The way we feel (Sequel to My love story with Harry Styles)

SEQUEL TO MY LOVE STORY WITH HARRY STYLES My name is Skylar Starr James, my boyfriend is Harry Styles and we are totally in love. My best buds are Niall, Liam, Louis, and Zayn. My ex-bestfriend is Aimee she is pregnant and alone. My ex-boyfriend is James, he had recently gone to jail for kidnapping me and trying to hurt me. Now it seems like life is going to be pretty good until something very weird happens. Will it end in love or tears? Read to find out(:


7. Author's note.

You guys are probably mad at me, that is if any one wanted more on my story. I'm so sorry. I've been on this new website.. Well it was new to me, it's called yeah. That's my main website, I have 3 stories and 184 followers. Almost at 200! So sorry I haven't updated. So.. Want the link to one of my stories? Here is one:

Thanks for understanding! I hope that you guys aren't mad... If you are... SORRY! And I bet non of you really cared any ways, this is a sucky story. Bleh. 

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