Always Midnight

Madison Johnson's life changes the moment she lays eyes on Christian Watson. Christian is unlike any boy Madison has ever met in her life, he's a guy with a secret-he's a vampire with a deadly past. When they fall in love, Christian's past soon makes its way into their future together. As his past catches up to him, Madison must decide how much she will sacrifice to be with the man she loves.

Copyright © 2011


47. You've Given Me a Reason to Stay (pt 2)


Christian let out an outraged roar to the silent sky, I barely saw his lips move before he yelled at me…“Run!” 

I turned on my heel running towards the cottage front doors, my lungs protested but I ignored the pain as I raced up the porch steps. I flung open the front door and locked it behind me. I ran to the windows slamming them shut and pulling the curtains together. I stopped and stood behind the front door waiting for anything-something to happen. Nothing did, I only heard silence. Deafening silence around me it felt like a physical weight on my chest. 

Maybe I pushed him to far, I’ve let out his beast. 

I cursed myself for everything I did to Christian. Now I’ve lost him forever, I thought miserably. My breathing was hard as I tried to replay what’d happened so I could understand what was going on. How did this all happen…from a simple kiss when we’ve done more than kiss before? Maybe everything was too overwhelming for Christian. Confident, Christian wouldn’t physically hurt me I continued to wait by the door for his signal that I could let him back in but still nothing happened. I tried to sense his whereabouts but once again, I couldn’t make out where he was. 

If he really lost control he’d be in here kicking the door down. I went over to the couch and waited for what felt like an eternity but in reality by looking at the clock found I’d sat there for an eight minutes. I closed my eyes and silenced out all fears and feelings. I focused all my energy on trying to find Christian. 

Distorted images assaulted me, Christian running through dark forest to his…parent's house. Darkness faded as bright light blinded me, a grisly sight unfolded before me. 

Nathanial and Elizabeth fighting a vampire I didn’t recognize, nothing but flashes of fangs and blood. Nathanial slashed at the man with his fingers, blood erupted from the mans face. He snarled, retaliating by punching Nathanial in the face, Nathanial fell backwards on the ground. Elizabeth jumped on the man‘s back her fangs out, hair and eyes wild with fury. She bit him in the neck locking her fangs in him. He bellowed in pain, reaching backwards until his hands found her hair. He yanked her roughly nearly ripping her head off and tossed her roughly to the ground where he proceeded to kick her in the stomach and face.

Christian raced to her side unleashing his rage and frustration. I gasped breathing heavy this was the first time I’d ever experienced what he felt when I searched for him. I retained my focus afraid I’d be blocked again. Christian pushed the vampire hard, he flew into the wall and through it, landing in the dining room. Nathanial quickly checked on Elizabeth who laid in a pool of blood before he jumped through the hole and landed on top of the other vampire. Nathaniel arched his neck before sinking his teeth in the vampire's neck biting and chewing. 

Christian’s view changed as he looked away from Nathaniel to his right and saw Emilia in combat with Lawrence. They circled each other unsure who should make the first move, Emilia bit her lip, thinking hard. She made the first move. She did a roundhouse kick so violent to Lawrence’s jaw, I was surprised it didn’t break. He recovered quickly dodging and blocking Emilia’s various kicks and punches finally slapping her hard against the face making her fall to the floor.

Christian on his way to help her was tackled by another vampire he didn’t know, he snarled in anger. Behind him, he could feel Lucas trembling and transforming into his wolf form. Christian battled in hand to hand combat with his opponent moving effortlessly than he’d had in years, decades. He planted an uppercut to his opponents jaw, knocking him backwards. He blocked his opponents attacks, landing yet another uppercut to him, stunning his opponent which helped to distract him enough for Christian to capitalize. 

Christian forced his fangs out, sinking his fangs into the vampires neck. He tore out the man carotid artery, then used his hands to decapitate him. My own mouth filled with the memorable taste of blood, Christian felt elated but I struggled to breathe. Christian who had smeared blood in his mouth and over his body, stood unmoving for a moment as if he felt my presence. As if to confirm my suspicions, Christian whispered softly, “Madison.”  


Everything went black as I was thrust from his mind, my head swam with confusion, I’d never experienced an out of body experience. My breathing was ragged as I rubbed my hands over my body to make sure I was intact because I felt disemboweled. To be in Christian’s head was foreign and scary especially when he killed that vampire nothing but happiness filled him. Happiness and satisfaction I would never understand, the satisfaction of the kill.

A happiness I thought he’d only felt when he was with me but I guess killing made him happy. I fully realized that killing was instinctive to him but I had thought he’d stopped enjoying it. I thought Christian stopped thinking as if he were a predator, I’d thought he’d finally thought as if he were truly human. I didn’t have any more time to reflect on what I’d experienced because with a thundering crash the front door flew across the floor and chunks of wood flew in the air. 

My mouth popped open as I turned my head peering out into the night. Fear gripped me holding me in place as the dark shadow of a man filled the open door way, a man I’d met only once. My heart dropped in my chest as Viktor stepped into view, smiling at me. 

“Hello baby, it’s about time we got some alone time together don’t you think?” He asked me, his voice deep and velvety. All forms of words escaped me, and all I could do was scream.

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