Prince Charming (1D love story)

Toms. Stripes. Immaturity. Louis Tomlinson. A girl named Jenna Payne, finally is free from abuse and living hell. She moves in with a world famous band called One Direction and her older brother Liam Payne, has to protect her. Many things came her way and things stop her from having a relationship. Do you think Jenna will be able to overcome it or will she have to continue living in hell? Many difficult situations are faced. What do you think Jenna will do and what will her response be? Read more to find out.


15. Story Of Us


"This is the Sally show and i'm your host Sallyyyyyyy.......... Carson!" i saw Sally Carson start the show as i was in a special room, backstage watching from a small television. The boys were backstage getting make up and hair done. I for one, don't like people touching my face or hair. And i love a natural look. So this was what i was dressed like:
I curled my hair into big locks and tied it to the side like a low side pony tail but left my fringe curled and down. Something like how Taylor Swift does her hair. The boys had helped pick out my dress, shoes and accessories actually. I mean i could trust their taste. Their taste were celebrity style and it was amazing. 
I sat down on the couch watching Sally talk about some news and stuff. The Sally Show was the most popular show in London. It's like Ellen actually. But anyhoo, The Sally Show was watched by almost everyone of every ages. And soon, i'd be on that show spilling to everyone that i was best friends with One Direction. This was the day i thought would never come and neither did i want it to. I mean i love the boys but i don't want to receive tons of hate saying that i was using the boys for fame, yada yada yada. I mean i really did not. I don't even want the world to know that i was best friends with the most adorable five boys in the entire world. Suddenly i heard the sound of high heels, hitting against the floor and it stopped "Knock Knock. May i come in?" someone said. I looked up and saw "Oh my gosh. Danielle! It's nice to finally meet you!" i said as i stood up. She walked over to me and gave me a hug and an air kiss at both of my cheeks. She was gorgeous! Her hair was curled like mine, but hers were natural curls. She wore a beautiful body-con red dress that showed her amazing figure. She also had a nice velvet looking pair of black high heels on. She was carrying a small purse that was red. It matched her dress well and everything she wore was fabulous. 
"So you're the beautiful Jenna, i've been dying to meet." she said as she held onto her dress and sat down on the couch. I sat beside her and the both of us got to know each other better. She was amazing. She was a professional dancer. She's really nice actually. The way she presents herself and talks, she's really friendly. 
"Do you like any one of these guys?" she asked me out of the blue. She looked at me and gave me a curious smirk. I laughed to myself and said "No, actually i'm attached" i explained.
Oh hell no, i was not attached. Well, i was but not exactly. It's really complicated. I had no interest in Dylan actually. I wanted to break up with him before it drags on and get's too late but how was i supposed to break the news to him. So i asked Danielle for a little bit of help. I explained to her my whole story and point of view and she did give me good advice actually.
"Jenna right? There's no use being with someone you do not like. I know you did it to stop him from getting hurt further but break up with him before it will hurt more. Trust me, it'll do you both good." she said as she stood up. She held out her hand in offer to help me up. I grabbed her hand and she helped me up from the couch.
The red light in the room started to blink which meant it was time to get out of the room and head backstage because it was all time for us to go on stage. Danielle and i linked our arms and walked backstage which was where the boys were.
"So Louis, in your second video diary during the X-Factor, you said that you like girls that love carrots." Sally said while moving out of her chair a little to get closer to the boys.
"Yeah, and since then-" Liam tried to explain but everyone laughed and Niall continued "he gets carrots brought up to him all the time." "Yeah all the time." Harry continued.
"But hey guys, i love girls who likes lamborghinis too." Louis said and laughed. Everyone burst out in laughter, expecially Niall. He fell back right into his chair and couldn't get up because he was busy laughing his tiny ass off with his cute Irish accent. This was hilarious. Danielle and I were backstage laughing like crazy. 
"And i heard all of you have a new best friend right?" Sally asked. Oh no, this was the time. The time for me to get out on stage and reveal the half true story about everything. But i have a secret, i have stage fright. This was something i did not want to tell the boys because they would probably laugh at me and think it's ridiculous. I loved to sing actually. But my stage fright has stopped me from a lot of things.
"Yeah, her name's Jenna. And she's right there!" Zayn said as Harry pointed to me. My insides froze. My eyes widened. I can not do this. I'll puke, stutter or even faint on stage. There's no way i'm taking the chance. I walked backwards slowly but Danielle caught me "Stage fright? I had that on my first show. You'll be fine, i promise" she said and gave me a hug.
"Oh really? Come up on stage then!" Sally said and everyone started to applause. I picked up all my courage and started to walk up on stage. As i walked up, all the spot lights flashed at me, everyone was staring at me. I could feel myself cold-sweat a little. I squinted my eyes and froze a little. "You can do this." i mumbled to myself. Suddenly, my vision went clear, i saw the audience clapping with a huge smile on their faces. I look straight and saw the boys clapping for me too. I walked over to them and there was no space to sit actually. The 5 boys were also squeezing themselves on one small couch. "You can sit on my lap, Jenna." Louis said. I looked around and figuring that i had no other choice, i sat on his lap.
"So Jenna, how did you become best friends with one direction?" Sally asked. "Well, about 2 months ago i ran away from home. Basically, there were tons of screaming at the city mall but i ginored it and went to the pharmacy. Then someone banged straight into me and well it was Liam. Here's the funniest part, i was like "LIAM PAYNE!" and he covered my mouth and told me he'd give me anything for me to not scream his name." i explained.
"Oh really, Liam? You don't want your fans to find you?" Sally asked in shock. "No no! I love directioners. Yes, DIRECTIONERS. But i needed to buy my flashing toothbrush." he said and gave a fake sad face. I burst out in laughter. "Then Harry came pulling Liam but i have no idea why Liam grabbed my hand and dragged me into their vehicle. So i guess that's how it all started." I explained. 
"Wow that's nice of you, Liam. So were you a directioner?" Sally said as she tilted her head a little.
That was the easiest question to ever answer. "I was a HUGE directioner. I actually had a twitter account dedicated to them." I said as i giggled and blushed a little. But it's true. I had a twitter account called OMGits1d and i actually had 23.5k followers.
"So you stalked us?" Zayn said while nodded his head. Harry and Louis both had a smirk on their faces. Niall and Liam were just laughing like no tomorrow. I was so embarrassed. I started to blush a little and i immediately replied "No... i... i... fine yes." i said the truth. Everyone burst out in laughter. 
"Okay so we are out of time. But there you have it. Jenna....." Sally announced and looked at me.
"Marie Jones." I replied. I knew she couldn't remember my name.
"Yes. Jenna Marie Jones official story of how she became best friends with five gorgeous lads from One Direction." she said. All of us waved and smiled. "And cut!" the director said.
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