One Direction One Shot!

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If you want a specific scenario, then you can comment that, but if you don't care, I'll just do a random one.


2. Hailey & Zayn <3

Miss you lots, babe! Only one more month til' I see your beautiful face again. xx

You sighed, and threw your phone on the bed. Only one more month. A month isn't that long, he'll be home before you know it. You put on One Direction's album Up All Night. Laying on your back, on the bed as you listened to the first track 'What Makes You Beautiful', which only made you think about him more. He's been on tour for three months. Three months of not seeing his face, not waking up next to him in the morning, not hearing his voice in person. It isn't the same as hearing his voice over the phone. You realized you has tears flowing down your face now, and before you knew it you were drifting off into a sleep.


You felt the bed dent in beside you, and soon felt a pair of arms wrap around your waist. Your eyes fluttered open and you turned around and saw the light, coming fron the window, was shining on his gorgeous face. His eyes were twinkling as he looked up at you, smiling.

"Zayn?" You said, not actually believing he was beside you. He stroked your arm with his hand.

"Yes, baby. It's me. Go back to sleep." He said. You cuddled into his bare chest, feeling safe, knowing he would never let anyone hurt you.

"I love you, Zayn." You told him.

"I love you too, Hailey." He said as he kissed the top of your head. You then fell back asleep, but this time, it was different then any other sleep you had ever had., because he was here with you.

For the first time in three months, you went to sleep with a smile on your face.




(A/N): Sorry if you don't like it, this is my first time doing One Shots! And it's really short, I'M SORRY :(

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