed, I feel someone next to me but I don't say anything since Liam has just walked in, he looks in the closet then walks out. I hold my laughter in, then I remember there is someone next to me, it's Zayn. "hey" he whispers. "heyy" I whisper back smiling. Zayn's watching me, "what are you looking at?" I whisper. He winks and whispers so quietly I only just hear "you know your very beautiful" he leans his face closer to mine. I think he's going to kiss me! I close my eyes and I feel his lips touch mine. They feel soft and warm, he pulls away smiling. I smile back, oh my gosh Zayn just kissed me! "uh I have to go" I say not knowing what to do, so I climb out from under the bed and go to my room.


Authors note: okay so let me know what you think of my second chapter, I know it's not that great and I promise that it will get better! :) so feel free to promote my story, vote, and comment :) I love any feedback and I appreciate everyone who reads this, it means alot that you are reading this because I'm new at writing so please! Let me know what you think even if you didn't like it :) thanks :) xoxo

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