Kidnapped. A Harry Styles Fan Fiction.

Katherine got kidnapped. Katherine got kidnapped because she tried to stop Harry Styles' kidnapping. As time passes, she gets to know the real Harry Styles and starts to fall for him, but will he ever feel that way about her?


1. Katherine

My sister, Anna's music is blaring through the house as she gets ready. I wouldn't say she has bad taste in music, but it's just very different from mine. In fact, One Direction, the guys who're playing right now, are one of the better artists on her iPod. I don't like them too much, but some of their songs are nice, and I guess they are cute, somewhat, and they are most definitely better than Nicki Minaj and Ke$ha and other people Anna listens to. Usually, I storm into her room and scream at her for playing her music so loud, but today is her day, and I asked for it, this time. See, it's her birthday today, and she's turning 17. So, I went and bought her three front row tickets for the One Direction concert without letting her know, and let me tell you, I shelled out a lot of money and dealt with a bunch of screaming teenage girls. I surprised her with the tickets this morning, after listening to her complain about not being able to go for almost a whole month. She's a massive Directioner, and she's always talking about them. So, I know a lot more about them than I should.

Anna's in her room with her best friend, Kim. They're both getting ready, and because another friend of theirs couldn't make it, I'm getting ready in my room. I didn't want to go initially, but Anna forced me to come along, after all, I have to drive them there and back and we have an extra ticket, and our overprotective mom wanted them to be under my supervision. So, after an hour or so of deciding what to wear my sister decided to wear her black skinny jeans along with a plain white shirt with a red varsity jacket that says Malik at the back with her converse. If you haven't already guessed, she's a huge Zayn Malik fan. Her friend, Kim, is wearing dark blue shorts with a red polo and extremely high red pumps. I'm not quite sure what it is but there's definitely something to do with Niall in that outfit. I'm in a printed black shorts and a tucked in yellow top. I probably put in the least effort into my outfit out of the three of us, but I won't deny I look good. Anna looks stunning in her outfit. Her long legs look perfect in her skinny jeans and she looks effortlessly good with minimal make up. Kim, on the other hand, is really short, and she has been bullied about it, so she makes an extra effort to look tall and pretty, which basically means puts on high heels and lots of make up. "Are you ready to leave, Anna?" I ask her, as she fixes her hair for the millionth time in the last minute. "Yeah, don't wanna be late!" she giggled, as she walked out with Kim and I followed them out.

As I was driving, I heard What makes you beautiful playing on the radio and I turned it up and prepared for the inevitable squeals from Anna and Kim. The drive is pretty smooth, except for the road near the arena where they are about to perform. I can see many girls walking towards the entrance in One Direction shirts or clothes inspired by the boys' sense of style. I'm trying to find a parking spot, but most of them are already gone, since we're pretty late, so the only spot I get is pretty far from the arena. I park, and Anna and Kim rush out of the car, with me right behind them. I love to see Anna so excited and happy. It's become hard to get out of her since dad passed away. We manage to get through the crowd of girls and are finally inside and in our seats. Anna wants to buy merchandise but I tell her we'll buy it after the concert because I am certain she wouldn't want to miss the boys. I go out to call up mum and let her know that we had reached safely and to get us some soda. When I go back to my seat, I realize that the opening act hadn't even started. So, the boys are running late for a show that is supposed to end at midnight, perfect. "This is gonna be an interesting night" I think to myself.


Little did I know.

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