Show Me Love (1D Fanfiction)

Zara Edwards wasn't really normal . She couldn't speak . At all . Ever since her uncle strangled her when he was drunk . The neighbors saved her and she was sent to a children care home . Her parents ,well, they ditched her and left with no goodbye or news.
One day , as she sits alone at a table at Starbucks , a guy came up to her and flirts .
She was in cloud nine , because he was one of the boyband members from One Direction that she had been crushing on.
They started going out and soon they were together .
What she didn't know was that all of that was an act . It was only just a bet.
What would happen to Zara when she knew this ?
And what happens when one of the others regretted it and started falling for her ?
Will it be the end ?
Or only the beginning of a little crazy story ?


3. Truth or Dare ?

"Come on , Zara." Zayn whispers . I walk into the living room , under Harry's gaze .

Zayn plops down on to the couch and i follow suit . I slowly realize that i am sitting beside Harry . 

"Hello , babe." Louis greets ; winking at me . "Hi love." Niall says . I smile at both of them as Liam puts the DVD into the DVD Player.

We watch the movie for 2 hours . After a thousand laughs and cries later , we finally finish the movie . 

"So , who wants to play Truth or Dare?" Harry suggests ; a glint of mischief in his eyes. Oh God..

Despite myself , i shrug and join in too. Louis starts the game and he spins the empty plastic bottle . 


It points at Liam . "Truth or dare , dear Liam ?" Louis asks ; a glint not unlike Harry's in his eyes.

"Truth , dear Lou." he grins . Louis hesitates . "Who do you like ?" he asks . 

And then , there is some sort of attentiveness from all of us . We are all focused on Liam's answer .

Liam's grin vanishes . He looks down to the floor and whispers - loud enough for us all to hear- " I still like Dani." and his eyes suddenly waters.

"Aww Liam ." Zayn says ; patting Liam's back . I stand up and help Liam to stand too . 

I bring him upstairs and into what i believe is his room . I tuck him into bed and kiss his forehead .

I put a finger over my lip . His head plops down on to the pillow and soon , he start to snore.

I smile , looking at him peacefully sleeping.

"That was a nice thing you just did." a voice says. I turn and see Harry standing in the doorway; smiling genuinely .

My heart thumps loudly . I shrug and smiles at him .

"So shall we continue ?" he says ; handing out his arm as i walk up to him at the doorway.

I nod ; looping my arm around his.

We went downstairs together . 

The boys were laughing over something . "What's up ?" Harry asks as i let go of his arm . 

"Zayn just dared Niall to wear Zayn's sister's dress." Louis says ; shrieking with laughter.

Niall was frustrated . Zayn came back with a short vanilla dress . Niall grunts as he takes the dress from Zayn .

I hear him mutter,"Shouldn't've picked dare." as he close the toilet door . We hear him swearing in the toilet . 

We look at each other and laughed . When we hear the knob being turn , we hastily sit back down and act like nothing happens.

But of course , we gave ourselves away by anticipating and looking over our shoulders at the toilet . 

The toilet door swings open . Silence . And then ....

We're all shrieking with laughter and Niall's blushing uncontrollably .

He looks so girly in that dress . "That's enough." he says and close the door behind him . 

I'm laughing so hard that no sound actually came out . 

"D-did you get a picture of that ?"Harry says ; tears welling in his eyes as he laugh uncontrollably. I grin as i watch him being so carefree.

Niall finally went out of the toilet , swearing under his breath . "Never picking Dare again." he mutters as he sit down in front of me.

Niall spins the bottle and finally it points to Harry . A glint of devious revenge shines in Niall's eyes.

"I'll pick Dare , thanks very much ." Harry says ; not noticing Nial's evil look . He makes eye contact with Niall and soon he regrets saying Dare.

"I mean , um , no not dare .I-" he starts to say ; panicking. Niall shakes his head menacingly and grins an evil grin .

"I dare you to tell the truth to you know who." Niall states . Who's you know who ? Is this some kind of joke ? Is Voldemort really real ? I'm confused..

Harry's face turns paper-white . "Fine . Zara , you look very beautiful tonight.And that's the truth." He says . Niall turns scarlet with rage .

"You know which truth !! Tell her about-" Niall start to say , but got hit on the shoulder by Harry . Harry does not look like he's afraid anymore , instead he looks furious .

"I found a loophole . Now , i'm spinning." he says . Everyone turns silent . Niall is still mad and he cross his arms and stare down at the floor.

Is there something going on ? i thought .

But before i could even think thoroughly , the bottle lands on me . Louis comes to my rescue .

"Truth," he shows one finger."or Dare?" he shows two fingers .

Despite myself , i lift up my hand and shows the number two .

Harry grins widely , almost like the Cheshire Cat -If that's even possible- and says,"I dare you to go out with me tomorrow."

I notice Zayn glaring at Harry . I bit my lip and shrug , nodding . Harry punches the air in the sort of glory way and says ," Yay , finally!" he says .

Zayn stands up and walk away . My eyes trail after him and then he's gone upstairs .

What's happening ?



Just as i am about to leave , Zayn runs back downstairs . "I'll send you home ." he says .

I smile gratefully to him and i wave goodbye to the three remaining boys and goes out of the house with Zayn . 

As we drive away from the house , we are quiet and only the radio accompanies us .

After a while , we finally arrive at my house , where my sister is dozing off on the garden swings in front of the porch .

"Wait. I just want you to know to be careful about Harry." he says as i  open the car door . "And one more thing." he says . I turn to see what he meant . 

He leans in and kissed me full in the lips . "I like you." he whispers as he leans away . I smile at him , trying to hide my blush .

"Goodnight ." he says as i close the car door behind me . I wave at him . He drives away and i make my way to the house , where my sister is dozing off , clearly waiting for me .

I knelt in front of her and poke her cheek . Her eyes flew open and she stares around .

"Oh it's you . You're late." she says ; yawning . "Carry me ?" she says ; holding out her arms . I smirk and turn my back to her and i carry her on my back into the house . 

I tuck her in to bed - twice tonight,really- and make way to my room . I plop down onto the bed and close my eyes . 

My phone beeps . I sigh and lift up my phone to my face . 

Pick you up at 12 noon . We'll go to the beach (: x - Harr

Despite myself , i smiled . My head plops down onto the pillow and i doze off .




"Wake up." a voice say .I groan and cover myself with the blanket . 

"Wake up sleepyhead. Mom's got an errand for you." the voice say again.

I sigh and sit up . I see Tyler grinning up at me . I gave him a puzzled look . 

"She's asked you to accompany me to the funfair. Can you , can you ? Pleasee." he begs ; swinging his hands together back and forth . 

I grab a paper and a pen and wrote : "Okay but until noon .Do you mind hanging out with my friends ? They have an Xbox." 

Tyler gasps as he reads . "Yes!!" he says ; looking as if his dream has just come true.

I laughed . I stand up as Tyler waits for me downstairs. I strip from my clothes and rinse myself  . 

After that , i blow-dry my hair . I slip into my yellow summer dress.

I put up my hair in a conch-shell braid - which took me about 20 minutes - until it is perfectly styled . I grab my white-yellow beach bag.

"Are you done ?" Tyler shout through the door . I sigh and open the door . Tyler is standing there in a black and white varsity jacket with gray inner t-shirt and denim jeans ; looking like a small Zayn , except that he had dirty blonde hair and bluish green eye color.

"Woah." he says ; taking in my appearance . I grin . I send Harry a text saying :

Don't pick me up . I'll be at the Funfair , First Beach.  x -Zara

He replies almost immediately :

Sure , okay . See you x - Harry

Soon , we are running down the stairs and across the living room . 

"Bye mom!" Tyler shouts as we go out of the house . Tyler climbs up into the passenger seat and i start the ignition .

"Are you sure?" Tyler says . I nod . I had taken my driver's lesson and i passed after the third time . 

Hahahaha . Hey look at me , laughing at myself . I'm so cool .

We start driving away .

When we finally arrive at the beach , it is crowded -well , at least at the funfair area- and we go out of the car . 

We walk into the Funfair . It's so crowded that i had to hold on to Tyler's hand so he wouldn't be lost .

We go on so many of the rides . I just love rollercoasters . 

After a thousand shrieks and laughter later , we finally stop and make our way towards the Diner .

We eat up our brunch and set back out again . It's already 12 P.M and i am starting to think about how i'm going to send Tyler at the boys' and coming back on time .

Just then , i see 5 familiar boys . I grin . I grab Tyler's hand and ran up to them. 

They all grin at me , though i see a glint of guilt in them and i don't know why . 

I nudge  Tyler and gesture at the boys . "Um , Zara was wondering if i could go back to your place and play Xbox , which , i'm going to win 100%." Tyler says as a matter of fact . The boys laugh .

"I like you already . Come on." Zayn says . Well obviously . Who knows , maybe Tyler'll come back with a quiff and a ton of fake tattoos on his innocent body.

The four boys walk through the crowd with Tyler holding Niall and Zayn's hands ; leaving Harry and I alone.

"So shall we ?" he says ; holding out his arm . I loop my arm around his and we made our way through the bustling crowd and back to the beach .

"So tell me about yourself." Harry says . I think it over . Um . My eyes land on a driftwood . I pick it up and draws a picture of me as a little girl and my drunk uncle coming back home.

"Drunk uncle coming back home . And that must be you." Harry says . I nod . I erased it with my hand and draws another picture. 

It was of me being strangled by my uncle and another man outside of the house , investigating.

"Um , you're being strangled .. And that man outside the house is a lookout..?" he says . I shake my head . 

"Oh , he's um , investigating?" he says . I nod . 

I draw another picture of the man fighting my uncle and me crying .  And another one where i was standing in front of the Care Home with the man that rescued me . I draw a bubble on top of my head , saying 'No Parents.'

"Oh." Harry simply say ; a glint of sympathy in his eyes. "Then how about your family ? You're adopted?" he says . I nod ; smiling at the thought of having a family now.

We sit in silence after that , and we lost track of the time . Next thing we know , the sun is already setting.

I erase the drawings and writes 'Will you bring me to a specialist?' 

Harry reads it and nods . We stand up and hold hands - though i have no idea if i like him or not - and walk back to the parking lot .

We climb into my car , since the boys and Tyler are gone already . I make a mental note to pick him up later on.

Harry's driving , so i am the one tuning in to the radio . Chasing Cars-Snow Patrol comes on .

"If i lay here , if i just lay here , would you lie with me and just forget the world ?" Harry sings. I smile . 

Harry looks at me , expecting something . Oh . I nod . We laughed . 

As much as i like the drive , we finally arrive at a hospital . Harry switches the ignition off and we walk up towards the hospital . 

I walk up to the counter . The nurse stares at Harry before turning towards me. 

"How can i help you ?" she asks . "Um , she can't talk . I don't know what she wants so do you have a piece of paper ?" Harry asks .

"Oh , um, y-yeah."she says ; hastily rummaging through the drawers and taking out a piece of paper and a pen.

I wrote 'I want my vocals checked please.' and gave it to her.

She reads it and nods . "Wait a moment please." she says . She makes a call and says something about checkups.

"Are you sure?" Harry asks . I nod . "Miss , if you please . This way." another nurse says ; gesturing for us to go through a door . We follow the nurse and finally arrive at a room with Doctor Dolohov engraved on the frame.

We go into the room and a man in his thirties with red hair and blue eyes looks up . He smiles knowingly .

The nurse tells him something . He nods . 

"Please sit down , Miss....?" he says . "Zara." Harry says .  I smile .

"I believe you want to have your vocals checked ? Since when have you been mute ?" Dr.Dolohov asks me .

I show him the number 7 using my fingers. He nods ; scribbling something on a board.

"What causes you that ?" he asks . Then Harry launched into the story that i've told him .

When he finishes , Dr.Dolohov nods . "And you are , as i believe , Mr.Harry Styles ?Daughter's a huge fan of you." he says . I see Harry trying to hold down a smirk . I giggled . 

"You can laugh ?" Dr.Dolohov asks ; eyebrows raised . I nod . 

Then , Dr.Dolohov does some check-ups - like XRay-ing my throat , telling me to say 'ah' which failed - and he turns thoughtful ."Of course , of course." he says to himself .

"You're psychologically mute , Miss Zara." Dr.Dolohov says ."Which means ?" Harry says .

"Which means , if she puts in enough practise and wrap her mind around it , she can possibly talk." he says ."I hope this information helps." he says , giving us a wise smile . 

"Thank you for your time , Dr.Dolohov."Harry says as he shakes hands with the doctor . He bids us goodbye and we go out of the room . 

"Looks like i'm going to be your teacher , beautiful." he says ; smiling genuinely at me . 


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