Show Me Love (1D Fanfiction)

Zara Edwards wasn't really normal . She couldn't speak . At all . Ever since her uncle strangled her when he was drunk . The neighbors saved her and she was sent to a children care home . Her parents ,well, they ditched her and left with no goodbye or news.
One day , as she sits alone at a table at Starbucks , a guy came up to her and flirts .
She was in cloud nine , because he was one of the boyband members from One Direction that she had been crushing on.
They started going out and soon they were together .
What she didn't know was that all of that was an act . It was only just a bet.
What would happen to Zara when she knew this ?
And what happens when one of the others regretted it and started falling for her ?
Will it be the end ?
Or only the beginning of a little crazy story ?


11. Small Bump

I scream . Harry shots up and looks around . His eyes bulge when he sees the bed full of blood .

It has been nine months and i've been expecting this . It's agonizing . 

"Get up love . You can do it ." Harry encourages me . I stand up and the blood streams down my legs .

Thank God we bought a wheelchair just in case . I bit my lip from screaming as i sit down on the wheelchair .

Harry pushes me out of the door . That was the last thing i see before darkness consumes me .






"Come on now love. Breathe in and out." Harry says ; holding on to my hand as tightly as he could . 

I scream . The pain is too much for me . Harry glances at my foot full of blood and fainted .

Oh God Harry , i thought as his hands slip away from mine . The nurses brought him out of the room .









As soon as i regain consciousness , my thoughts turn to Zara. I shot up and look around.

"Where's Zara ?" i say . I realize that i am sitting on a couch .

One of the nurses turn towards me . "She's still inside ." she says . I stand .

"No , Mr.Styles . You can't go in. I'm sorry." she says ; giving me an apologetic look.

I sigh and plop back down onto the couch.

I slouch and put my face against my hands . I feel so worried.

I hear footsteps running towards me . I look up and see Zayn and Andrea pacing up to me .

"Sorry we're late." he says . I smile , though i know the smile doesn't reach my eyes.

"Zara wants you as our godfather." i say ; remembering a few days ago when she told me it.

Zayn blinks . Then he grins widely . Andrea hugs him. "Really ?" he says ; his eyes twinkling.

I grin . "Yes." i say . We hug and sit back .


After what seems like forever , the doctor finally comes out with a tired expression.

I stand and come up to him ; Zayn and Andrea trailing silently behind me.

"Is she okay ? Tell me she's okay." i say ; my heart beating too fast and beads of sweat streaming down my face.

"The baby survived but she didn't. I'm sorry." the doctor says . I stare into space and fall to my knees .

I did not realize that i had been crying until Andrea hugs me and tells me to stop crying and that they're here for me.

I stand back up again and burst into the room to see Zara lying on the bed ; her eyes closed and the heartbeat system making an endless 'Tetttttttttttt' sound.

I force myself to walk up to her and i sit on the chair beside her bed.

"No." i say . It sounds wrong , because nothing can stop death . But i can't stop myself. Just please let this all be a bad dream. But it isn't.

I cry into her arms for a long time , Zayn and Andrea  behind me. I could hear Zayn silently sobbing behind me with Andrea giving words of comfort.

Someone comes into the room , a baby crying in their arms. I look up and see a beautiful baby cradled in the nurse's arms.

I stand and the nurse hands me the baby carefully. I smile through my pain and kiss the baby's forehead.

The baby stops crying and falls asleep .

This is too much. 







I stand in front of Zara's grave with Victoire cradled in my baby carrier strapped around my body.

I knelt and put a rose on the grave . I blink away the tears . I sit cross-legged beside the grave and stare at it.

"Morning Zara. I miss you. I named our baby Victoire , after you. I hope you liked that. I'm sorry i didn't come since the funeral until now. I couldn't accept that you're gone.I wish you were here though." i say and my throat tightens up.

"I wish you were here." i whisper . I take a few deep breaths and let out what sounds like a sigh.

I stand to leave. Victoire puts her hand on my cheek . I smile . Victoire smiles and her dimples show , her bright green eyes glowing in the morning mist.

I walk away from the grave and climb into my car. I unstrap the baby carrier and strap Victoire with the seat belt.

I drive away from the graveyard and finally reached my house.

I pick up Victoire who has fallen asleep and jog up to the house . I insert the key to the keyhole just to find out that the door is unlocked.

I raise an eyebrow . I enter my house and look around . 

Zayn is standing in the living room with a CD in his hands , his eyes tear-streaked.

"What's up Zayn ? Why are you here?" i say ; placing the keys on a table.

I put Victoire carefully on the couch and turn back to Zayn . "Liza found this note-" he shows a piece of folded paper and hands it to me."-in her old bedroom, along with this CD. I watched it . It's like she knows she hasn't any time left." he says . 

I unfold the piece of paper and read it.

If anyone found this , then it's whether i'm already married or dead , it's either way. If i'm already married , then i love you Harry . I wrote this before our marriage . I have a bad feeling Harry , i do.. I made a montage of us - remember all the pictures we took together? - from the beginning . I love you . If i die , know this : I will never forget you. Zayn , of course i will never forget you too . You're my first love , it always has been . I hope you won't forget me . I'm happy for you and Andrea . You deserve her . Harry ,if you found this after i give birth , tell our child i love him or her. 

Love ,

I sigh and fold it back. "A montage?" i say . Zayn nods and insert the CD into the CD Player.

We sit on the floor with our back against the foot of the couch - not wanting to wake Victoire up- and waits as the CD loads.

Zara appears on the TV , beaming . She's looking drunk with happiness.

I miss that smile . 

"Whoever's watching this , HI! I am SO happy ! I can talk! Oh my God i can't believe it . Thanks to Harry and the boys !" she says ; beaming , her light brown eyes gleaming with happiness.

I smile. It has been a long time since i smile truly.

Then it changes . She's crying . "I hate him , i do. I'm just worthless . A bet , hah!" and starts sobbing again .

I put my hands on my face and shudder .

Then , the pictures of us comes . The picture of when we went to the beach during our first date , a picture of us in the canoe.

It's sad we took few pictures. Suddenly a picture of us during our marriage comes on. My heart skips a beat .

I watch her happy expression . A picture of her and the whole family , of her and Zayn .

The pictures stop and another video comes on. Zara shows the camera her pregnancy test . It shows positive. She beams , though her smile didn't reach her eyes.

"I'm pregnant!" she says . Suddenly , a tear stream down her face. "But i'm not strong you know. I was never strong." she says.

"If i ever got through this , we can watch this video with a smile and laugh at how paranoid i was. If i don't , then i already said i wasn't strong. I'll miss you Harry." she says ; covering her face with her hands .

After a while she stands up and smiles as she stops the recording.

A picture of us with our whole families and friends comes up . "I love you." Zara says in the background.

We let the silence consumes us as the montage stops.

"I love you too." i whisper.








I sit at the dinner table across from Victoire who is crying. She's in third grade now.

"What's wrong , Vic?" i ask her.

"I feel horrible . Watching my friends with their mom . And you , you never had the idea of telling me who she is ! You kept everything to yourself Dad!" Victoire says ; angry tears streaming down her face .

I sigh and massage the bridge of my nose. I'm aging and she won't give me a break.

"I think it's time." i say and stand up . Victoire has a puzzled expression on her face but follows me nonetheless.

I open one of the drawers and takes out a CD . It's puzzling how she didn't put this in the video. 

I put it in the CD Player as Victoire sits on the couch , her legs kicking back and forth in anticipation .

The CD loads and i sit down beside Victoire. Here it comes.


I appear on the video with a big smile on my face . "Hello! I'm going to surprise Zara and sing for her!" me in the video says .

"Zara's my mom?" Victoire asks. "Yes , you're named after her . Victoire's her middle name." i say .

The video of me and the boys comes on . I did not know why i did not recall this moment before.

We were all at the beach . It was before she knew about the bet , i was sure.

Zara comes into view and Louis turns the camcorder towards her -i know it was Louis holding the camera because i heard his voice- and she covers her face with her hands.

''Aww, Zara . Come on now smile. Try saying hi.'' Zayn says ; slipping his arm around her waist .

''Dad, what does Uncle Zayn mean ,'try saying hi'?" Victoire asks . I smile sadly.

''Good question love. She was mute because her uncle strangled her when she was a child . I met her , knew her and taught her to speak.'' I say .

The video goes on.

Zara shrieks as the me in the video picks her up and set her down on the mat.

''I could have asked you nicely , i know. But , well , this is more fun.'' I said.

Zara and the me in the video stare at each other , well until Niall throws food at us .

We laughed . Victoire giggles. We gathered all around Zara and Niall started strumming the guitar.

We started singing More Than This for her . She smiles .

When we finish , she struggles to find the right words. 

''I-i. It- It's - uh- It's be-beau- It's beautiful.'' She says and grins as we cheered for her.

The video ends.

We sit there in silence. After a while , i clear my throat and stand up . 

I knelt in front of Victoire and cups her face in my hands.

''Your mother is the strongest person i've ever known . I've loved her because she's always been real around me. I still do.I've never stopped and you shouldn't too. You've never known her or have her carry you , hug you or tuck you in to bed at night  like other mothers do. But know this , you should never let that stop you. She has always loved you even when you're still in the womb.'' I say .

''She will always be in you.'' I point my finger at her heart and smile sadly at her.

Her eyes gleams and she hugs me.

It takes me a few minutes until i realize that Victoire is sobbing against me.

I take off my glasses and set it down on to a table. I carry her to her bedroom and tuck her in to bed.

I tuck a strand of her curly brown hair behind her ears and kiss her forehead as she closes her eyes.

''Night love.'' I whisper and stand up . I switch off the lights and close her bedroom door gently.

Only then do i cry. I hide my face against my legs and shudder with sad sobs.

I love her too much . It's tearing me apart when i realize the fact that she won't be here by my side ever again.

The only thing that is keeping me strong is Victoire.

I stand and go to the kitchen . I pick up a knife and hold it over my wrist ; i gulp.

"DAD!" A voice say . I ignore her and put the knife over my hand.

"Dad , no!" she says ; grabbing the knife and throwing it into the sink with a loud bang.

I slump down to the floor and Vic embraces me in her small arms . "I'm sorry ." i say ; feeling stupid.

"There is nothing to be sorry of , Dad. Just promise me you won't do that again." Vic says . I look up at her eyes gleaming . 

If she can be strong , why can't I ?

I stand and wash my face in the sink . I pick Victoire up and bring her to her room.

"No i want to sleep with you Dad." she says .

I smile and we both walk to my room. I climb into bed with her and we cuddle.

The moonlight rays upon us in the darkness.

"I miss her." she says.

"I miss her too." i say ; kissing Victoire's head.

We stay like that until we fall asleep . When sleep almost swallow me wholely , i thought i saw a picture of Zara and I gleaming under the light.

I love you Zara. I hope you're looking down at us right now and smile that beautiful smile of yours...







Sooo whatcha think of the story ? Please please please vote ! It'll mean the world to me . And i guess the story has come to an end.

But who knows, maybe i'll do a sequel ? (; Ahaha okay then , i hope you enjoyed this story! Sorry for the late update !

Al xx

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