Harry Styles FanFic (Not Famous)

I don't really have a set plot. I just go along with what I already have so please comment/like/favorite. :-)


1. Meeting The Charcters :)

Brenda's P-O-V

Hey I'm Brenda, Brenda Murray, but you can call me Bree. I'm seventeen and I live in London, England. Everything in my life seems to be perfect. I have a lot of friends, I'm making great grades, And I have an amazing boyfriend named Harry Styles. We've been together for eighteen months and let me tell you, they've been the best eighteen months of my entire life. Right befor ei met Harry my mom left my dad, my sister, and I. I was very close to my mom and i didn't understand why she left and I still don't today. About a week after my mom left, I began to cut. I felt enough pain already so ho wmuch more could I hurt? I guess you could say Harry saved my life that one August day at the cafe`. I don't want to get too deep into details, but I will tell you a little bit.

I was at the cafe` trying to get my mind off things when this girl showed up and started teasing me about my mom. I kept telling her to leave me alone, but she refused. That's when Harry comes in. I ran into the bathroom with my knife inside my pocket. I was seriously ready to die right then and there, but right as I was about to end it all, Harry burst in and grabbed the knife out of my hand. That's when my life changed for the better. I don't even think about cutting anymore and I'm a bit less insecure. Now I said a bit less, that doesn't mean that I'm fully secure because I'm not. I've never thought of myself as the pretty type. I have long, blonde hair with my naturally brunette colored roots still showing. The thing I've mostly hated are my big lips. I loved the fresh, pink color of them but I hated how big they were. They just seem too big. My secret is that I actually do love my eyes. I love the icy, blue color and the way they fit perfectly on my face. I've always had a love for them, but no one knows that except Harry. Another thing is that I'm short especially compared to Harry. Every time he kissed me, I have to stand up on the highest point of my toes which makes him laugh every time. He's always calling me beautiful and I try to act like I believe it, but I don't and he knows it. I guess my life is pretty great. For now anyways.

Keri's P-O-V

Hiya! I'm Keri Jones, but you can call me KeKe. I am seventeen and I'm Brenda's best friend. We've been inseparable since we were six years old. There's nothing much to know about me besides that I'm in love with Ed Sheeran! Obsessed! I have mid-lenght black hair with blonde highlights, emerald green eyes, and pale lips. I'm not very pretty at all compared to Brenda. I just wish she could see how damn pretty she is. I'm really tall and skinny and I love to play volleyball and softball. When it comes to fashion issues, the girls always call me to help them out. I broke up with my boyfriend, Zayn Malik, about three weeks ago because he cheated on me. Everybody pictured us as the perfect couple and I did too at one time until I found out what he was doing. Now I think Harry and Brenda are the sweetest couple. I mean, he treats hher perfectly and they're just so damn cute! I haven't seen Zayn since the break up and in some ways I think that's best, but in others I miss him so much. I am trying to move on and find my true love pretty soon. Very soon.

Melanie's P-O-V

Hey guys, I'm Melanie, Brenda's younger sister. Everyone calls me Mel so feel free to do the same. I'm fifteen and for some reason ever since mom left, I seem to be the mature one in the house. I do admit I am a bit too serious sometimes. I also have to admit that I am very jealous of Brenda's looks no matter how much she complains about how ugly she is. My soft, blonde hair flows out to the top of my rip cage and my eyes are a bright, hazel color.  I have very thin, pale colored lips and a light complexion. My height has always been an embarrassment for me because i am so short. Seriously, I am fifteen years old and only 4"11! I didn't think that was genetically possible in my family. Brenda's boyfriend, Harry, calls me Shorty and is always making short jokes that no one really understands except me. Want to know something that no one knows? I'm in love with Harry. Like majorly in love with him. His soft, light brown curls, his light colored, plump lips, and especially his cute ass dimples! I know it's wrong but I can't just push my feelings aside. Every day I think about telling him, but I can't hurt my sister like that. Even though she's hurting me by being with him. Everytime I see them kiss or laugh or even just have a simple conversation I rage with jealousy. I hate being in love with him like this and having to hide it. I really, really do. Maybe I should just tell him how I feel.

*Hey guys, please comment and tell me what you think. I know it's just introducing the characters, but I need to know whether to continue or not. Please favorite and/or like. I need help with my other story so I started a new one. If you'd like to co-author my author story then please leave a comment below. Thanks!*

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