We aren't kids anymore

When Millie was just 10 years old, her best friend moved away without a word and has never spoken to her since. He was the one who would defend her in the school yard, the one who was always there, but since he’s been gone Millie’s life has changed drastically. Nobody wanted to be her friend, everyone picked on her and every male that has stepped into her life has always left her broken hearted and in tears, even her own dad. So when he suddenly shows up at school, Millie doesn’t know what to do, especially since he is no longer the sweet innocent boy he once was. Instead he has become a player and has every girl wrapped around his finger, except Millie. Will Millie fall for his charms or will she push him away just as he did to her?


7. The Chapter I'm not naming


"why do you cut" 

how did he know?

"i dont" i quickly answered and ran away i know he said three questions,but ,he crossed the line, so i ran and ran until i crashed into someone

"oh look who it is" 

i looked up it was Sarah 

"ugh what do you really want from me" i yelled and by this time about ten of the populars where around her and well Riley was behind me

"riley" she said 

"ugh-" but i was cut off 

"your not getting me" riley replied in disgust 

"just leave it riley" i said 

"you can have him" i told her and started walking away until i heard footsteps behind me 

"ugh riley leave me alone please" i shouted while turning around but it wasnt riley it was Luke the cutest guy in the whole school his hot breath was on my neck

"did you come hear to lecture me too" i asked

"nope i just come to ask you if you want to go out to dinner with me tonight?"


what will she say tell me what you think in the comments.


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