Prince Charming (1D love story)

Toms. Stripes. Immaturity. Louis Tomlinson. A girl named Jenna Payne, finally is free from abuse and living hell. She moves in with a world famous band called One Direction and her older brother Liam Payne, has to protect her. Many things came her way and things stop her from having a relationship. Do you think Jenna will be able to overcome it or will she have to continue living in hell? Many difficult situations are faced. What do you think Jenna will do and what will her response be? Read more to find out.


3. Tell Me A Lie


"Oh my gosh... LIAM PAYNE?" i said. Immediately i felt a hand come up straight to my mouth and covered it. It was Liam's hand. 
"SSSSSHHHH. I'll give you anything if you don't scream my name." he whisper yelled. He turned around to see if anybody heard me say his name. Such a little paranoid guy. He looked so afraid. He probably wanted to do some shopping but fans were disturbing them. Maybe that's why there was so much high-pitched screaming going on! 
"Oh relax. Just give me your house and all your money and i won't scream your name." I joked around. 
"Very funny." he said and removed his hand from covering my mouth. He wiped his hand on his checkered shirt and asked "So, do you want an autograph? A photograph? Name it and it's yours." 
Damn this boy. What's wrong with him? Why is he so nice! I mean, "name it and it's yours?" what if i asked for a million bucks. What would he do? Actually give it to me? He's too friendly. It's good but bad at the same time though. 
"No, Liam. I mean, erm, don't you remember me?" I asked him. How could he not remember me? Wait, it is possible, considering we have no met for years. And i kind of look really different since the last time. I'm a natural blonde but i dyed my hair brown last time. I was much bigger sized. 
Liam tiled his head slightly and squinted his eyes. He looked as though he was thinking really hard and was trying to figure out who i was. But i bet in that serious mind and brain of his, all that was going through was what groceries he needed to get and probably new lyrics for some new songs they needed to write and record. He was the serious yet immature one of the band. People call him "daddy direction"
"Jenna Payne...?" it came out more of a question than a statement. I wanted to refresh his memory, in hope that he did not forget me.
"HOW DID YOU FIND OUT? HOW DO YOU KNOW HER!" he whisper yelled. Woah, he was really shocked, scared and protective. He was so anxious to find out how i knew who Jenna was. Damn, what's wrong with this boy! Oh yeah, when he talked about his family during interviews, he never mentioned me or the part that our family was sort of a broken family. People didn't know his real parents were divorced. He probably did that to protect me and keep my safe as a secret though.
"Liam James Payne. I AM Jenna Marie Payne." I placed a huge emphasis on the word "am."
He looked a little confused still but he managed to say "Jenna?"
I nodded my head in response to his confused sort-of question.
"Oh and this is my, i mean our, younger step-sister, Janelle." I introduced them to each other. I turned and bent down to Janelle's height to ask her to greet Liam. But being that shy innocent girl she is, she decided to walk behind me to hide but she took a little peek at Liam.
"Hello Janelle." Liam said. Janelle started to warm up a little and she walked out from behind my legs. Liam picked her up and carried her. It was so adorable. It was like some sort of family reunion. My brother and my step-sister, finally meeting one another. This was great!
"So how have you been these years? And what happened?" he asked as he looked at the scars and marks on Janelle and my arms. Oh shit, i forgot that he could totally see those scars and wounds. What am i supposed to tell him now? What would happen if i told him the truth? This was bad...
"Could be better. Erm, we're really clumsy people. Janelle always falls down and i fell in the carpark this morning." i lied. Okay, i know my excuse is not practical. But nothing else came to my mind and i had to think quick before he got suspicious. I did not want to tell him the truth, obviously. I didn't want him to worry.
"Oh so do you need a ride back home?" he asked. My eyes widened immediately, and shook my head desperately. There was no way i wanted to go back to that hell hole called home. My mother was probably wanting to slaughter my head off. My step dad was probably already holding a chopper, hunting me down. I hated it back there. I never want to return home. It was a horrible, dreadful and painful place. It was living hell.
"What happened?" he asked. He asked it as though he was so certain that i was in need of help. He knew me too well. Although we haven't talked for years. I guess we really are siblings. Siblings have some sort of telepathy that connects our minds together right? 
"I don't have a home..... We ran away.." i muttered under my breath, hoping he did not hear whatever i just said.
But, i was wrong. "WHAT?!" Liam yelled. Well, for a guy that does not want to be noticed and wanted to stay low, he's pretty blur. I mean screaming would make everyone turn around to look and figure out that he was there.
"We have to leave!" Harry said while grabbing Liam's arm and tugging onto it. 
Liam was still carrying my younger sister, Janelle. He grabbed my arm with his empty hand and his grip was really tight. He pulled me and dragged me through the mob of screaming fans. He was grabbing onto my old wounds which still hurt a little. So i was constantly struggling, hoping his grip would loosen a little. But he did not. Harry dragged us all the way to the main entrance, where a big black van was parked. I assume it was the One Direction van because there were tons of screaming people crowding around it. The door slid open and the boys pulled us all in.
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