Show Me Love (1D Fanfiction)

Zara Edwards wasn't really normal . She couldn't speak . At all . Ever since her uncle strangled her when he was drunk . The neighbors saved her and she was sent to a children care home . Her parents ,well, they ditched her and left with no goodbye or news.
One day , as she sits alone at a table at Starbucks , a guy came up to her and flirts .
She was in cloud nine , because he was one of the boyband members from One Direction that she had been crushing on.
They started going out and soon they were together .
What she didn't know was that all of that was an act . It was only just a bet.
What would happen to Zara when she knew this ?
And what happens when one of the others regretted it and started falling for her ?
Will it be the end ?
Or only the beginning of a little crazy story ?


13. Results

So since most of you voted 'YES' , I've already posted Summertime Paradise (Sequel).

As for those who are wondering what they look like , you guys can check out my tweets (@AKZarry) .


Personally , i like Keith because of his love of food like Niall and his major cuteness hahahaha okay bye.

Anyways , check out Summertime Paradise (Sequel) on my profile ! Vote and comment too! I MIGHT update tomorrow or next Saturday , like i always do , if you've noticed . 

And MASSIVE thank you for all the supports i love you guys ! (': 

Al xoxo



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