Show Me Love (1D Fanfiction)

Zara Edwards wasn't really normal . She couldn't speak . At all . Ever since her uncle strangled her when he was drunk . The neighbors saved her and she was sent to a children care home . Her parents ,well, they ditched her and left with no goodbye or news.
One day , as she sits alone at a table at Starbucks , a guy came up to her and flirts .
She was in cloud nine , because he was one of the boyband members from One Direction that she had been crushing on.
They started going out and soon they were together .
What she didn't know was that all of that was an act . It was only just a bet.
What would happen to Zara when she knew this ?
And what happens when one of the others regretted it and started falling for her ?
Will it be the end ?
Or only the beginning of a little crazy story ?


7. Ours To Keep

That night , we go to a local bar where Ed Sheeran is performing .

"I love Ed Sheeran ." i say as we enter the bar full of people . "Everyone does." Harry says ; grinning .

Zayn and Harry hold my hands , since it's crowded and we don't want to be separated.

We got through to the front and sit down at a table . Ed comes on to the stage and people starts whooping and rooting for him .

He gave us three a smile and started singing Small Bump . Which totally results in me crying ..

Zayn side-hugged me while Harry squeezed my hands and give me a small smile .

Then , Ed starts singing Lego House . I take a deep breath and start singing along .

I'm out of touch , i'm out of love
I'll pick you up when you're getting down
and out of all these things i've done i think i love you better now


I'm out of sight , I'm out of mind
I'll do it all for you in time 
And of all these things i've done i think i love you better now


I'm gonna paint you by numbers
and colour you in 
if things go right we can frame it , and put you on a wall


They both grin and clap when the song ends . "You're amazing." Harry says . I roll my eyes and makes a face.

"No really . I agree with Harry." Zayn says . I smile at both of them .

We ordered carbonated drinks and sits there sipping it. 

"I love you , Zara." Zayn says . Harry turns and face us . "But i love you too." he says .

Oh no.

"Pick one of us Zara." Zayn says . I bit my lip .

"I-i love you both okay ?" i say ; unsure . Their faces fell and they shrug . 

I think it's over now i guess . 

Is it ?




"Wake up! Wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up." A voice says .

"Shut up Tyler." i say ; rolling over to the side . "There are people waiting for you!" He says . 

I groan and sit up on the bed . "People ?" i say . "Yes people! C'mon and get ready now!" he says and runs out of the room .

I sigh and take a shower . Then i slip into my baggy shirt and yoga pants and go downstairs.

My mom's making pavlova and Liza's watching a scary movie in the TV Room with Tom.

I swing open the door to see two boys fighting to be the one in front .

"I . Came . Here . First ." Harry says ; exasperated .

"No you did not . I knock the door first!Ugh." Zayn says . 

They see me standing there giggling and quickly recompose themselves .

"Will you go out on a date with me tomorrow ?" Zayn quickly says . Harry shoots him a look .

"And with me the day after that ?" Harry says . 

They both hand me the bouquet of flowers . I blink and laugh . "Okay , Zayn , Harry. See you tomorrow then." i say . 

I lean forwards and kiss Zayn and Harry each on the lips.

They blush . They wave at me before i close the door .

"She loves me . She kissed ME first , not you." i hear Zayn says . Harry grunts and the footsteps soon fade away. 

I grin and turns around to be greeted by my sister and her boyfriend's smirking face. "Flowers , i see." she says .

"Why have you never got me flowers , Tom ?" Liza turns to Tom , pouting and putting on a real act . 

Tom looks shock . "B-but-" he starts to say . "Only joking." Liza says ; giggling as she kiss Tom . 

I smile . 

What have i got myself into ? i thought as Liza helps me with the flowers.





I wake up early since Zayn texted me last night saying that he's going to pick me up at 7.30 . He told me to wear simple clothes because we are going on a charity event .

I take a shower and slip into my red halftees and suede high waist shorts.

I comb my hair up into a high bun and go downstairs when i hear someone knocking on the door . I pick up a box of my old clothes for donation from the table .

"Bye Mom and Dad." i say ; kissing Mom and Dad on the cheeks as they have their breakfast.

Tyler is still fast asleep in his room and Liza is snoring away with Tom on the couch.

I open the door and grin up at Zayn , who is wearing a tank top and cargo shorts .

"Hey beautiful ." he greets me . I blush a little and step out of the house towards him . 

"Ready ?" he says . I nod and we walk towards the car . Zayn drives us to a foster home. 

We go out of the car and Zayn takes out the boxes of donations and his guitar bag from the boot of the car .

I lift two boxes at a time and we walk up to the foster home . We knock on the door and glance at each other . 

The door flies open and we see a good-natured middle-aged woman standing there with an apron . Her eyes are wrinkled and her brown hair is graying . 

"Good morning , ma'am. We're here to visit and donate ." i say ; giving her a toothy smile . The woman gives us a smile and beckons us inside . 

"It's a bit chaotic in here , with twenty-five children . Thank you for taking out time to visit these children ." she says .

We walk inside to be greeted by playful children running around and screaming . 

A child bumped into me and i fall down onto the ground , the boxes flying away . The boy gasps and helps me up .

"I'm sorry ! I swear i didn't mean to do that ! The bullies were chasing me and i didn't look where i'm going!" he says . He helps me with the clothes and put them back into the boxes .

"It's fine , little buddy . And did you say bullies ?" i say ; frowning a little . He look up at me with those big eyes . He has jet black hair and pale complexion . I think he is around 14.

It takes me a while before i notice that he had different eye color - one eye the color of bright blue , and the other the color of electric green .

"Yes . They tease me about my eyes all the time ." he mutters ; staring at the ground . 

Zayn and I knelt in front of the boy . "But they're beautiful ." i say . Zayn nods and ruffles his hair .

He laughs . The Nanny smiles as she watch us . "Can i adopt him ?" Zayn asks the Nanny .

The Nanny turns shock and so did the boy

"W-well of course . You just have to sign a few documents. Please, come with me." she says ; turning and walking away . 

I grab the boy's hands and we trail behind her. "What's your name by the way ?" i ask the boy .

"They tell me my parents gave me the name Victor Edwards before they ditched me." he mutters. 

I stop in my tracks . "Edwards ?" i say ; turning to the boy. My heart begins to race. The Nanny and Zayn stop in their tracks and watch us .

"M-my name is Zara Edwards . And my parents ditched me too." i say. The boy look up at me with bulging eyes . 

"Does your Mom have blonde hair-" he starts . "And green eyes ?" i say . We stare at each other for a while . 

"Victor!" i say ; hugging the boy i believe to be my brother . It is the first time i ever talk about my mom and dad . I never told anyone that when my parents ditched me , it was when i was around 8 years old and before my uncle strangled me almost to death , my little brother was crying in the baby cot . 

My parents , i don't know what happened to them , but they left us with our uncle . I forgot about having a little brother . It all starts to fade away , until now . 

"You were strangled weren't you ? I remember a bit that i saw a girl being strangled by Uncle Hal. He drove me to a foster home here and left me." he says . 

"I did. I'm adopted now . And you will too." i say ; smiling as tears prickled down my face.




I watch Zayn play around with the toddlers at the park with Victor beside me . I smile as Zayn falls down onto the ground and pinned by the kids .

"I wondered where you were ever since i lived here , you know . I wondered why our parents do the thing they do." Victor says . I look at him and give him a sad smile .

"Well , on the bright side , we met ! And plus , you'll have a little brother at home ! And another big sister too!" i say . 

This seems to cheer him up a little . The idea of having a big family .

Zayn comes up to us . "Let's go home then ?" he says ; smiling at both of us . I nod , standing up .

I wrap my arms around him and kiss his soft lips . I feel someone poking my waist and i squeal . 

Victor laughs and runs away . I glared at him and chuckled . "You know , you're so going to get along with Tyler !" i call out to him . 

Zayn smiles and we both walk towards the car with Victor.





I wake up the next day to the sound of Victor and Tyler screaming around and chase each other around the house .

I sit up in my bed and smile . I have a family now . I sigh and take a shower . 

I slip into my navy blue tank top tucked in to my black jeans and an overall cropped white cardigan . 

I run down stairs and wait for Harry on the swings . 

He finally arrives and i walk up to the car and climb in . 

I smile at him . " So you have an addition to the family now , i've heard ?" he says ; grinning . 

"Yes . Not really an addition . He's already family ." i say ; grinning . He chuckles and soon we drive away from the house . 

"So where are we going ? " i ask Harry ; tuning in to the radio and stopping at a channel playing Live While We're Young .

Harry smirks ."I'm listening to my own band . Radical . And , it's a surprise." he says . I sigh and look out the window . 

We finally arrive at a lake . "Oh no oh no oh no oh no." i say over and over again .

"What's wrong ?" Harry asks . "I have a slight phobia of water. My aunt tried to drown me when i was little." i say, my heart beating too fast .

"If you're afraid , we could go somewhere else . I was thinking of taking you kayaking ." Harry says ; his face falling .

I bit my lip . "You know w-what ? I think i have to start facing my fears." i say ; taking deep breath and calming myself down .

Harry smiles sadly . "Are you sure ?" he says . "I'm going to regret this , but i'm 100% sure. BUT , you have to protect me okay ?" i say .

Harry smiles and nods . We go out of the car and walk towards the harbor and my heart pounding every step i take .

"Now just try to sit in the boat." Harry says ; going in first . He holds out his arms and i leap into it , making it shake . I squeal as Harry puts me down on the boat . 

"There." Harry says . "Now open your eyes slowly ." Harry says . I take a deep breath and open my eyes. Water . I'm surrounded by water .

"Good . Now wear this life jacket." he says . He helps me with mine before wearing his own .

"You can sit in front of me." he says . I sit between his legs and we start to paddle deeper into the lake . 

"Just calm yourself down and enjoy the view . Look ! There's a badger across the lake." he says . I look around and see a badger looking at us . I smile . It's so cute.

I am starting to calm down a little . We start singing Cold Coffee by Ed Sheeran and laugh as we splash at each other . 

I am starting to be brave and forget my phobia now . I smile at Harry . He ruffles his hair and looks up at me with those electric green eyes .

Suddenly , the boat become unbalanced and we are flipped over upside down . 

I gasp as i resurface under the boat . I cough a little and take a deep breath . Harry appears , his hair wet and straight . 

I blink and laugh out loud . "You look funny !!" i say ; laughing my head off . He laughs too ; catching his reflection in the water . 

After a while i calm down a bit and we stare into each other's eyes . "You're beautiful , you know that ?" he says ; swimming closer to me until our noses touch .

"I love you." he says . And we kissed . 

I've always wanted love , but this is too much . I think i've made my decision.










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