Show Me Love (1D Fanfiction)

Zara Edwards wasn't really normal . She couldn't speak . At all . Ever since her uncle strangled her when he was drunk . The neighbors saved her and she was sent to a children care home . Her parents ,well, they ditched her and left with no goodbye or news.
One day , as she sits alone at a table at Starbucks , a guy came up to her and flirts .
She was in cloud nine , because he was one of the boyband members from One Direction that she had been crushing on.
They started going out and soon they were together .
What she didn't know was that all of that was an act . It was only just a bet.
What would happen to Zara when she knew this ?
And what happens when one of the others regretted it and started falling for her ?
Will it be the end ?
Or only the beginning of a little crazy story ?


6. Jealousy And Determination

I go back to the boys' house with Harry to have dinner there . My parents said that it is okay and just to be home before midnight.

Harry keeps on singing to the radio which is playing  We Are Young -Fun.

And i kept on saying 'Harry' over and over again , just to prove that i can . 

"Will you stop ? You're making me blush every time you say it." Harry says . I turn to look at him and it is true , he is blushing .

I grin . I hum along to the song playing on the radio .

We finally arrive at the boys' house . Zayn called me just now to tell me that Tyler's staying for dinner after the surfing session and he asked me to come over too.

We hop off from the car . Our outfits were wet , so Harry went and bought us both new outfits . 

He bought me an 'I love him.' t-shirt and a pair of shorts , and he bought himself an 'i love her' t-shirt at the beach store and found an extra pair of jeans in the car.

We walk up the pavement and knock on the door . Harry sneak in one last kiss before the door open . 

Louis stands there , star-struck . "Well , i see everything now." he merely says and gives us a sly grin .



Harry's P.O.V : 


I am in so much dilemma right now.. I love her but i don't know if i should go on with the bet because everything is real and i don't want us to fall apart.

Well , that stuff i should hide away until the time comes.

We walk into the house and all is silent . "Well , i see everything now." Louis says ; with a mixture of slyness and guilt .

Then , Niall , Liam and Louis start whooping and whistling at us . Zara blushes . I see Zayn glaring at the ground.

We walk into the house together . 

"Hey Zara !" a voice say . We look around and see Liza in an apron , beaming up at us as she wipes her hands on the front of the apron.

Zara beams . "Wanna hear something ?" i ask Liza . "What ?" she asks; confused .

"HARRY!!" Zara shouts . Everyone falls silent and turn to stare at Zara .

"You spoke !!" Liza shrieks and throws her hands around Zara and embrace her.

Zara laughs and hugs her back . "She's just psychologically mute . She can actually talk , but it'll take months at the least." i explain .

I see Zayn's eyes reflecting the warmth that i'm feeling . Zara smiles at me and pecks my lips . Zayn's warmness turns to cold as he looks away .

"The boys invited me to dinner . But i'm the one who have to cook anyway." Liza says ; smirking .

Zara smiles and they both go to the kitchen to prepare us dinner.

I sit on the couch with the boys and watch TV . "Do you really love her ?" Zayn suddenly asks.

"Yes." i simply say . It IS true anyway ..

"Then drop the bet." he says . I hear Zara giggling with Liza and the sound of the sizzling food.

I fall silent.

Drop the bet , jerk.

No , don't drop the bet ! 

If you really love her , drop the effin bet !

No ! You'll lose all the money .

I blink away my dilemmas and keep quiet , even though  i feel like i want to pull out my hair and scream.

Zara and Liza comes back and serve the food on the table . SPAGHETTI !

The boys and I run to the table and sits , feasting our eyes on the delicious food  and forgetting everything that happened.

We chat on and on while eating -Niall being the exception as he is so focused on food and food only- and laughing at corny jokes Louis made up.

I catch Zara's eye and give her a meaningful smile and feeling torn as i think of what is going to happen.






"My name is Zara." i say slowly . Zara's forehead is wrinkled in determination.

"M-my-. Uh, My ! My n-na. My name ." she beams . "My name i-is. Uh , My name is- Z-Za-za. My name is Z-Zara !" she beams widely as she jumps happily .

"My name is Zara !!" she exclaims and throws her arms around my neck . "Zara !" she says .

I blush a little as i realize that she's hugging me . Her voice is a sing-song kind of voice , twinkling and elegant.

She pulls away and throws her arms around Harry who is beaming . "My name is Zara." she says ; beaming .

"And my name is Harry Styles." Harry says ; kissing her forehead. My heart breaks into pieces and i look away .

Liza sees me and gestures for me to come over to her on the bench . I did and sit beside her ; staring at the ground .

"You love her don't you?" she whispers ; staring at Zara shrieking with laughter as the boys chase her around the park full of flowers..

"What if i say i do ?" i say ; staring at Zara as she waves at me and proceed to run away from the boys gaining on her.

"Then , i'm sorry for you. You should be happy for her, you know . Just be there for her at all times ." Liza says as she stands up . She turns towards me and smiles ."Just don't tear them apart. Let fate do her ways." she says one last time before walking up to Zara .

I sigh and leans against the bench and close my eyes.

I feel someone's finger poking my cheek . I open my eyes and i see Zara giggling and her hair being blown by the wind , slapping her delicate face.

"Zayn." she says ; grinning . Louis winks at me . "I taught her to say your name , for your information." Louis says .

Her eyelashes bat as she blinks at me and smiles .

I love you Zara , i really do . I just wish you're mine.




"From this time onwards , we want you to speak your mind . If we ask you something , we want you to answer , no matter how long it'll take . Deal ?" i say as we sit on the grass in a circle .

Zara nods , then gasps . "Er. D-d- ." she takes a deep breath ."De-deal!" she exclaims ; grinning widely at Harry who's kissing her forehead.

If only she knew how much i love her. But then , our friendship will be ruined


Since that moment on , she keeps on saying her mind out loud , not just gestures or faces or nods or shakes or shrugs , but words.

She will be normal again one day . And on that day , i will tell her i love her , even if she's still with Harry .






I shriek as i'm being spin around by Harry . "Stop stop stop !" i say ; feeling dizzy . He grins a sad grin and put me down .

"Zara, i-i need to talk to you ." He says . I smile at him .

"What , Harry ?" i say ; loving the sound of my voice.

"I-i don't know . B-but , i-i think we're over . I'm sorry , but i-i'm not good enough for you . I-it's all a b-bet . A s-stupid bet i-i made with the b-boys." Harry says ; sobbing .

I blink and my smile is instantly gone ."W-what ? So i'm just a bet to you ?" i say ; moving away from him .

"I'm just a freaking bet ?!" i say ; my eyes getting blurry .

"B-but, Zara-" he start to say . I shake my head . "You're useless." i say ; sobbing as i turn away from him .

I go out of the cafe and got on my bike that i used to go here with Harry and start to cycle away .

I don't even know where to go . After a few blocks , i stop and go off from the bike , my eyes blurry .

I trip on something and fall down onto the pavement . I sob and sob , not caring if people are staring .

"Zara! Zara what happened ?" i hear a familiar voice say .

A figure comes over to me and wipes away my tears and my eyes are greeted by Zayn's caring face.

I decide to go to Zayn's new house because it is the first thing i thought of going to .

"H-he broke up with me . Why didn't you tell me i'm just a bet ?" i say ; sobbing again and stabbing the ground with a stick .

Zayn stays silent . "Why ?" i say ; hot tears streaming down my cheeks.

"I love you Zara." he whispers. I blink and look up at him . He hugs me and kiss my forehead .

"I have always loved you . But you're happy with Harry , so i'm happy . But he broke your heart , so i should break his nose." Zayn says ; angry .

"No Zayn . It's not his fault ." i say . "Not his fault ? Then whose fault is it ?He broke your heart!" he says.

"It's no one's . Zayn , it's fine . He was sobbing too when he said it ."i say .

Zayn fall silent and he sighs . He pick me up bridal-style and carry me into his house .

He sets me down on the couch . He goes upstairs and comes back downstairs with a pillow and a comfy blanket .

He covers me in the blanket and i hug the pillow . Zayn puts a DVD into his DVD Player and sits down beside me .

"Toy Story 3 ?" i say ; giggling . Zayn grins and puts his arms around me . I sigh and put my head on his chest .

"Is my heart beating too fast ?" Zayn asks ; laughing nervously . I giggled .

"No." i say , even though it is beating too fast .



An hour -maybe two and how many minutes - later , we ended up crying midway through the movie , because of how Andy is growing up and his toys are sad .

"Why do you have to make me watch this ? It does not make me feel better !" i say ; wiping away my tears .

"I'm sorry . I just love this movie!" he says ; taking deep breaths to calm himself down . "You should've seen Liam when he's watching this." he says as a matter of fact . I laugh , imagining Liam , the soft guy crying harder than the two of us.

My phone rings . I look at the caller's ID and give it to Zayn . "You take it." i say . He accepts the call , says,"She doesn't want to speak to you." and ends the call .

My phone beeps again , signalling that there's new text messages . I sigh and close my eyes .

"Stay strong Zara." he says as we lay down on the couch . He hugs my waist and soon we drift off to sleep .





"Did you see the way that waiter stared at me and suddenly had a huge smile plastered on his face ?" Zayn says . I nod and we laugh our head off.

"I think he's gay for you." i say ; tears streaming down my face as i laugh .

Zayn laughs and sighs . It has been a week since the breakup . Zayn and I started hanging out and we're like bestfriends .

I sip on my strawberry creme frappucino - my all time favourite - and hums along to the song playing on the intercom of the cafe.

"Zara." a voice says . We look around and see Harry making his way through towards me .

Zayn automatically stands up and stands between us .

"Don't you dare." Zayn says . "But i just want to-."Harry starts.

Zayn punches him and he falls sprawled on the floor . Several people shrieked , including me .

He punches Harry over and over again .

"Stop ! Zayn , STOP!!" I shriek ; going between the boys and separating them ."Let me at him!" Zayn says .

Harry's lips are bleeding profusely and it's starting to bruise .

"What the hell Zayn ?!" i scream . Zayn's face turns from irrational anger to regret.

I take Harry by the hand and go out of the cafe with him .

"I just want to say sorry . ." Harry says . "Give me the keys." i simply say ; keeping a stony face.

He handed me the keys to his Audi and soon we are driving away in his car .

We finally arrive at his new house -via his instructions , i've never been to his new house- and go inside .

I make Harry sit down on the couch while i search for a First-Aid Kit.

I come back with the Kit and i applied painkiller on the cut on the corner of his lips .

"I hate you." i say ; dabbing the cut with a piece of clean cloth ."I deserve to be punched by Zayn . You should've let him punch me until i die." he says .

"Then what ? Let you die ? As much as i hate you , i don't want you to die." i say .

"Why ?" Harry asks ; flinching as i wipe away the blood on the cut.

I fall quiet . Because i still love you , stupid . But then , I have feelings for Zayn too . The boy who is always there for me , the one who made me laugh , the one who keeps on telling me to stay strong when i attempted to cut , the guy who hugged me when i thought no one would, the guy named Zayn .

But Harry , he's the first one to know about my past , the first one to kiss me , my first kiss , the one who taught me to say his name , the one who stole my heart and yet broke it.

"Because i have enough human in me." i lied.

"There . You're good as new." i say . I switch on the TV and sit beside him on the couch .

We are silent throughout the TV show .

"It's all real you know . I even gave the boys their money back . I still love you Zara." he says . I sense truth in his voice . But i choose to keep quiet.

Suddenly there's a knock on the door . I stand up and swing it open to see Zayn standing there with flowers in his hand.

"I'm sorry." he says ; his face tear-streaked . I smile at him ."Come inside." i murmured.

He walks into the house and sees Harry . He smiles apologetically .

He puts the flowers down on the table and moves over to Harry ."I'm sorry lad. I over reacted." he says .

"It's okay . I deserved worse than that." Harry says ; hugging Zayn . I smile and watch them bond over again .

Just then , i realised that both of them loved me , and i loved both of them back .

What have i gotten myself into ?





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