The way we feel (Sequel to My love story with Harry Styles)

My name is Skylar Starr James, my boyfriend is Harry Styles and we are totally in love. My best buds are Niall, Liam, Louis, and Zayn. My ex-bestfriend is Aimee she is pregnant and alone. My ex-boyfriend is James, he had recently gone to jail for kidnapping me and trying to hurt me. Now it seems like life is going to be pretty good until something very weird happens. Will it end in love or tears? Read to find out(:


1. What just happened

**Skylar's P.O.V** 

~~~3 months later~~~

I was lying in bed with Harry, his arms wrapped around me protecting me in a way. I wiggled free trying not to wake him up. I walked into the kitchen and grabbed my cellphone. I cant believe its been 3 months since what happened with James. I looked through my tweets and most of them weren't hate. Surprisingly, but really its all about me getting kidnapped by James. I think its gonna end soon though. Oh well. I set down my cell phone and made myself something to eat. Suddenly someone grabbed me from behind. I screamed a little but was stopped by a kiss. It was Harry. I smiled and he let me go. I turned around and kissed him again. 

He finally pulled away and I finished making my food. I sat next to Harry and he watched me eat. "What?" I asked with a mouth full of food.

"You didn't make me any?" I laughed. 

"Nope, make it yourself princess" he stuck his tongue out at me. I laughed and finished my sandwich. He made his and took a bite out of it. I snatched it from his hands and ran. I tripped and fell. Harry shocked tried to help me up, but I was too busy laughing to notice. He smiled. 

"Crazy, give me back my sandwich," 

"No!" he snatched it out of my hands. I laughed. I shrugged and got up. I kissed his cheek and he continued to eat. I heard a moan in the hallway. 

"Hey Harry," Harry nodded unable to speak because of his stuffed mouth. "Hey Skylar," his eyes sparkled when he saw me. His expression lifted and he smiled. I smiled back.

"Hey Nialler," I walked over to him and kissed his cheek. Why did I do that?

**Niall's P.O.V** 

She walked over to me and kissed my cheek. I got butterflies in my stomach. I smiled and she smiled back. Her smile is so beautiful. I just want to kiss her and I want her to love me so badly. I can't do that to Harry. Snap out of it Niall. 

Harry walked over to us, his mouth now un stuffed. He kissed Skylar's for head and walked into the living room. "Harry me and Skylar are gonna go shopping, wanna go?" She looked at me confused. 

"No man, I'm too lazy, I think I'm gonna take a nap. Have fun," I smiled and nodded. She got up and went  to change I did too. 


We walked outside and into the car. I drove her to someplace other then the mall. Someplace better. "Close your eyes," 


"Just close them," She did. I got out of the car and helped her out. We walked about 10 yards and I told her to open her eyes. We were at a beautiful park. It was my secret park. 

"My God. This is so...It's so beautiful," She smiled and jumped up and down in joy. I pushed her lightly and she ran around the park screaming and laughing. She ran into me and we fell back, she landed on top of me. I rolled over and hovered over her. She smiled and giggled. She blushed. I leaned my head down and kissed her. It wasn't a short kiss and but it wasn't a long kiss. She kissed back. She pulled away realizing what she had done. She got out from under me and ran crying. She kissed back. What have I done? What just happened?

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