Prince Charming (1D love story)

Toms. Stripes. Immaturity. Louis Tomlinson. A girl named Jenna Payne, finally is free from abuse and living hell. She moves in with a world famous band called One Direction and her older brother Liam Payne, has to protect her. Many things came her way and things stop her from having a relationship. Do you think Jenna will be able to overcome it or will she have to continue living in hell? Many difficult situations are faced. What do you think Jenna will do and what will her response be? Read more to find out.


4. Stand Up



"Oh my gosh. It's One Direction!" I said.
"And you are...?" Zayn Malik replied me. He asked in a tone that made him sound really unhappy and unfriendly.
"This is my.... er... friend. Be nice." Liam replied.
"Well, hello there gorgeous." Harry said and winked at me. He took my right hand and gave it a soft kiss. 
"So Jenna, continue your story?" Liam said. He quickly changed the subject to me. Liam probably did not want his band mates to know that he had a younger twin sister from his real mom and dad. I wonder if they even know that his real parents are divorced. 
"I don't really have anything else to continue from my story." I lied. Oh hell, i had tons to say. It would probably take years if i wanted to explain everything. But that's it, i did not want to. I did not want them to know about my past. My past being how abusive my mother and step father can be towards Janelle and I.
"Like why did you run away?" Liam asked curiously. All the five boys were just staring at Janelle and I. It was quite frightening actually. I mean, to have 10 eyesballs wide open and looking at you, wanting to hear your explanation. Yeah, obviously it was scary.
"Oh... Erm, I... didn't like it back home." i explained. Well, i really did not like it back home, so i guess i was not really lying. I just didn't tell the whole story. Liam continued to question me and stuff but he had no idea about the hidden truth. Well, i doubt he does.
The boys started to lighten up a little and joke around with me. Everyone did, except for Zayn that is. But why does he seem so unfriendly and cold? Why didn't he like me? He does not even know me! Maybe it was something i did, or something i said. Those death glares he gives me are really scary. I mean, i really don't see why he's acting this way towards me. I did not even do anything. Actually, i have not even spoken to him at all! They drove all the way back to their house and wow, it was gorgeous.
"Erm.. Liam. Thanks for the ride. I'll see you guys soon." i thanked him for the amazing ride and i was about to open the van door. The van was fully air conditioned, it has an amazing flat screen television with all the channels and a fully filled refrigerator. 
"Where are you going Jaleesa?" Niall asked.
"It's Jenna, you fool!" Harry snapped. I couldn't help but laugh really hard. These boys were so adorable! 
Janelle was laughing too. She was sitting on Harry's lap. I sat in between Louis and Harry. "You're staying with us for now." Louis said with a smile on his face. Louis was really funny and friendly. He probably was one of the most immature boys i've ever met. In a good way of course.
"No thanks, it's fine." I said while shaking my head. I did not want to bother them and be a burden. I mean i hardly even know them. And it would be weird to stay in a house with five boys you don't even know at all. Well, except for Liam. But still, it'd be weird and awkward. 
"It was not a question. It's a statement." Liam said. I started to giggle a little. I don't know why, but it did make me laugh. He was so serious all of a sudden. I couldn't control my laughter. I accepted their offer and as soon as the van came to a complete stop at their front porch, all of us got out. Harry did not want to pass Janelle back to me. He insisted that he'd carry her. So, i walked into the house with Niall. We were talking about food actually. I love food, and so did he. As soon as Liam opened the main door, my jaw dropped a little. Wow, did their house look amazing. It was huge and beautiful! They invited me in and i was really amazed. Honestly, how could five teenage boys ever keep a house as big as this so neat and proper. It was unbelievable. But there's Liam, so i guess that's one of the reason.
"So about the room... We don't have enough." Liam said while taking a seat next to me on their soft and comfortable couch. 
"Oh yeah. Then how about Jenna and Harry in a room?" Niall suggested.
"No way! Harry sleeps naked. And we all know he's a flirt, so stuff might happen." Louis yelled. I looked at Harry and he had a cute smirk on his face. He winked at me. I sort of giggled to myself and was blushing a little. I mean, i would not want to sleep with someone who sleeps naked. Even worse, i hardly even knew that boy. So it'll be kind of wrong. And Louis was right, Harry was a flirt. 
"Louis and Jenna?" Niall then changed his suggestion. "I'm fine with that!" the both of us said really quickly at the same time. It made us sound as though we were singing. The boys laughed and Louis hit my arm playfully. Honestly, besides Liam, Louis has been the nicest to me. He's like an playful older brother. He keeps joking around and playing and stuff. He's too cute. But he's really like an older brother. The way he treats and helps me. I can tell that in a few months time, we'd be the best of friends. Well, that is if i don't get killed by my step father when he find me.
Niall too is really friendly. All he talks about is food but that's good because i myself am a glutton. Eating is like my favorite hobby to kill time. 
Louis then grabbed my arm and pulled me up the stairs. I followed behind him because i had no other choice. He was grabbing onto my arm really tightly. 
"Welcome to the land of coolness and sleepiness." Louis said as he swung open his bedroom door and held his arm out, welcoming me in. 
"You know what Louis? That was really lame." i joked. I took a peek into his room and "oh my gosh...." There were chandeliers hanging on the ceiling and spot lights around. There was also a platform which was where the bed was. There was a huge table with his mac computer and keyboard. Also, a flat screen television was placed in front of the bed, on the wall. Pictures and photos of the boys were all over the room. 
"You can take the bed. I'll take the floor." he offered. "No thanks, i'm fine on the floor." i insisted. There was no way i was letting him sleep on the floor in his own room and house. It was just not right. I mean, i'm the guest. I should not be intruding. "I don't care. Take the bed or you can take the bathroom." he suddenly became serious. I gave him a stare, knowing he could never be serious. After three seconds of awkward silence and stares, the both of us burst out in laughter, It was unbelievable that he could even act serious or even keep quiet for three seconds! He was the noisiest boy i've ever met in my entire life. I accepted his offer and he left me to settle in. But the thing is, i did not bring any clothes from home. All i had was my lip gloss, my hand phone, my wallet and credit cards, eyeliner, comb and the first aid kit i bought earlier on. I sat down on the bed when suddenly, i heard a knock on the door. "Come in." i requested. The creak of the door was heard and a small blonde head popped out from behind the door. 
"Hey Jenna." a cute irish accent was heard. It was Niall. He walked over to the bed and sat down right next to me. "Truth?" he asked. I knew exactly what he was asking for. I could see it in his beautiful blue eyes. It was either that or the guilty conscience going through my entire soul. 
"My step father abuses us." i looked down and muttered to myself. I was immediately brought back home. I saw my father hitting the both of us and we were screaming at the top of our lungs. It was scary.
"Look at me. listen." he said as he lifted my chin up with his two fingers. "It doesn't matter anymore. You'll be staying with us from now onwards and we'll protect you. Chin up beautiful. You're stronger than this." he comforted me as he gave me a hug and walked out. I wiped my tears and cleaned myself up. I looked into the mirror and said to myself "Be strong." i fixed my hair and shirt and walked out of the room.


So how do you guys like this story so far? Exciting? Boring? Comment and support me! Love you guys x

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