Always Midnight

Madison Johnson's life changes the moment she lays eyes on Christian Watson. Christian is unlike any boy Madison has ever met in her life, he's a guy with a secret-he's a vampire with a deadly past. When they fall in love, Christian's past soon makes its way into their future together. As his past catches up to him, Madison must decide how much she will sacrifice to be with the man she loves.

Copyright © 2011


30. Touching You Makes Me Die Inside


The weeks passed by without much incident, even the animal attacks stopped. Peace and harmony was restored to the town of Maple Falls once more, even the forest was reopened. The police department concluded, the animal moved on or either died, despite the fact there was no carcass found. My life however, did not return to the peaceful existence I used to have. I continued to endure frosty glares from Emilia, Jocelyn, Dean and Julian. Even worse was the fact Jocelyn and Eric Harding had managed to turn the whole swim team against me. Half of the football players ignored me or said snide comments to me when Christian wasn’t around, of course. Angelica, Lillian, Katie, Jensen and Justin were the only ones who bothered to talk to me as if nothing changed. Though Katie had resorted to calling me instead of talking to me face to face because of Dean, I was happy to have her as my friend. 

Julian, Dean, Katie and Angelica now sat at the football jock table, leaving only Justin, Lillian, Jensen and Olivia Barton at my lunch table. Living life in the twilight zone was normal for me now, especially being with Christian. Christian and I spent all of our free time together, which was the only real high point of my day. We would talk for hours, laugh at jokes for days, and spend the nights together for what seemed like years.

The more I learned about him the more I wished I could live forever to keep on learning. Being his girlfriend had academic benefits as well, Christian tutored me in most of my subjects. I tried to tempt him to tell me answers on certain tests but he refused, instead he taught it to me until I knew it so well, I didn’t ask for them anymore. Regretfully, my plans to seduce him failed every time, and my sexual frustration grew. He refused to give in, and I refused to give up. My love life wasn’t the only relationship heating up, my mother’s relationship consumed her life. If she came home early for work she would be out late in the night with Dr. Carlson. 

I wondered which one of us was truly the love stricken teenager sometimes, I noticed her giggling or blushing whenever I mentioned his name. It made me nauseous and happy at the same time. The days came and went, weeks flew by and months ended before I knew they began. Soon enough, Christmas break arrived, which lifted my spirits. I’d worked hard studying for the exams, achieving a 3.6 GPA, something I’ve never done before. Christian, of course, received a 4.0 GPA. The first Saturday during our winter break, Christian and I lounged lazily on my bed while listening to classical music, when he jumped up from the bed.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“Come on, let’s go to my house, we never hangout there. I’m tired of letting Emilia run me out of my own damn house. I want to show you something. Are you willing to go or shall we tell your mom I am moving in here?” He taunted me.

“You're right. No, no more avoidance, she’s going to have to get used to my presence. Lead the way.” I gave in. 
Fifteen minutes later due to Christian's driving, we stood on his porch. My heart beat sped up, prompting him to turn towards me.

“I would lie, but seeing as you can hear my heart beat, I am inclined to confess.” 

“Don’t worry babe, we’ll be fine.” He assured me.

“I know, let’s get on with it.” 
Christian led me into the living room where his family were sitting on the couch watching television. Elizabeth Watson jumped up first, overtly excited to see us. 

“Madison, Christian. I’m glad you’ve come home. Christian has basically been living with you Madison! Doesn’t even hunt with us, I’m glad you guys are here. Madison you look lovely dear.” Elizabeth beamed at us. Her smile was contagious, I smiled back at her. She wrapped me and Christian into a hug, squeezing us. 

“Whoa Mom, don’t break one of Madison’s bones!” Christian cried out loud.

“Oops sorry.” Elizabeth said, releasing us at once.

“Madison, lovely to see you again. And who is this young man, he’s been gone so long, I can’t recall his name.” Nathaniel teased. 

“Ha Ha good one.” Christian mocked rolling his eyes.

“I knew I should’ve pursued my comedy career instead of being a doctor.” Nathaniel said, pulling Christian in for a hug. “Glad to see you son.”

I stood watching, they were normal for being a vampire family. The Watson family were truly that- a loving family. It didn’t matter if they were vampires, they loved each other, dare I say, more than some human families I knew. 

“Glad to see you back. We need to shoot some hoops tonight.” Lucas suggested, getting up from his seat. He turned his attention to me, “Madison, glad you’re back, you down to shoot hoops tonight too?” 
“Thanks, uh sure why not?”

Christian snorted, I glared at him. “Something funny?” 
“Nothing it’s just that…do you even know how to play basketball?” 

“Yes, I’ve played it before in gym. I could run circles around you, if you didn’t have superhuman speed.” I snapped.

“Ha Ha, let’s test that theory. I won’t use any vampire powers tonight, I will move as slow as a human.”

“Fine by me, but we need a fourth player, it can’t be two against one.” I protested. 

“I’ll play.” Emilia’s voice carried across the room.

“Good, how about the men versus the ladies?” Lucas suggested.

“Fine by me, we’re going to win anyway.” I retorted, getting into a competitive mood.

“Oh now you’re talking trash?" Lucas boomed.

“Speaking the truth.” I retorted.

“Enough of this talk, are we playing or not?” Emilia snapped, stalking off from the living room.

Lucas, and Christian exchanged a look I didn’t recognize. Nathaniel and Elizabeth glanced at Emilia’s retreating figure then followed her into the back of the house. Lucas, Christian and I walked out of the living room into the back of the house and out the back door. The backyard was humongous, nothing but cleared land spread out all around the house. There wasn’t an actual basketball court (which surprised me, since the Watson’s had everything) but a hoop attached on the shed. The weather had cleared up as the reddish rays of sunset shone and reflected off the wet grass. 

I learned from Christian that the myth of vampires being afraid of the sunlight was nothing more than that- a myth used to make humans feel safe. Vampires could set foot in the sunlight but didn’t necessarily enjoy it because it made their body temperatures rise very rapidly. In extreme cases there have been cases of death if a vampire stayed out too long in the sun with fresh blood in them. The blood would boil and thus the vampire would literally explode like a water balloon, it was not a pleasant way to die. Since vampires were used to the cold, the sun's heat was more of a nuisance than a problem to them, and there weren’t too many cases of death by the sun.

Nathaniel and Elizabeth would act as score keepers while Emilia and I played against Christian and Lucas. Thank goodness I wore a two piece sweat suit and sneakers. I pulled my hair back into a ponytail ready to play, my competitive side emerging. The game began, Christian kept to his word and didn’t rely on his abilities. Emilia and I managed to score ten points, we worked as a team both taking turns passing and shooting the ball. We even high-fived each other, and spit out more retorts to a frustrated Lucas. 

We played for forty five minutes, in the end, Emilia and I did lose the game but only by three points. Christian, Lucas and Emilia didn’t break a sweat playing but I had to set my hands on my knees to catch my breathe after the game. From that moment on, I vowed to start exercising more. Nathaniel and Elizabeth stood on the patio watching, clearly have enjoyed the game. 

“Next time Madison you shouldn’t be so cocky, and maybe I’ll take it easy on you” Lucas boasted, laughing.

“Oh enjoy this moment Lucas, I promise it’ll be that last time.” I threatened, smiling back. 

Christian came over to me then, I stood up. “You going to brag to-” I didn’t get a chance to finish my sentence because Christian pulled me into his arms and planted a kiss on my lips, before I could kiss him back he released me. I stumbled backwards about to fall on my behind, when he caught me.

He pulled me closer to him, “You are exceptionally sexy when you play sports.” He growled in my ear. My mind went blank, I was unable to think or speak. 

“Oh my…” Elizabeth said. 

“Get a room!” Lucas groaned. 

Christian chuckled, while I continued to try and clear the foggy haze in my brain. I hated the affect he had on me sometimes it was almost as if I were on a drug and everything happened in slow motion. This time it was worse than his usual affects on me. I watched the world swim before my eyes and collapsed against 
Christian. He lifted me into his arms, “Madison what’s wrong? Dad! What’s wrong with her?” 

Nathaniel rushed to our side, “Give her to Lucas! Do not touch her any longer. Lucas get Madison inside right now!” 
Why was Nathaniel acting weird? Why couldn’t Christian carry me inside? I opened my mouth to demand the answers to my questions but found I couldn’t speak. Christian placed me into Lucas’s open arms, confused and frightened. Oh I hated being human! I hated being the frail human in this family, if I wasn’t being attacked by animals, I was fainting from a kiss from my boyfriend. Lucas ran with me in his arms into the house, when I started to feel better, a lot better. The foggy haze that overpowered me cleared, and the fatigue that threatened to take me faded.  
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