Prince Charming (1D love story)

Toms. Stripes. Immaturity. Louis Tomlinson. A girl named Jenna Payne, finally is free from abuse and living hell. She moves in with a world famous band called One Direction and her older brother Liam Payne, has to protect her. Many things came her way and things stop her from having a relationship. Do you think Jenna will be able to overcome it or will she have to continue living in hell? Many difficult situations are faced. What do you think Jenna will do and what will her response be? Read more to find out.


6. I Wish


 Jenna's POV

I walked down the staircase and to the living room. "Niall." i called out as i walked down. Niall was sitting in front of the television in the living room. He was sitting with Harry. Niall turned around with a curious look on his face. "It's a secret." i said. Just three simple words and he knew exactly what i meant. Harry was so curious yet confused. He kept bugging us to tell him but of course we did not. I mean, i didnt want them to know. "Jenna. Admin matters that i have to propose to you." Liam said while running into the room. I nodded my head in response, forgetting that the boys didn't know that i was Liam's sister. He grabbed my arm and pulled me our of the house. We stood by the bushes and he said "Janelle can live with my sisters. They'll take better care of her. I'm sure she'll love them." he proposed. I thought hard about it but eventually agreed. I wouldn't be able to take care of her here. What's more is that i'll be far too busy to spend time with her. At least with three other girls, she'll have all the attention she needs. After all, we're all siblings right? The both of us walked back into the house and i told Janelle the plan. I know she's a little young to understand fully, but she was excited and to see her all happy and with that big smile on her face, was all that really mattered. 

I was trying to clean and wrap all her wounds. As i was cleaning it, she kept screaming and yelling. Obviously, it stung and hurt alot. But i just had to clean her wounds or it might get infected. 
"Let me." i heard a voice. I turned around and saw Louis smiling and walking towards us. He walked to us and took the sterile swabs from me. He sat down beside me and started to wipe Janelle's wounds. He did it so gently that Janelle did not even scream or cry. Not even struggle actually. Once Louis was done wrapping her arm, Janelle hopped off my lap and turned around" THANK YOU!" she yelled and ran out probably to play. I look at Louis and saw a cute smile on his face. "Thanks" i said and smiled. 
I started to pack up all the medicated liquid and bandages. But Louis suddenly grabbed the first aid kit and snatched everything away from me. "HEY!" i yelled.
"You have to clean it." he explained and started to open the bottle of alcohol. "Oh no no no no no. I have a really low tolerance for pain." I explained to him. It was the total truth. i could not stand pain at all. Not one bit. Everytime i had to take an injection, i would always scream. I know it's embarrassing and stuff but that's the way it is. I couldn't help it. I really can't stand pain at all. 
Louis ignored my explanation and held my hand. I looked up at him in fear and he whispered to me "It'll be fine." i nodded my head in agreement and watched him start to take action. He poured the alcohol onto the cotton wool and started to dab my wounds "Ouch!" i yelled and pulled my arm away. It stung like hell. It was worse than hell actually! How did Janelle manage not to scream. He took my hand and started to do it over and over again. Everytime i reacted, he moved nearer to me so he'd have a tighter grip. Soon, the stinging pain was not felt and it actually felt quite soothing and cooling. Once he was done cleaning it, he started to wrap my whole arm with the bandages. 
"Thanks" i said as he kept the medicated items. He stood up and said "No worries." he smiled and walked away.
He was really gentle when he helped clean my wounds. He was so sweet. I could tell, this was the start of a great friendship. In a few months time, i could just see myself being best friends with Louis Tomlinson and the guys. But you know, that is if i don't get killed by my step father if he found me. And i'm pretty sure he would.
I smiled to myself once again when i saw my bandaged arm. I stood up and decided to take a nap. 
I walked up the flight of stairs and to the second room on the right. I opened it and i was right, it was Louis' room. I closed the door behind me and lay down on the queen sized bed. I just wish this time, everything would be fine. And i would not have to go back to being that dirty looking cinderella. I wish for so many things right now. I looked around and soon i fell into a deep slumber where happiness and dreams are made. 
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