Always Midnight

Madison Johnson's life changes the moment she lays eyes on Christian Watson. Christian is unlike any boy Madison has ever met in her life, he's a guy with a secret-he's a vampire with a deadly past. When they fall in love, Christian's past soon makes its way into their future together. As his past catches up to him, Madison must decide how much she will sacrifice to be with the man she loves.

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32. Touching You Makes Me Die Inside (pt 3)


His eyes met mine, and I knew I was correct. "Yes, I am. I've only met one in my life when I thought I wanted to join the Council. They had captured a Necromancer, a woman who they drained of blood to the point she had no energy to control them. She scared me, there was no soul to her, her eyes were cold. She killed a few of the Council members, damning them to Hell when she was captured, she made them set themselves on fire until the remaining members overpowered her. They used her to reveal the locations of other Necromancers, they tortured her endlessly for days. Though I was afraid of her, I felt that the Council was wrong in their way of going about getting the information. None the less, I did my job. My job was to bring her human food to keep her alive. When I would go into her cell, she would look at me with the blackest eyes I'd ever seen. One night, I went to bring her bread and water, I felt this coldness grow within me. My mind went blink and I felt numb. I was trapped in my body but had no control of it, she had invaded my mind and controlled me to open the cell door for her. She did not expect there to be four more vampires outside her cell, she released her hold on me and was overpowered once more. A couple days later, I left the Council. I didn't want to be involved with the torture of that woman but I also didn't want to be around her. It was as if Satan was inside of me, that feeling is one I've never wanted to experienced again. My beast is bad enough as it is, feeling the evil I felt when she evaded my mind was on a level I'd never experienced before. And I've been to dark and cold places in my lifetime. The last I heard was that she ended up turning her power onto herself, thus committing suicide before the Council broke her for more information." Christian told me.

While Christian talked I had been enthralled by his story, by Necromancers and the Council. The Council consisted of a group of high ranking vampires that helped to control the vampire population and laws. These were high ranking vampires, who made sure to ensure the continuation of the vampire race, and ensured that vampires remained nothing more than a myth to humans.

Hezekiah has been leader of the Council since 1543 and was the world’s oldest vampire. The last thing any vampire wanted to do was get the Council's attention, it would be their last and final mistake. Many people didn’t even know who the other members of the Council were or the location of where they were located. There were many questions I wanted to ask but I didn't know where to start, it was a lot to take in. A whole world of supernatural was thrust upon me, and it was a hard reality to shallow. Knowing that there were supernatural beings out there that were deadly and more dangerous than Christian scared the hell out of me.

"That's why the Council went after the Necromancers? Because they could control vampires." I summed up.

"Yes, because though we are walking and moving around. We are technically dead, 'The Walking Corpses' as some would say. Though we move, talk and other things, our hearts do not beat. Our organs are dead, the magic from blood and the venom keeps us among the living but yet not one of the living."

"But Christian what type of bidding would a Necromancer want a vampire to do?" I asked, confused.

"If you could control a whole bunch of vampires what would you do if all you lusted for was domination and power?" He asked. The realization of what Christian was saying made me sick to my stomach. 

"Build an army and total world domination." I said. 

"Exactly. Make vampires turn humans into vampires and control them."

"But one Necromancer couldn't do that. It would take too much energy." I observed. 

"Not necessarily, Necromancers have ways of continuously replenishing their energy. They get energy from the natural elements around them and once a person is controlled for a while they start to believe the ideas of the Necromancer, it's like planting a thought into someone else's mind. The highest form of Coercion." 

"Excuse my French, but that is scary shit to even think about. Has anyone ever come close to pulling it off?"

"You're right, it is scary shit. No, but there was once this couple. They were supposedly the most powerful Necromancers in the world. Which was weird because normally Necromancers operate alone, but it is said that these two had a child. That child would bring this army together but the child was never found. This had been what the Council was searching for. Of course this was generations ago but even if this child had children the magic would have been tainted. It is very hard for a Necromancer to be with another Necromancer and have a pure blooded child. It's difficult because there are few Purebloods."

"Do they live forever like vampires?"

"Depends on if they make the Elixir of Life, I know it sounds cheesy. But it's made by Alchemists, who are also a rare breed among us. If they drink it they can obtain Immortality or else they slow down the aging process or age normally." 

"Like I said, scary." 

"Indeed. We'll never have the misfortune of meeting one so for that we can be thankful." Christian summed up. 

"Thankful for one thing and not so thankful for this whole draining energy linkage thing. At least we have a backup plan though if Nathanial can't find a way to reverse this." I said. 

"What backup plan?" Christian asked, caught off guard. He wasn't going to like it but I didn't care. 

"If we can't find another way to break this link, then I'm going to become like you. I'll have to be turned into a vampire." I stated.  
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