The way we feel (Sequel to My love story with Harry Styles)

My name is Skylar Starr James, my boyfriend is Harry Styles and we are totally in love. My best buds are Niall, Liam, Louis, and Zayn. My ex-bestfriend is Aimee she is pregnant and alone. My ex-boyfriend is James, he had recently gone to jail for kidnapping me and trying to hurt me. Now it seems like life is going to be pretty good until something very weird happens. Will it end in love or tears? Read to find out(:


3. Got a text.

**Skylar's P.O.V** 

I ate but couldn't sleep I laid down with Harry though. We watched t.v and talked a little. I got up and checked my phone, I don't know what made me do that but I did. I looked at the screen. A text from Aimee. Skylar, I don't know if you have my number still but it's Aimee. Listen I'm really sorry, James forced me. I had my babies by the way. Yes, they were twins! One girl one boy. The boy named Charlie the girl named Starr, I named her after you. Again, I'm so sorry, please text back. Maybe we could catch up sometime. ~Aimee <3 

I looked at the text surprised. I bit my bottom lip trying to hold back the tears. She named her baby after me. She wants to meet me. She said James forced her. I could believe that. Aimee wasn't the one who would actually do that. I wasn't sure if I should text back. "What's wrong?" Harry asked looking at my glassy eyes. I couldn't hold it in anymore. I let the tears flow down my cheeks. Harry pulled me in close. I'm not the same person ever since the whole James accident. I can't stand up to anyone and I'm afraid of any other guy that I don't know. As soon as my crying and sobs slowed down I showed Harry the text. He smiled probably at the baby part, then frowned probably at the meeting me again. "Your not going to meet her are you?" He looked mad, in pain that I would be seeing the person that ruined my life. I sighed.

"I think I need to," I rested my head on his chest. He held onto me, almost protectively. 

"But why? I don't want you to meet...." He stopped. I looked over to where he was staring it was Niall. I got off of Harry and walked over to Niall. 

"Hey," I hugged him. 

"Hi," he trudged off to the couch. I sat next to him. Then the thought of him kissing me made me get the chills. I shook it off. 

"You okay?" He nodded. He hadn't looked at me. I sighed and walked over to Harry. He was holding my phone. I snatched it from him and ran into the bathroom locking myself in. Hey Aimee, yes I thought he might have forced you. Thanks for naming your daughter after me it means a lot. Sure, we could meet. I'm thinking at starbucks or something, like today in about an hour and a half Almost instantly I got a text back from her.

Yeah sure, I'll get the kids ready. Thanks, I'll see you soon. :-) I sighed. I guess I'm going to meet her at starbucks. I'm debating over telling Harry to come or not. I don't know, I might. I got up and walked to Me and Harry's room to get ready. 

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