Show Me Love (1D Fanfiction)

Zara Edwards wasn't really normal . She couldn't speak . At all . Ever since her uncle strangled her when he was drunk . The neighbors saved her and she was sent to a children care home . Her parents ,well, they ditched her and left with no goodbye or news.
One day , as she sits alone at a table at Starbucks , a guy came up to her and flirts .
She was in cloud nine , because he was one of the boyband members from One Direction that she had been crushing on.
They started going out and soon they were together .
What she didn't know was that all of that was an act . It was only just a bet.
What would happen to Zara when she knew this ?
And what happens when one of the others regretted it and started falling for her ?
Will it be the end ?
Or only the beginning of a little crazy story ?


8. You're My Last First Kiss

The next morning i found myself sitting on the swings staring into space. Harry Zayn Harry Zayn .

Let me see...

Zayn . He is a very caring guy and he's always there for me . He also tried to stop smoking for me . He has never break my heart yet .. He's good with my brother and he likes children.

Harry . The guy who knows my past long before anyone does. The guy who tutor me into conversing normally . The guy who stole my first kiss . He likes children too . He breaks my heart once but it doesn't seem that he would be doing that again.


My thoughts are interrupted by the presence of my sister. ''Oh hey Zara . What's wrong ? You look confused.'' Liza says . She puts the laundry bag on to the ground and sitson the swings beside me .

I sigh and tell her everything that has happened . She listens intently until i finish . She looks thoughtful .

''Zara , just follow your heart .And mind too, don't forget that . Pick who you think loves you most and be strong whatever happens okay. There will be consequences too . Be careful ." Liza says ; squeezing my hands . 

I sigh .  Then there's a sound of someone whistling at us . Liza looks up and beams . "See you at dinner love." she says ; kissing my forehead before trotting up to Tom on the bike . 

I take a deep breath and text both of them to come over at different times . 

I wait in the living room and try not to cry and drink up the tea . I hear a knock on the door and i get off from the couch . I walk up to the door , take a deep breath and open it .

Zayn beams up at me . "What's up love ?" he says ; stepping into the house as i close the door behind him . 

I turn towards him , smile and say ,"I love you Zayn." and ignore my heart beating too fast . Then he embraces me and swoops down on me . We kissed for a long time . "I love you too Zara. Forever and always ." he says ; kissing my forehead . 

I blush . He arranges a surprise date and bids me goodbye . "I'll see you tonight Zara." he says . I smile and wave goodbye at him , my boyfriend . My one and only .

He drives away , his hair flipping along him . I walk back towards the house and collapse on the couch .

I can't take this anymore . There is another knock on the door and i bit my lip so hard i'm starting to think that it'll end up bleeding .

I swing open the door . Harry looks sad ."It's no , isn't it ?" he says . My eyes gets blurry and i nod slowly . 

He breaks apart and cries . "I'm sorry !" i say ; hugging him and letting the tears stream down my face .

"No i should be sorry . I'm happy for you . I want you to be with the best . If you're happy i'm happy." he says . 

I bury my face against his neck and let the tears flow . "I still love you Zara . Truly . Ever since the bet . You're more than a stupid bet . I was stupid." he says . His body shudders against mine as he sobs harder .

"You're my last first kiss.." i whisper. "I'll never forget you." i say . I lean away and wipes his tears away . It breaks my heart to see him like this . 

He half-smiled , his eyes red and tear-streaked . 

All i know is that moment was the worst . I hate breaking people apart . I didn't intend to do it ..








I laugh as i watch Harry play Xbox with my two little brothers and Zayn . "NOOO!" Harry , Tyler and Victor exclaims as Harry beats them for the fourth time running . 

"I WON YES I WON!" Harry says ; punching the air victoriously . The three others groan in disappointment .

"Not yet . You haven't won Left 4 Dead yet!" Victor says as he changes the game . "This is my game , gimme it!" i say . Tyler hands his controller to me and i give the other three a devious look .

They stare at me and burst out laughing . "Y-you ? Playing Left 4 Dead 2 ? Are you kidding me ?" Harry guffaws . I glare at him and he falls silent . 

"Oh you've never seen her yet . She beats me a thousand times . Don't underestimate the power of Izara Victoire Villegas." Tyler says; winking at me . I give him an approving look and the game starts .

This is easy . I played it a thousand times during the holidays . Five rounds passes and i beat them all in it . 

"How do you doooo that !" Zayn moans ; lying on the floor on his stomach and punching the floor in frustration .

"Practice makes perfect , babe." i say ; grinning . He blushes slightly . I smile .




That night i find myself slipping into my blood red tank top and denim jeans along with my half leather jacket and Vans . 

I go downstairs to where Zayn is waiting . He looks up at me and beams . "You look beautiful." he says . I smile and blush a little . 

We go out of the house and climb into his car . We drive along the London roads under the streetlights and listening to She by Ed Sheeran ft. Amy Wadger.

I let the windows go down and my hair flying and slapping my face . I smile and look at Zayn who is grinning . 

We feel so infinite. We finally arrive at the nightclub and we walk into the place . The place is booming with songs and crowded with people dancing and laughing . 

I link hands with Zayn and we go through the crowd . We sit at the counter and ordered drinks . I didn't want any alcohol so i only ordered a carbonated drink whereas Zayn ordered beer.

Zayn's starting to get tipsy . He drags me to the dance floor and we start dancing to the slow song .

"You look weird." he slurs ; his eyes slightly drooping . I laugh . "I'm tired . Let's go sit." he says . 

"But it's only two seconds." i state . "Shut up." he snaps . My smile fades and i kept quiet. We go back to our seats and i sip on my drink and stare at Zayn as his head turns in every direction 180 degrees-wise.

He bites his lips as he checks a girl out . The girl winked at him and he nods to her cockily . I glare at the girl .

"I'll be right back." i say ; standing up and walking into the crowd . I finally arrive at the washroom .

I take a deep breath , my hands shivering. I look up and see tears flowing down my cheeks . What the hell , Zara ?

Izara Victoire Villegas , be strong you silly girl! I quickly wipe away my tears and wash my face . 

This seems to calm me down a little. I take a deep breath and go out of the washroom back to the place where Zayn was . 

Empty .

My heart beats faster . Where is Zayn ? Did he leave me all alone ? He shouldn't be driving ! He's drunk!

I start searching every corner of the nightclub and finally see Zayn crouching on a couch . What's he doing ?

I come closer and see him kissing the girl he was flirting with . My heart breaks to pieces as i stare at them disbelievingly .

I pull Zayn away from the girl and face him straight in the eyes. "WHAT THE HELL ZAYN!?" I shriek at him ; tears positively flowing down my cheeks .

"SHUT UP! LEAVE ME ALONE . I'VE NEVER LOVED YOU,-" Zayn curses ; his face furious .

Drunk people are honest.

I stare at him and blinked . "Zayn." i whisper . Hot tears flow down my cheek and i slap his face.

This seems to get him back to his senses . He looks shock. "Z-Zara, wait." he says . "WE'RE OVER !" I shriek and turn and run away . 

I couldn't see where i was going but i didn't care . I sob and turn around every corner until i ended up in front of Starbucks . 

I walk into the cafe and ordered strawberry creme frappucino and ignoring the looks i am getting .

I sit at a table at the back and sip on my frappe. I look horrible , i thought as i stare at my reflection in the glass window .

A familiar guy walks by . He glances into the window and sees me . His eyes bulge in shock and he runs to the cafe entrance .

The guy turns and search for me and sees me . I look at him looking at me and i stand up . He walks up to me and we embrace .

"Zara , what happened ?" Harry asks ; his voice muffled against my hair . "He cheated on me. He said he didn't love me anymore." i whisper so no one would hear other than Harry .

His face falls into a shocked one . "I'm going to kill him." he says; turning. "No." i say ;grabbing his hand and stopping him in his tracks.

"Fine . But let's go home . You need some rest." he says . I nod and he drives me home .By the time we arrive at my own house, i'd already fallen asleep . 






I carry her bridal style and walk up to the house and open the door using the extra keys she gave me a few days ago .

I go upstairs to her bedroom which i visited once before because she needed help finding her rock climbing gadgets since she went to a climb trip with Tom , Liza's boyfriend.

I tuck her in to bed and kiss her forehead . I take a deep breath and stare at her face . She's changed so much . I can't believe she's turn 21 now . I can't believe it's been three years ever since that stupid bet.



Your hand fits in mine like it's made just for me ,
But bear this in mind it was meant to be ,
I'm joining up the dots with the freckles on your cheeks and,
it all makes sense to me .


I know you never loved the crinkles by your eyes when you smile,
you never loved your stomach or your thighs,
the dimple in your back at the bottom of your spine but i'll love them endlessly .

I won't let these little things slip out of my mouth , 
But if i do , it's you , it's you , they add up to , 
I'm in love with you ,
And all these little things .



You can't go to bed without a cup of tea ,
Maybe that's the reason that you talk in your sleep ,
And all those conversations and the secrets that i keep ,
Though it makes no sense to me.



I know you've never loved the sound of your voice on tape,
You never want to know how much you weigh,
You still have to squeeze into your jeans but you're perfect to me.




"You're perfect to me." i say ; running my hand through her beautiful hair . Her chest rise up and down softly and her eyelash looks longer than it should under the moonlight.

I think i've made my decision . I smile .














P.S : MASSIVE thank you for the support i love you guys ! (: xoxoxoxoxo

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