Prince Charming (1D love story)

Toms. Stripes. Immaturity. Louis Tomlinson. A girl named Jenna Payne, finally is free from abuse and living hell. She moves in with a world famous band called One Direction and her older brother Liam Payne, has to protect her. Many things came her way and things stop her from having a relationship. Do you think Jenna will be able to overcome it or will she have to continue living in hell? Many difficult situations are faced. What do you think Jenna will do and what will her response be? Read more to find out.


5. Suspicions


Liam's POV

I can't believe I finally found my long lost twin sister. And i even have a younger step sister. This is just amazing. But wow, Jenna has changed so much. The last time i saw her, she was not this skinny, she had dyed her hair brown and she was fourteen! Now she's already eighteen and turning nineteen soon. She so different! But something's changed, and not in a good way. There's something going on that she is not telling me. I can see it in her blue eyes. When i asked her about what happened back home, she did not want to answer me. Something was bothering her and it's up to me to find out. Other than that, i did not want to tell the band members that she's my twin sister because i'm afraid that it might get out. I did not want to ruin Jenna's life. I mean she'll probably get hate by some fans and stuff and i did not want to hurt her. I was protecting her. I'm not saying that i can't trust the guys but you know, sometimes things just slips out. Her bruises and cuts, that's another thing. It was definitely not a normal wound you'd get when you fall on any kind of flooring. It was totally different! But she's keeping something from me. Something big and important. I need to find out.

Louis' POV

This girl... Jenna right? She's kind of cool. I mean at first she was shock to meet us and now but now she's just so cool and calm about it. Did i mention, she's extremely gorgeous? Those beautiful blue eyes of hers. Oh and her blonde hair, they looked so soft. She's perfect!
But there's something about her. Something between Liam and her. Friends? I doubt so. They were so close! I mean, which friends would be so close. And i've never ever heard Liam mentioned the name "Jenna" before. I probably knew most of the boys' friends and i definitely have never heard of Jenna.
There's so much to find out!

Niall's POV

Jenna is such a sweetheart. She's a fan, no, she's a directioner. and she's extremely nice and friendly! She's something. I can talk to her about almost anything and i can just be myself. And oh she totally loves good food too. We spent out walk from the porch to the main door, talking about food and food only. She's not an attention seeker either. I mean, she has had a bad history and past but she does not use it to win sympathy and stuff. She hides in. In fact, if i hadn't ask her, i doubt she'd ever tell any of us. She's hurt and i know it. The fear and sadness in her eyes, i can see it.
But i know Liam and Jenna are more than friends. Like why would Liam just drag a "friend" to our house and let her stay with us when we don't even know her! That's something i really need to find out more about.

Harry's POV

Damn Jenna was hot. She has long blonde hair that reached her navel. She had long luscious eyelashes that framed her beautiful blue eyes. She's extremely gorgeous. But personality wise, she is really sweet and friendly. The way she talks to us and declines all of our offers, you can tell she's actually really shy. Her voice was so adorable. She has a slight british accent. Her accent was not that strong. But where did she come from? As in, how did Liam even know her? I'm so curious to find out actually.

Zayn's POV

There's something more to this girl than you think. She's probably evil or attention seeking. I doubt she really is Liam's "friend". On second though, she is evil. Extremely evil. She has to be. I mean she's moving in on the first day we got to know her? The four of them are already taking her side when we hardly even know her. Is she a secret witch with evil powers or something? There's something going on. We have to stop getting closer and closer to her before we get hurt. This has to stop. I guess it's up to me to stop this actually. But first, i just have to find out what her plan and motive is exactly.
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