Show Me Love (1D Fanfiction)

Zara Edwards wasn't really normal . She couldn't speak . At all . Ever since her uncle strangled her when he was drunk . The neighbors saved her and she was sent to a children care home . Her parents ,well, they ditched her and left with no goodbye or news.
One day , as she sits alone at a table at Starbucks , a guy came up to her and flirts .
She was in cloud nine , because he was one of the boyband members from One Direction that she had been crushing on.
They started going out and soon they were together .
What she didn't know was that all of that was an act . It was only just a bet.
What would happen to Zara when she knew this ?
And what happens when one of the others regretted it and started falling for her ?
Will it be the end ?
Or only the beginning of a little crazy story ?


9. Little Things




I am sipping my all time favorite frappe at Starbucks with Liza.

"I'm worried about that kid." Liza says ; watching her three years old daughter ,Cara , coloring in a coloring book . 

"Why ?" i ask ; smiling as i stare at her features . She had wavy golden hair, chubby cheeks and bright blue eyes and olive skin . 

"She keeps doodling on the walls and everyday we have to paint the walls . I think it's time i buy her an easel , or preserve a room where she can doodle on the paper-covered walls." Liza says ; stroking Cara's hair .

"Yes , i do think it's time too ." i say ; grinning . She sighs and looks up and around . She suddenly grins . 

She takes out her phone and starts recording me . I give her a puzzled look .

"What ? Are you crazy ? Why are you recording me ?" i say ; trying to get out of the picture.

She grins wider and points to something behind me . I turn and see Harry grinning up at me .

"Oh hey Harry." i say ; standing up and face him . "What's up ?" i ask . I hear Liza giggling behind me . I roll my eyes . Is she a mom or a toddler ?

Suddenly Harry falls to one knee and look up at me . My heart beats faster . I put a hand over my mouth . Oh my God . Is he doing what i think he's doing ?!

"Izara Victoire Villegas," cameras flash all around us and people whoop,"will you be mine forever and always till death do us part ?" he says . 

I squeal and say,"YES !" and embrace him after he slips the ring into my finger . I kiss his soft lips and people around us erupted into cheers and congratulatory.

Harry Edward Styles , i'm yours forever and always . I smile and bury my face against his neck ; not wanting to let go of him and just staying that way forever.










"Do you , Harry Edward Styles , take this woman , to be your beloved wife?" the person say . We are-Harry and I - standing facing each other .

He smiles his loving smile that i love so much . "I do." he says ; his deep green eyes gleaming with happiness.

"Do you , Izara Victoire Edwards , take this man , to be your beloved husband?" the person says.

I answered before he can finish saying husband. He looks at me confused. "I do." i repeat ; blood rushing to my cheeks as people quietly laugh . 

"Then i pronounce you husband and wife . You may kiss."  the man says .

I grin and kiss his soft lips . Cheers erupted around us . When we pull away , we see our moms crying into each other's shoulders and our dads quietly wiping away their tears and keeping a straight face.

Our marriage was held at the beach and nighttime is already falling . We hug our parents and family and friends and go to walk by the beach , hand-in-hand . 

As married couples . I blush a bit .

We watch the sun set and set out back to the dance floor - which is really the sand , added with a huge stereo in front of a beach cafe- where they are playing Little Things , our agreed wedding song .

I let Harry slip his hand around my waist and in turn wrap my arms around his neck . I am shorter than him by a few inches . 

He grins down at me , his hair ruffling by the wind . "I love you." he says ; kissed my forehead .

"I love you too ," i whisper ; staring up into his green eyes . 

We spin around until the song is over and our turn to dance with the others . Zayn comes up to me with a gleam of happiness and we dance along the song . Harry has gone and dance with Andrea Jones , Zayn's girlfriend for two years now .

She has wavy strawberry brown hair and hazel eyes and olive toned. She's lean and tall .

"Congrats . You're a married woman now." Zayn says ; grinning down at me . I smile and say thanks .

"And soon i am too . Except i am a man aha." he says . I blink and confusion hits me . My eyes bulge .

"You!" i exclaim . "Me!" he says ; grinning as widely as ever . He looks around before showing me the ring he is supposed to propose Andrea with .

"Oh my God! When are you going to do it ?" i say ; gaping at the small box of ring.

Zayn launches into the plan but i didn't listen to any of it . I stare at his big brown eyes and see how happy he is . He deserves it , he does . I smile and nod occasionally .

Zayn met Andrea at a Coldplay concert . She's a fan of the boys' band . She's totally nice , Zayn says , and she has so much in common with him . I could see it anyway . She has a tattoo of a balloon sailing away along her collarbone.

"Lad, can i take this dance?" an Irish voice says . We turn and smile . Zayn lets go of me and goes to dance with Danielle whilst Liam dance with Kendra Morrison , Niall's girlfriend .

"So how yer feeling ?" Niall says ; spinning me around in his arms .

"Overwhelmed and happy ." i say ; grinning . I see Kendra walking towards the beach cafe with a hungry look on her face . 

"I take it she eats as much as you do ." i say ; laughing . Niall grins and raise both his eyebrows in a sort of a proud way . 

Kendra had waist-long wavy brown hair and deep sea blue eyes and tan complexion . 

"One does need to find an eating partner." he says ; winking at me . "Excuse me , i'm feeling hungry." Niall says .

"Weren't you ever?" i say ; grinning as i watch him go through the crowd towards Kendra .

Two pairs of arms slide around my waist and i look to my right to see Danielle grinning at me and to my left where Eleanor is tear-streaked.

"My bestfriend is married." she says ; a tear streaming down her flawless cheek . I smile and hug both of them . Danielle and Liam are just friends and i insisted on her to come to my marriage. Eleanor , however , is married to Louis and expecting a child . 

I've only met  Danielle and Eleanor a couple of times and we were already best friends.

We launch into stories about our life . I grin as i pat El's big stomach . I caught Liza's eyes from across the place and smile at her . She was cradling Cara with Tom by her side. 

I look around and see Liam coming up to us three. Danielle and Eleanor are laughing about something . 

I tap her shoulder and point towards Liam . Danielle turns around and says,"Oh hey Liam." with her sad voice . 

Liam's hair has grown longer over the months . He has a determined look plastered on his face . 

"I can't take it anymore , Danielle . I love you too much ." he says ; going onto his knees and looking up with those puppy face . Danielle puts her hand over her mouth as tears stream down her face.

"Will you marry me ?" Liam says . By this point , everyone has stopped dancing and music is softly playing in the background . 

"Yes , Liam!" she says and they embrace . I put a hand over my heart as tears race to my eyes . I'm sorry for saying this but my Payzer heart . Aww. 

I feel someone's arm around my shoulder . I look up and see Harry watching the beautiful moment . 

I wrap my arms around his waist and lie my head on his shoulder . The stars shine above us and waves crash against the boulders . 

It was a beautiful moment . 





That night after the wedding , we move in to our new house . It's a simple English house with a garden at the back and a huge lawn full of flowers.

Harry has already seen to having the furniture moved in .

I keep tripping on the hems of my wedding dress and my hair is down . I am sleepy .

I yawn and trip again . Harry chuckles and picks me up bridal style . 

We climb up the steps and into the house . Harry puts me down and wraps his arms around my waist and push me against the wall . 

"You're mine tonight , the night after that and always." he says ; kissing my forehead . I grin as we kiss .

After a long time , we go up to our bedroom . It is beautiful . It has a kind of warm feeling to it . 

"Wanna watch Fight Club ?" Harry says half-heartedly . I smirk and raise an eyebrow . 

"Really ? I know you really wanted to watch Titanic ," i say . He blushed a bit . 

"Don't blame me for being a romantic ." he mutters as he switches on the TV and put the CD in the DVD Player . 

"I did not blame you , love." i point out . Harry pouts as he climbs in to bed beside me .

I bit my lip and kiss his soft lips . Harry grins . I roll my eyes . The movie starts . 

Halfway through the movie , i am already crying . So does Harry , though he lies by saying that  dust has gotten into his eyes.

"Why can't Rose just scoot over and let Jack on too ?" i whine ; sobbing hard as the movie finishes.

"My eyes hurt." Harry says ; dabbing the tears  on the blanket . I roll my eyes despite the tears.

"Why did you make me watch Titanic ?" i whine . Harry chuckles .

 He kiss my forehead and we stay like that for a while . I feel the clasp of the ring around my finger . I fiddle with it and smile to myself . 

I am now officially Izara Victoire Styles .









"Did you feel that?" i say ; grinning . Harry has his ear against my tummy.We are sitting on the swings at our front porch .

 "Ohh yes!" Harry says ; his eyes welling with tears . 

"What do you think it'll be ?" i ask ; patting my big tummy . "A baby ." Harry says . 

I laugh ; realizing how stupid my question is . "I meant , do you think it's a girl or a boy ?" i say .

"I don't know really . I think i'd want a girl." Harry says . "With the name Alexi Zara Styles." he continues . I nod vigorously . Lexi Styles . I smile .

Harry stands up and holds out a hand for me . I grab it and Harry switches on the radio . We dance to the slow song . 

I lie my head on his shoulder and hum to the song .

"I love you." he whispers as the baby nudge against my tummy again . A droplet of tear stream down my cheek .

I love both of them . But there's just a part of me that feels afraid , for something . 

I ignored the feeling as i smile , watching Harry put his hand over my tummy with a curious eager look on his beautiful face. 

"Harry.." i say , as the baby nudged again . He looks up at me with those green eyes . He smiles reassuringly . 

"You'll be fine . So is the baby." Harry says ; embracing me despite my tummy . 

We stay like that forever . Or probably just for a while .








Hey guys ! What do you think of the story so far ? Good or bad ? And whatcha think'll happen soon ?

You guys can vote for the most suitable song for the next chapter (you have to guess what'll happen). The one who gets close to the guess , i'll give them a shoutout in the next chapter .

Am i the only one who got Harry feels making this ? Omg ahaha (: Thanks for the support ! Keep on voting and favoriting (: xoxo

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