Prince Charming (1D love story)

Toms. Stripes. Immaturity. Louis Tomlinson. A girl named Jenna Payne, finally is free from abuse and living hell. She moves in with a world famous band called One Direction and her older brother Liam Payne, has to protect her. Many things came her way and things stop her from having a relationship. Do you think Jenna will be able to overcome it or will she have to continue living in hell? Many difficult situations are faced. What do you think Jenna will do and what will her response be? Read more to find out.


9. Good News and Bad


Jenna's POV

So it's been a month and a half ever since i found my long lost twin brother, Liam. And since i met the boys. So currently, we're the best of friends. All of us! Even Zayn! He said he thought i was evil or some kind. But we're alright now.
Anyways, i've got tons of good news and a few bad news. I shall start with the bad news.
For the past 1 month and a half, i haven't been to school. I mean i couldn't possibly go back right? I'd risk myself bumping into my step dad outside the school and him beating me to death. But i received a call from my friend, Andrea Thompson, saying that the teacher told her to pass me the message that if i do not return to school in a week, i'd be expelled permanently. So i told the boys and i've decided to go back tomorrow. I mean, i have no other choice right? And for the past month, i've been out playing and enjoying life with the boys. It's been really fun and amazing, but it's time to get back to the books.
Another piece of bad news is that, people have photos with me and the boys. Everybody is asking who i am and stuff, but the truth has yet to be revealed. But in two days time, the boys will be on the Sally show, which is where they interview celebrities. Something like Ellen actually. And they want me to be there. So that the world can finally see and know who i am. I'm extremely scared and nervous. I have no idea if Liam has planned the finally reveal the truth or to still keep my true identity a secret.
So for the good news, i have a few to share with you. 
Louis Tomlinson finally has a girlfriend! His girlfriend is their hair stylist, Jessica White. She's a year younger than him. But honestly, i don't think they match or they are meant to be together. I just don't see them click. But oh well, it's great that Louis has a girlfriend that he loves.
Another good news is that Liam and Danielle are still going strong. Extremely strong that is. I mean all the love she gets from directioners, it's just so sweet. But i have not met Danielle Peazer yet actually. I've heard so much about her, but i have not met her yet. I'll be seeing her and getting to know her on the day of the interview though. I can't wait! When i was just an ordinary directioner, i've always sent tons of love to Danielle through twitter. She's replied me once actually, she's really friendly and nice. And the way she handles haters is through sarcasm. You go girl!
Good news is that i'm with Dylan Foster. Remember that guy that my friend had sent me a text about him breaking up with a girl named Tiffany? Yeah, that's him. Apparently, they broke up because Tiffany was being to clingy and Dylan no longer had feelings for her. He said he had feelings for me and well i accepted him. It's going to be our second week tomorrow and i'll be seeing him in school. I'm totes excited.
And about school, i'm excited yet afraid. I mean, i have not seen everyone for over a month and suddenly i'm back in school. I wonder if somebody has already taken my place in that clique called "the plastics" I wonder if i have been replaced by all my friends. I know Andrea and Dianne are still there for me, but what about the rest? And i have to wear something presentable tomorrow because i'm utterly sure that the principal would want to see me tomorrow. I'm really anxious. 


I know this chapter is EXTREMELY short but it is just a fill in chapter. Hehe love you all x

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