You never realise what you had until its gone
yesterday was history, tomorrow is a mystery and today is a gift.

A spoiled brat that never appreciated anything that eveyone has done for her. noone really likes her and certainly her boyfreind doesn't either.

Is she really going to change before its too late? oh not............


1. a spoiled brat?

This is ella blade, a typical teen that takes everything to an extreme level .She may have everything because of her money but what if, if all her money were gone.the real.question is is she really a spoit brat. lets meet the people that knows her:

EMMA BLADE:" well umm I think she is a spoilt brat because she loves herself too much and cares less for others I really hate her at times.she also takes down my trophies and breaks it. Were twins sisters . I wish I had a sister that also cauld be my bestfreind or atleast nicer."

ELLA'S MUM: "ella ella ella, well I guess were like mothers like daughters . I may be picky and judgementall sometimes but ella takes it to an extreame level most of the times so no ella isn't a spoilt brat or that would make me that useless bad mother."

JAKE UNDERWOOD:"ELLA A BRAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok maybe she is a horrible mean person but don't tell her that because she's my girlfriend and would kill me"

ELLA'S TEACHER: " ella she's the thickest person I've ever met in my history of teaching. I mean the girl pays for her A* grades "

ELLA'S FATHER:"I blame this on her mother to be honest. Her mother was too easy on her . I even. Told her before it was too latee . Naaa the lady aint listening to me"

STACY:" am ella's best friend, to be honest I HATE HER!!!!!!!!!!!! I just use her for my popularity "
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