Prince Charming (1D love story)

Toms. Stripes. Immaturity. Louis Tomlinson. A girl named Jenna Payne, finally is free from abuse and living hell. She moves in with a world famous band called One Direction and her older brother Liam Payne, has to protect her. Many things came her way and things stop her from having a relationship. Do you think Jenna will be able to overcome it or will she have to continue living in hell? Many difficult situations are faced. What do you think Jenna will do and what will her response be? Read more to find out.


1. Introduction


 My name's Jenna Marie Payne. But everybody calls me Jenna Marie Jones. You see, my parents got divorced when i was young and i've been living with my mother, my step dad and my younger step sister ever since. So i took after my mother's surname instead of my real dad's surname which is obviously Payne. There was no way i was taking my step dad's surname, Brooks, for one reason. You know that fairy tale, Cinderella? Yeah, my life is sort of like that. Well, minus the happy ending. He abuses my sister and I. He really does. And he must have like brain washed my mother or something. She used to be the nicest mother in the entire world, but now she does not even care when my step dad, Jeremy, comes after us with a knife or chopper in his hand. She always takes his side and never helped us. Oh how i wish i could just leave this home and take care of my younger step sister.
That reminds me. My sister's name is Janelle Maria Brooks. Her surname is different because she's my step-dad's real daughter. She's only 6 years old now but she's the cutest. I love her so much even though we're only half siblings. The scars on her arms are terrible. They're caused by my step-dad's abuse towards the both of us. However, because she's younger, it's harder for her to heal.
I'll let you in on a little secret. Remember my real dad i told you about? Well, he's amazing and i miss him so much. Well, I have an older brother actually. Older by like five minutes only. Guess who he is? It's kind of impossible to believe but i'll tell you anyway. You know that world wide sensation boy band called One Direction? Liam Payne from One Direction is my older brother. We're twins but not identical twins. We look nothing alike, nothing at all. Yes yes, i bet alot of you are thinking "Hey just because you two have the same surname, it does not mean you're related. Bullshit." Well, we are actually. Because when our parents divorced, we still kept in touch and when he was auditioning for the X-Factor, i secretly went down to meet him. If my step-dad, Jeremy, found out, i'd be so dead. So we sort of kept it a secret, and my parents think that i do not know that Liam Payne, is my twin. They probably thought that i'd have forgotten him, considering they divorced when i was only two years of age. But ever since Liam became famous, we hardly ever talk. He's probably too busy at work, recording and band mates.
However i'm still a huge directioner. I mean, i not only had to support my brother, but i loved the band so much. They're normal teenagers, with an amazing voice, a brilliant talent, and they're kind of hot. They're amazing. I have posters of them all over my room. I know it's a little weird to have posters of my brother around my room, but people do not know that he's my twin so who cares right?
I was born on August 29, 1993. Which means i'm 18 and turning 19 this year. I had a terrible eighteen birthday actually. I was at a party at my friend's with drinking and stuff. But my step dad showed up out of nowhere and slapped me infront of everyone. I spent about two whole weeks in my room, sobbing my day away.
My friends are weird. People call them "The Plastics" but i call them "A Bunch of total idiots" But here's something about me, people think that i'm a total out going girl with a perfect life. But they were wrong. They had no idea about my family problems and stuff. And actually i'm a pretty shy girl. People call me "The pretty one of the group." 
I'm single and i don't think anyone would ever want to be attached to me. I know you're thinking, "The Plastics? Everyone wants to date them." Well, you're wrong. People have asked me out and stuff but i'm different. I'm looking for love, not lust. And also, some guys are probably too afraid to ask us out. I'm probably going to be alone for the rest of my life and get married to 12 cats and live in an old folks home. Oh well, i'm forever alone after all. 
And did i mention, i'm filthy rich. Well, i'm not. But my parents sure are. My step dad, Jeremy, is a successful business man but like i said, he's extremely abusive. My mother is a lawyer and practically has no time for Janelle and I. So she assumes that abusing children was for our own good, and it was to discipline us.
But obviously, she's wrong. because all it does is lead us astray.
The only nice thing that my parents does for me or does for us, is feed us and give us our allowance.
I have about 7 credit cards, which was available to use. I could shop whenever i want to, and buy whatever i want. So that's the only good part about my life.
Other than that, it's like a living hell filled with hot burning fire and no sign of light and happiness. I'm not over exaggerating, it really was a terrible place to be.
I just hope that one day, just one day, i'll find that small loop hole of light and it'd lead me to happiness and my happy ending of this Cinderella Fairy Tale.
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