Prince Charming (1D love story)

Toms. Stripes. Immaturity. Louis Tomlinson. A girl named Jenna Payne, finally is free from abuse and living hell. She moves in with a world famous band called One Direction and her older brother Liam Payne, has to protect her. Many things came her way and things stop her from having a relationship. Do you think Jenna will be able to overcome it or will she have to continue living in hell? Many difficult situations are faced. What do you think Jenna will do and what will her response be? Read more to find out.


2. Save You Tonight


Jenna's POV

"You spoilt bitch! You ruined my life! You're a failure!" my step dad, Jeremy, yelled as he chased Janelle around the living room. He had a long wooden cane in his right hand. Janelle was crying and running around to avoid him. I sat in the corning behind the sofa, with tears in my eyes. I was so afraid. What if he caught her? Would he beat her to death? I could not let this go on anymore. "Save her... Save her... Stop him... Save her..." a voice kept going on in my head. I did not know what to do. What happens if i tried to save Janelle and ended up getting beaten to death myself? But nothing stopped me from saving my little sister. I picked up all my courage and wiped my tears. I stood up and ran towards them with agony, because my leg had been beaten earlier and it really hurts. 
"YOU LEAVE HER ALONE!" I yelled at Jeremy. He stopped and turned around. "Oh so here comes the little hero which is going to get KILLED." he said as his eyes widened and a small pedo-ish like smile was on his face. He started coming towards me. This was it. This was the end. I was going to die. The end of life. As he slowly walked towards me with the evil look in his eyes, i slowly walked backwards to avoid him. Fear was spreading throughout me really quickly. I ended up back to back with an empty wall. "Oh shit." I told myself. I had no where else to run. "Oh looks like little miss hero has no where else to run." he said and started to laugh. His laughter reminds me of those evil villains from those fairytales. You know those that laugh like "MUAHAHAHAHA" I turned to my left and saw a cat statue. Oh great, how was i going to save myself with that. As he got to me, he lifted up the cane, all ready to hit me straight in the face. I closed my eyes and grabbed the nearest ornament. I swung it across his face with all my effort and force. "BOOM!" a loud sound was heard. I opened my eyes and saw him on the floor with blood oozing out of his head. I quickly dropped the cat on the floor and ran over to Janelle. She was all huddled up in a ball at the corner of the room. Her hair was in a mess and her eyes were all swollen from crying. Her arm was bleeding from the caning my step dad had given her earlier. I ran up to her and carried her. "Jen...... It hurts..... I'm scared..." she said in an extremely weak tone and while crying. "Don't worry. I'll get us out of this living hell." I said. I ran out of the main door and out the house. I ran as fast as i could. I constantly kept turning back, to see if Jeremy was running after us. I was afraid, to be honest. 
Soon, i lost complete sight of that house and everything that was horrible. I saw a pavilion nearby, so i walked over and laid Janelle down on the bench. The blood was dripping out of her hand that was hanging off the bench. Her face was all tired out and she was pale. I quickly got a tissue out of my bag and started to clean her up a little. Janelle was crying in pain. My arm hurt a little and so did my leg. Jeremy had hit me with the cane earlier. I slowly touched the wound and it hurt like hell. "Come. Let's go to the pharmacy." i told her while wiping her tears off her face. She nodded her head and slowly got up. She helped pick up the used and dirty tissue and threw them into the nearby garbage bin. 
I grabbed and held her small hand and the both of us walked slowly towards the nearby shopping centre. It was also the city mall which was where all teenagers go to. So if i see any of my friends there, wish me luck. 
As i entered the mall, i heard tons of high pitched screaming. I ignored it all because i figured, it was probably some event going on outside or something. I continued heading towards the pharmacy.
I bought a first aid kit, for Janelle and I to clean our bleeding wounds to stop it from getting infected. I also bought us some food and plain mineral water. 
As i was exiting the pharmacy, someone banged straight into me, hitting my raw and open wounds that were bleeding. It hurt like hell. How can someone bang straight into someone with so much force? Was that person blind or something? I was not in the mood for anything because i was in pain, i was hurt, and i had no idea what was going to happen next. My arm stung real badly. It was extremely unbearable. 
"OUCH!" i yelled. I looked up and so did the guy that walked straight into me. 
It was a guy in a navy blue hoodie. But i could recognize that face anywhere.
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