A typical school girl falling in love but is afraid if he doesn't love her back. Next day in school her secret has leaked all over school.she's been betrayed by her close ones. which way does her life now lead her? YESTERDAY WAS HISTORY,TOMORROW IS MYSTERY AND TODAY IS A GIFT.



As I was walking down the school corridor I couldn't help noticing a boy.his so cute the cutest thing I have ever seen. At launch I told my friends about him and kept peeking at him. Maybe he does like me or not or what if if his mad about me and doesn't know how to express it.He was all I talked about to my friends.

Next day, I came into school everyone started whispering and staring at me. okay am getting nervous, what's going on seriously am panicking.someone said to me "keep on dreaming little kid". okay I need to know what's going on asap so I went up to my friends and asked them they seem to give me the silent treatment.

Am so confused, I don't know what's going on I think am going to bunk my first lesson. On my way Jake catches up with me ,his my old friend then he asks me"is it true".  I lost it for a second for screaming at him its just... I don't know what's going on. Jake said"oh didn't you know that apparently you're madly in love with Zachary"

I got lost in Jakes eye , the way he looks at you . Jake:"Ella do you want to do something together and ditch the whole day"




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