Always Midnight

Madison Johnson's life changes the moment she lays eyes on Christian Watson. Christian is unlike any boy Madison has ever met in her life, he's a guy with a secret-he's a vampire with a deadly past. When they fall in love, Christian's past soon makes its way into their future together. As his past catches up to him, Madison must decide how much she will sacrifice to be with the man she loves.

Copyright © 2011


31. Touching You Makes Me Die Inside (pt 2)


“Luc! Put me down, I’m fine now.” I demanded. We were back in the living room when Lucas dropped me onto the couch. 

“Damn it Lucas, be careful with her!” Christian shouted. 

I sat up on the couch, Christian kneeled on the floor gripping my hand into his. Nathaniel, Elizabeth, Lucas and Emilia stood behind him, all watching with bewildered expressions etched upon their faces. I stared back not sure, why my body reacted so dramatically to Christian's kiss. Nathaniel’s confused expression changed into astonishment. Christian tore his blue eyes from mine and snarled at his family behind us. 

He stood up in a crouching position, ready to attack. “Get back all of you now!” He bellowed. I jumped in the air, flabbergasted. 

Nathaniel held his hands in the air taking a few steps back, nodding to Elizabeth, Lucas and Emilia. They followed him until they stood across the living room, Christian watched them, his blue eyes burning with fury. 

“Christian! Don’t talk to your family like that! What’s gotten into you? I’m sorry I passed out, but don’t take it out on them. They were helping us-” I protested. Standing up from the couch, shaking off the last wave of nausea.

“Madison, please be quiet! Go up the stairs to my room right now!” He barked at me, cutting me off. 

Christian’s harsh tone made me angry, but instead of arguing with him, I stormed off and headed up to his room. I sat there on his bed, fuming with anger, and remained there until Christian opened the door. 

I didn’t even let him say a word when I jumped up, “What the hell was that all about? You yell at your family, then at me! Have you lost your mind?!” I screeched at the top of my lungs.

Christian did not say a word, instead he closed the bedroom door and leaned against it. He closed his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose with his thumb and index finger. This gesture only pissed me off more. 

“Oh! I’m sorry am I boring you now? Should I put on clown makeup and make balloon animals?” I demanded, sarcastic.

The corners of Christian mouth lifted, as he tried not to laugh at me. “I’m sorry Madison.” Seeing him smile dissipated my anger immediately, and for the life of me I couldn’t believe I even yelled at him. 

I was going to apologize but instead I asked, “Now can you please tell me what the hell was that downstairs?” 

Christian sighed loudly, “Nathaniel is going to come in here, he wants to ask you some questions. Answer them the best you can alright?” 

Exactly on cue, Nathaniel walked briskly into the room. His demeanor was businesslike, not in a mean way but not in a friendly way either. I flopped onto the bed, waiting. Nathaniel stood in front of me, sizing me up. 

“Can you describe how you felt when Christian kissed you?.” His question rendered me speechless, I was unsure how to answer. I took a quick glance in Christian’s direction for help but his face remained expressionless. 

“I felt as if a foggy haze clogged my brain…” I hesitated. “And after, disorientated and tired. His scent always makes things hazy. But it never happened to me that strong before, that was the first time it ever happened like that.” 

Nathaniel said nothing for a minute, instead he remained silent, thinking hard. Christian exhaled loudly, annoyed. Nathaniel shot him a warning look, then smiled brightly at me. 

“Sorry about the questioning, when you nearly passed out from Christian’s kiss. I had a thought in my head that wasn’t correct. That’s why he protected you fiercely against us. He read my thought once it popped inside of my head, and after we calmed him down I assured him I wanted nothing more than to talk to you. It would be beneficial to you both if you two reframed from the physical aspects of your relationship. At least until you‘re desensitized from him, or else who knows if passing out is the worst that can happen.” 

I didn’t know what to say, instead I nodded my head, as if what Nathaniel said made complete sense to me. He sensed my unease and left the room. Christian did not come any closer to me, instead he sat down in a chair across the room. 

“I had no clue what he was talking about. What is he talking about?”

"This is all my fault, I'm sorry Madison."

"Okay, what are you talking about? Can you apologize later, and fill me in because I am lost." 

"I'm draining your Aura, by me constantly staying locked to you to block out the other thoughts I'm draining your Aura energy. It's taking a toll on you and on me." 

"Aura? Once again, I'm lost. Can you see my Aura and how are you locked onto me?" 

"It's hard to explain. When I am listening to people's thoughts, I'm feeding off those whose thoughts I can hear. Normally humans cannot feel it because there are so many of them that my affect on them is minimal. Now that school is over you're the only person whose brain I've been tuned to. I like the silence. I've been taking only your energy and in the process I'm making you weak. Especially when we have physical contact, it enhances everything. By only focusing on you, I'm making myself weak because I'm not taking other's energy. The only problem is that Nathaniel believes that due to my constantly being in your mind, I've created some metaphysical link between us. It won't stop."

"Let me get this straight, not only do vampires feed off blood but you feed of Aura energy as well?" My mind was racing.

"Not all of us only some of us with special abilities. It also helps to keep me strong it’s why I can go without feeding for a while. If I can't feed off the life source blood gives me then I feed off the energy of Auras. But Madison this never has happened before, but I've never met someone whose mind I haven't been able to read." He sounded mystified, the fact he couldn't read my mind fascinated him to no end. That fact bothered me, for a reason unknown to me.

"Basically, you've been feeding off of me without me even knowing and because of you feeding too much at some point, I've been losing energy over time?" Christian could hear the hints of the betrayal I felt by his actions.

"I'm sorry. I just love the silence and I never thought it would be harmful. I wouldn't have put you in danger like this." Christian said pained.

"But you did put me in danger as well as yourself. I don't understand how this is draining your energy since technically you're dead." 

"Because I'm connected to you, I have to feed off of other people and now I'm turned off of them. The other energy is in the blood, blood is my life force and is a big part of my energy. I need both energies to balance out, if not then one takes from the other. Lately I've been hunting more to make up for my lack of energy but I never thought in a million years it was because of this. I swear Madison, I never meant for any for this to happen." 

"It's okay. I know you didn't." I took his hand into mine, and stared at him. The truth was I was upset he put us in danger but I know he didn't do it on purpose and he had no clue what the repercussions would be this extreme. If I learned anything in my sixteen years on this planet was that any form of love meant that you had to be willing to forgive if asked for forgiveness. "I understand the dangers of this link but why is it so bad that we have it? If I eat more healthy energizing foods and you hunt more than the link should be tolerable." I hypothesized.

"I wish it worked that way, for a couple of years it can be tolerable. From what Nathanial has found out is that the link will transform to where it will become a matter of life and death for us. It will drain you completely." He told me somber. 

"Until I'm dead, you'll take all my energy." I stated. 

"That's why we have to break this link immediately. The only problem is that..." 

"We don't know how." I finished for him. Of all the ways to die, I'd never that I'd be one to waste away, that sad fact was depressing enough but at least we had time to find a way to fix this. "Don't worry, Christian we have time to fix this." I assured him, along with myself. 

"I know, we will figure out a way. Nathanial already has some guesses on how to unbind us. He's brilliant, he will figure this out. He's already making some phone calls downstairs." 

"Why did you snap at him earlier?"

"Because he thought you were a witch at first." Christian explained. 

"That's not nice thing to think about someone. I thought he liked me." I muttered miserable.

"No, not in a bad term. I mean he thought you were a witch." He emphasized until I caught on. 

"They exist too?" I asked bewildered. "Please tell me that Big Foot is at least imaginary." I pleaded.

"No, he is real and he's a nice guy with a bad reputation." Christian said, I gazed at him horror stricken until I saw him smirk. "Of course Big Foot is fake, I was just kidding. Should've seen the look on your face. Priceless." 

"Ha. Ha. Ha." I said sarcastically. "How could I be a witch? I had no inclination of the supernatural beings that exists before you walked into my life. If I had been a witch I think I would've known that." I said. 

"My point exactly. Besides you've displayed no powers and by the age of thirteen witches have at least thirty percent of their powers it's when they finally hit the age of eighteen do they inherit their families' magic." Christian explained.

"And if I had been a witch, what would've been the big deal anyway?" I asked.

"My family would've killed you instantly." Christian stated. His words hit me like a pound of bricks dead in the chest. 

"Are you serious? Why?" I asked, astonished. 

"A witch or warlock is one of the most evil things one can encounter in this world. They are cunning and kill vampires on sight to obtain their magical abilities. This is also why there are not many vampires who possess certain abilities such as Emilia and myself. Every vampire can use Coercion on a human while the endorphins are in their system, the witches don't care about that. They kill to obtain any other magic they can get their hands on. There are not many left nowadays, many today are harmless enough. The witches and warlocks I'm talking about are the purest forms of witchcraft, the Necromancers. Necromancers are witches and warlocks that don't need to say magic words or use potions. They are able to use the elements around them, and to use the powers given to them by the Devil, himself. The power to communicate and command the dead, either the walking dead or restless spirits on Earth to do their evil bidding." Christian's voice held disgust and hatred when he talked about Necromancers but I noticed something else in his voice.

"You're afraid of Necromancers." I said out loud.  
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