Show Me Love (1D Fanfiction)

Zara Edwards wasn't really normal . She couldn't speak . At all . Ever since her uncle strangled her when he was drunk . The neighbors saved her and she was sent to a children care home . Her parents ,well, they ditched her and left with no goodbye or news.
One day , as she sits alone at a table at Starbucks , a guy came up to her and flirts .
She was in cloud nine , because he was one of the boyband members from One Direction that she had been crushing on.
They started going out and soon they were together .
What she didn't know was that all of that was an act . It was only just a bet.
What would happen to Zara when she knew this ?
And what happens when one of the others regretted it and started falling for her ?
Will it be the end ?
Or only the beginning of a little crazy story ?


2. Toy Stories And Pursuing

And so i walk back to the care home in a very good mood . Today's been so weird honestly..

I stepped into the Care Home to be horded with noises of people running around and having fun.

"Hello Zara!" a girl with dyed green hair and crystal blue eyes greets me . Emilie.

I smiled and waved at her . She is my room mate at the care home and a good friend of mine.

We walked along the bustling corridors together and finally found our way to the girls' dormitories.

We open the door to our room just to find that our room has been turned over upside-down . It was a complete mess .

My mouth was agape as i slowly step into our room . "What the hell ?" Emilie whispered as she looked around at the messed up room.

"I'm so so so sorry . I lost my necklace and the last time i wore it was here . I tried to keep calm but i panicked and this was the result.." a voice say . 

We looked around and saw our third roommate , Evanna Lynch , tear streaked. She had black hair that she dyed red on the ends and had a case of heterochromia iridum.

"It's okay . Let's clean this mess up together and find it along the way , shall we ?" Emilie says . I nod and soon we started cleaning the room .

I see something sparkling at a corner of the bed. It was half hidden under one of the foot of the bed.

I started moving under the bed on my stomach and started crawling to the necklace .

"Did you found it ?" Emilie called out ; peeking under the bed.

I grunted and tugged on the necklace in vain . Emilie and Evanna saw what i was doing and they lift up the bed together . 

I quickly tug on the necklace and rolled out of under the bed and stood up .

I grinned and hold up the necklace for them to see. Evanna squealed in happiness and hugged me .

"Thank you thank you thank you. It was a very special gift from my late grandmother." Evanna says ; pulling away .

She hold out her hand and i gave her the necklace. "Well , it's already 10 P.M now . We should sleep . Or else the warden will have you run around the field ten times in a bikini." Evanna says.

Emilie and I looked at her with eyebrows raised. "How did you know that ?" Emilie asks.

Evanna started blushing uncontrollably and squeaked,"I dunno . Maybe i had to do it when she caught me out on a night stroll with Caleb ?" 

We laughed . Emilie looked at me puzzlingly . "You can laugh , but you can't talk ?" she asks uncertainly.

My smile faltered and i nod. 

"Well , goodnight then." they say as they climbed up onto their four poster beds .

I stripped from my clothes and into my night gown and slipped into my own four poster . I pulled on the hangings and slip into the comfy blanket .

Thank God  i finished high school..



The next morning:


I felt my body being shaken and my eyes flew open. I saw Evanna and Emilie grinning wide as they peeked from an opening of my hangings.

"There's a family that wants to meet you! Do you know what this means ??"  Evanna says.

I gave them a confused look , clearly a bit blurry of being waken up so suddenly.

"It means , you're probably going to get adopted ! And you'll have a family at last!" Emilie says . 

I shrugged , indicating that i don't have my hopes up so high.

They sigh . "Well , nevertheless , go get ready!" Emilie says ; pushing me into the bathroom . 

I groaned as they close the door behind me . I already saw an outfit hung on the towel railings.

"THAT'S FOR YOU! SO DON'T GO OUT NAKED. OKAY ?" Evanna shrieked through the door . 

I slipped out of my night gown and turn on the shower . I rinsed myself from head to toe and stepped out of the shower and wrap myself with a towel . 

I blow-dry my hair and combed it until it's acceptably smooth.

Then i turned to the outfits . I have never really examined it in the first place. So i carefully lift them up and saw that it consist of a gray tank top , black and white varsity jacket and denim shorts.

My mouth dropped. Where did she get this ?

I put them on and stared at my reflection . I actually like this style.

I stepped out of the bathroom and frowned at both of them. I gestured on the outfit .

"It's Caleb's really . But he doesn't want it anymore so he gave it to me.I really love you and i think that you should have it ." Evanna says ; blushing a bit . 

I smiled gratefully and hugged them. We went out of our room and walked down the hallway towards the warden's office. 

"Good luck." Evanna and Emilie say , hugging me . They waved goodbye and i turned back towards the office . 

I took a deep breath and turn the doorknob and stepped into the warden's office.

I looked around  at the office . It's my first time being in here , really .

It was simple , with a  couch in the middle and a fireplace at a corner , unlit.

I didn't notice that there were people in there , until someone ran up to me and hugged me around my waist.

I looked down and saw that it was none other than Tyler Villegas . He beams up at me . 

My mouth fell agape. I looked around and saw a very familiar family . Liza  beams up at me .

"You're adopted , Zara ." another voice say . I realized that it was my warden's voice .

I blinked , unable to react . "So now you're Zara Villegas." Liza says . "Now you're my sister." she continues.

"And we're your parents." Mr and Mrs Villegas say . I was touched . A happy tear streamed down my face as i realized it .

They've always been my family , but it's official now. I hugged all of them .

They signed a few documents and soon i found myself in my dorm , packing my clothes and my valuables with Liza , Evanna and Emilie.

I zipped up the luggage . Evanna and Emilie carried a box each , holding my valuables .

I pulled on the luggage and soon we were walking out of the Care Home and towards the car.

Dad - i still can't believe what happened -helped and tucked the luggage into the boot .

Then , when everything has been locked in the boot , i turned to my friends. 

"We'll miss you." they say ; tears already streaming down their faces. I gave them a sad smile and hugged them both.

"You guys can come over to our house whenever you like . You have my number , have you not ?" Liza says . 

"Really ?" Emilie squeaked . "Really . Right , Zara ?" Liza says ; smiling at me . I grin and nod . 

They smiled wide and i hugged them one last time before going into the car. 

I waved them goodbye and we drove away .

"Big sister !" Tyler say ; hugging me . "Hey how come you didn't do that to me before ?" Liza says ; pouting . 

"Fine." he says . "Big elephant !!" he exclaims ; hugging Liza. I burst out laughing .

"If only you could talk." Liza says, staring at me as everyone became silent.

My phone beeped .  I took it out and saw that I had a text message . I clicked on it and it read:

So , um , date tonight ? If yes , send me your address and i'll pick you up . If no , then it's okay (: x -Liam

I smiled . I nudged Liza in the ribs and showed her the text , indicating her to send him our address.

Her eyes bulged . "Lia-" she started to say . I shook my head and put a finger over my lips; giving her a warning look .

She grins and types in our address . She showed it to me for approval and i nodded .

Pick you up at 5 then . See you babe (: x - Liam

"Why didn't you tell me ?!" she whispered ; so that only both of us could hear . Mom and Dad were singing along to the radio , which was playing Ed Sheeran - Lego House ; not really aware of us.

I shrugged and gave her an apologetic look . "Well , fine . But anyhow , i'm going to dress you up for tonight." she says ; grinning a mischievous look .

Oh no.




I grinned as i receive the text from her . "Why are you smiling ?" Zayn asks as he lie across the bed and plays the Xbox with his sight upside down . 

"I got a date." i simply say and continued playing the game.

"Really ? With who ?" Zayn says ; ignoring the fact that i'm pursuing him on the game as he turns to look at me.

"The girl from the bet." i say ; shooting Zayn's avatar . GAME OVER .

"What ?!" Zayn says . "Did you know Harry's like crazy now ? He's determined to chase her and get her . I don't like where this is going." Zayn says ; oblivious to the fact that he lost his game for the first time in the sixth time running.

"So ?" i simply say ; focused on the game , which was starting on a new level .

"Oh Liam ." he sighs and focused back on the game.  "So where are you planning to take her to ?" Zayn asks ; interested now.

"I don't really know really ." i say ; oblivious now to the fact that Zayn's avatar was shooting mine.

"How about you just take her walk around London , see the sun set and take her to a Diner at the London streets ? Then go watch Toy Stories 2 at the movie theaters. " he say ; as if he planned this on his mind all along.

"Good idea. Wanna come along ?" i asked him . Zayn stopped pursuing my avatar and turn to look at me.

"Are you crazy ? It's your date , not mine . And it'll be very weird to be a third-wheeler." he says matter of fact.

"Who says it's a date ? I just want to hang out with her ." i say ; grinning at Zayn's facial expression . 

"Well , i-i - well i guess so , sure. I kind of wanted to hang out with her too in the first place." Zayn says ; pinks tinting his face . I grin .



I slipped into my shirt and denim jeans , and Zayn in his gray-red-white varsity jacket , white inner t-shirt and black tight-fitting jeans.

We went out of our house together towards the car . Harry was out at the bar and Louis was hanging out with El at her place. Niall was out with his friends.

We walked to the car , hyped . We started driving away along the London street . 

I got lost a few times , but finally we arrive at her house . She was waiting on the swings with another girl . 

"Oh God . I can't do it . I'm too shy . Can i- can i just hide in the boot or something ?" Zayn says . I laughed . 

"Zayn , shut up and let's go." i say ; opening the car door and walking up the pavement; followed closely by Zayn .

"Hey Zara." i say . They both looked up and the older girl blinked . Zara smiles . She was beautiful . She was wearing a short yellow dress with earth brown belt . Her brown-blonde hair  was let down in one side.

"Hi , i'm Liza." the girl says ; smiling up at Zayn and I . She was pretty , with curly dirty blonde hair and gray eyes.

"I'm Zayn." Zayn quickly say ; shaking her hand and giving her his best smile . Liza blushed.

"So shall we ?" i say ; grinning at Zara . She smiles and nods . She stood up , turned to face her sister and hugged her goodbye . 

"Have fun." Liza says as we walked together towards the car .

Zara waved goodbye to Liza and soon we were driving away .

"You don't mind Zayn coming over to hang out with us , do you ?" i say , as i turn on a corner and stopped at a traffic light.

I looked at her and she smiles and shrugs . Zayn grins at her . 

Hanging out with a great girl and my best bro.

I hope this night's going better .



Zara's P.O.V :


Ever since Evanna , Emilie and Liza said something about me not being able to talk but able to laugh , i have been thinking and wondering why i couldn't talk .

It's very confusing really . By the time we reached a hill , i have reached my decision to go to a clinic and ask them about this.

Liam stopped the engine  and we went out of the car . Liam spreads out a mat and we sat down on the ground cross-legged and watch as the sun sets over the London city . 

"Another day gone." Zayn says . We sat there in silence until darkness overwhelmed us and Zayn had to turn on the headlights .

Liam stands up and rummaged for something in the boot .. He came back with a pair of candles and a lighter .

He started lighting it and placed it on the ground . "Go get the food , Zayn." he says . Zayn stands up and brought over Nandos from the car .

I grin . "Before we start to eat-" Liam started to say , but Zayn and I had already plunged our hands into the takeaway box and took out a piece of chicken each . 

"Never mind." Liam chuckles ; taking a piece of chicken himself .

Zayn had switched on the radio and we were listening to Ed Sheeran mixtape that the DJ was playing .

When we had finish , we lie down on our backs and enjoyed the starry sky . It was beautiful , lighting up the city below them.

If i could talk , i would surely sing along to Ed Sheeran under the sky.

I hear soft snores beside me . I looked beside me and saw Liam softly snoring . I giggled and poked his nose .

He grunts and rolls over , his back towards me.

"Do you want to dance with me ?" Zayn asks me . I turned towards him and saw him blushing under the moonlight .

I nod . We both stand up and soon we were dancing along to Ed Sheeran's Kiss Me.

I twirl under his arms and looked up at his chocolaty eyes. "You're beautiful." Zayn says .

I blinked . Suddenly he swooped down on me and kissed me full in the lips . Our lips moved in synchronization .

I pulled away , unsure of the feeling i was beginning to have. I looked away from Zayn , blushing uncontrollably.

"I'm sorry . I shouldn't have -" he started to say ; letting go of me.

I turned back to him and shook my head vigorously . I smiled reassuringly at him .

"I like you , i really do. But i don't know either. This is confusing me." he says . 

I put a finger over his full lips and shook my head gently . Then i pulled him back to the mat and we sat down in silence.

Liam stirs and sits up . "Oh God . Sorry i fell asleep . I was tired . What did i miss ?" Liam say ; stretching his arms.

I shook my head and smiled at him .Zayn clears his throat.

"Well , let's head back to our place and watch movies . Are you up for it Zara?" Zayn asks .

I nod and grin at both of them.

We fold up the mat , throws away our food into the trash can and soon we were driving away .

I looked out of the window and stare at the city lights zooming by . I started to doze off.


"Zara." somebody whisper . I open my eyes and saw Liam's face inches away from mine.

"We're here." he says . I turned to the left and hold out my arms , indicating that i'm too tired to walk.

He chuckles. He turns his back on to me and i climbed onto his back . 

Zayn , Liam and I started heading towards a simple resort-like house.

Zayn opens the door and a living room was in view. Two figures were already sitting on the couch.

Both turned their heads our way . I recognized one curly-haired boy almost immediately.

"Well well , look who's here." he smirks and winks at me.

Oh God..

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