Always Midnight

Madison Johnson's life changes the moment she lays eyes on Christian Watson. Christian is unlike any boy Madison has ever met in her life, he's a guy with a secret-he's a vampire with a deadly past. When they fall in love, Christian's past soon makes its way into their future together. As his past catches up to him, Madison must decide how much she will sacrifice to be with the man she loves.

Copyright © 2011


40. Somewhere We Only Know

“Okay, open those pretty eyes of yours. We’re here.” 

Christian announced to me, his voice echoing. I popped my eyes open only to find myself surrounded by greenery, and at the open of a cave. I squirmed free and landed on the ground. I stared up at the sky, which was cloudy. The scent of fresh pine mixed with the dewy scent of wet flowers entered my nose, the air never smelled this pure before. This was a part of the Forbidden Forest I’d never been in before, it must’ve been very secluded. 

“Well?” He prompted, walking in front of me, towards the opening of the cave. 

“It’s beautiful, but where are we? How’d you find this place?” I asked him mystified. 

“I found it during the summertime. But this isn’t the best part, come on.” He held out his hand for me to take but I didn’t. “What’s wrong? I promise you I won’t let anything happen to you in here, it’s totally safe, trust me.” 

“It’s not that...I’m afraid of caves, ever since I saw the movie, The Descent.” I confessed, sighing at my childish fear. 

“You’ll be safe it’s okay, I promise.” 

“Okay but hold my hand at all times.” I waited until he nodded and took his hand as he led me into darkness. The ground was smooth with a couple of rocks scattered around, it was pitch black inside but I knew he had good night vision so I didn’t doubt him. I felt vulnerable due to the blinding and suffocating darkness. I stumbled over a rock, when he had had enough of my clumsiness and once again picked me up. I sighed in relief, and leaned my head against his chest as he continued to walk at a steady pace.

“Does anyone one else know about this place?” I asked him quietly as I could but my voice still echoed against the rock walls.

“No, just me. And now you of course, I want this to be our own secret. The only inhabitants are the few animals that dare to venture this way.” He explained.

I didn’t respond, instead I opted to remain quiet and enjoy being in his arms. He continued to walk for a while until we came to an opening at the end of the cave, he put me down on the soft ground gently. 
“Here we go.” His hand found mine in the darkness as he led the way to the light. 

The sight before me floored me, I’d never seen such beauty on earth. We walked in the middle of a beautiful meadow filled with exotic blue and orange flowers. The grass was a dark green that seemed to invite people to lay on it and fall asleep. The meadow opened up and along the meadow bank there was a small stream. By the small stream there was a small stone bench. Normally, I would say this site wouldn’t be such a big deal but there was something magical about this place I couldn’t put my finger on. But I’d felt safe, and relaxed here. I let go of Christian's hand and knelt on the grass to test if the grass felt as soft as it appeared. It did. The grass was silky between my fingers, and I couldn’t help but sit there for a while until he joined me. I’d never experienced such a tranquil and serene feeling in my short years of life. 


“This moment, here and now with you. This is perfect, I’m not sure if life could get any better than this. For once in my life, my universe has snapped into place. I’ve never felt so…”

“Peaceful?” He finished. 


His eyes sparkled with affection and love. He leaned over and kissed me softly. We sat in the grass for a minute enjoying the serene moment, finally he stood up and lured me over to the stone bench by the water. 

“So…” I began. 

“So…what’s on your mind?” 

“Why go back to high school?" I asked, the question was random but the question was always on the tip of my tongue.

He chuckled, "It was Emilia's plan to assimilate into town. We've done it a couple of decades before and its cheap unlike college tuition these days. With high school it's easier to get into without a large paper trail unlike college where someone is always snooping into the finances trying to get more money. I nearly declined but I've always been somewhat of an academic. The things they teach now are more interesting than ever it was an opportunity I didn't want to pass up. Plus, it takes up time in the day, we look too young to even try and find a decent job and with Nathaniel and Elizabeth, having us as teenage kids is an easier cover for them as well."

"I agree. I have to admit that I do enjoy school. I've always loved to learn. Knowledge really is the key to gaining power. I mean you could own a dozen nuclear bombs but without proper education you would never be able to use them or know their true power." I babbled, lost in my own thoughts.

"A weird example love, but I agree. It's safe to assume that you don't plan on developing nuclear weapons right?" He teased.

"No, I don't want to develop nuclear weapons I'm just saying..." I laughed, slightly embarrassed. 

"It would make sense why you are interested in power, when you are quite powerful yourself." 

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Your blood is quite potent.". 

“My blood is what?” I asked, panicked. 

“Your blood is unlike any blood I’ve ever tasted before. It’s super potent, I’m still going strong from it and I’ve never felt better. I didn’t want to tell you this before because I didn’t want to frighten you but it’s…magical.” Christian confessed. 

“Wow. That’s sort of how it felt when you bit me, the bite was absolutely amazing. Sort of felt as if I were floating on a lazy river, it was euphoric.” I told him.

A silence filled the air between us, there wasn’t much to say on the issue. Obviously, the blood letting affected us both more than we could’ve expected and more than we wanted to share with each other. I didn’t mind what had happened because it made us closer but I wondered how it would affect me in the long run, even how it would affect him. 

“How do you feel about Lucas now?" Christian asked, breaking the silence.

“At first, I wasn't sure how I felt but now I feel okay about him. It’s just that-and please don’t be offended-when he told me his plan, and along with Emilia’s plan, it made me realize you were right. You are all special and I didn't fully comprehend what you all are capable of. I know you would never hurt me physically but I have to learn to realize that we’re on different playing fields so to speak.” 

Christian remained silent taking in everything I said before he replied, "I'm relieved that you've come to this revelation. I want to be treated like I am human but the truth of the matter is I’m not. Neither is my family. The fact that you realize this concept has shown me that you belong in my family and that I don’t have to be afraid all the time. It’s like being a wild animal handler. Sure the beast may be caged and it may be friendly at times but it’s important to understand that animal instinct can’t be repressed. The handlers who understand this have a better relationship with the animal and can protect itself if the animal ever lost control.”

“Well, while I would never equate your family with animals, I understand your point.” I told him, smiling.

Christian returned my smile. I reached for his hand which was cold as usual but I held on. 

“Your warmth feels wonderful.” He muttered, raising my hand to his lips. His cold lips pressed lightly against my hand, causing my heart to flutter. 

“I love you.” I whispered. 

He smiled, “I love you too,” tugging me closely to his chest. We sat there watching the flow of the stream as the wind lightly blew around us, I snuggled closer to him and sighed happily.

“We should get back, I am sure Elizabeth is waiting to feed you, she’s been staying up these few nights learning how to cook for you. She loves it, makes her feel like she’s fulfilling her motherly duties.” Christian chuckled. 

“Will Emilia be there? I can’t figure out how to end this whole situation with her, I don’t want the wedge driven further between you two."   “It’s not your fault. Emilia is making her own decisions and a part of her feels bad about it. Oh, she tries to hide her thoughts from me but I always can read her, she’s angry now but she’ll come around on her own terms. Emilia has many of her own personal demons to attend to, it’s a good thing she has Lucas around for that. She’ll always be my family but I won’t tolerate her being rude to you.” Christian told me. 

“I know I just wish I could get through to her and let her know that I wouldn’t do anything to hurt any of you. Speaking of Lucas, he has his own wolf pack, yet he’s living with you. I know he told me he wanted to be with Emilia but why couldn’t Emilia just live with him and his pack in Canada?” I asked. 

“Lucas’s pack is structured, almost as if they are a democracy, it’s very rare. He was correct when he told you that his members consist of lawyers, bankers and college students. They all agreed that they don’t want to be in a pack like in the old days where the pack was based on tyranny. Most have partners that are aware of their condition and it basically runs in the family. However, there are some members who don’t have families who want them, and if Lucas took on the full time job of being alpha male he would have to mate. He didn’t want to do that because he’s in love with Emilia, so he has lieutenants, I guess you could call them, that fulfill duties he doesn’t want to do.” Christian clarified.

“Wait... if Lucas did decide to live with his pack in Canada he’d have to mate with all the available females who wanted families?” I asked.

“Yup, I think having multiple children by different women wouldn’t go over well with Emilia. Another reason she couldn’t live with his pack is simply because vampires and werewolves don’t get along its been that way since the beginning of the two races. The wolves hate us and we hate them, I didn’t like Lucas in the beginning but he made my sister happy. I argued furiously with Nathanial and Elizabeth, urging them to give Lucas and Emilia acceptance. Which is why it disappoints me Emilia refuses to show any acceptance of my choices. Anyways, Lucas and his clan are different from wolves who remain in wolf form they have no inhibitions, they are pure animalistic. It would be very dangerous to run into them, they don’t know the difference between right and wrong. Most of them have confined to the forests and mountains in Europe but some reside here, they are monitored and tracked.” Christian told me. 

“And Lucas and his pack are more evolved right? Because they are born with the gene, where the more animalistic breeds become that way from being attacked? The longer you stay in wolf form then the more you lose your conscious? But aren’t there other shape shifters too? I’ve read about the shape shifters that are different kinds of animals.” I told him, who didn’t look all too thrilled I knew more than he thought.

“Yes and yes. There are different variations of shape shifters all over the world. But let’s talk about that later, like I said Elizabeth will be wondering what’s going on.” Christian told me, smiling then standing up. 

“Okay.” I sat up from the bench and jumped into his strong arms. Christian carried me all the way back to his front door in what felt like mere seconds. I opened my eyes and hopped back onto my own feet pushing open the front door and walking in. The smell of seasoned ground beef entered my nose along with the spicy smell of taco seasoning, I smiled at Christian and knew this was planned. During our morning discussion he asked what else I liked to eat, he must’ve told Elizabeth to make it for me. I headed towards the kitchen feeling extremely at home, I entered the kitchen only to find my suspicions confirmed-Elizabeth and Nathaniel were both cooking tacos.

“Hello, Madison, it’s taco night!” Elizabeth told me excitedly, I smiled at her.

“Hi! Oh, it smells delicious I love tacos! You guys really didn’t have to do this…” But I never got to finish my sentence.

Christian yanked me from behind, clamping a cold hand over my mouth. Fear seized me rendering me motionless and I offered no resistance. I stared at Nathaniel and Elizabeth who stood motionless, Elizabeth motioned for me to remain silent. Lucas and Emilia both materialized at the entrance of the kitchen both tense and with apprehension in their eyes. What the hell was going on? I couldn’t understand what was happening nor could I fathom the reason for the Watson’s to be acting strangely. 

Christian dragged me out the kitchen and up the stairs in a blur that I didn’t even notice my feet ever leaving the floor. We didn’t go to his room but instead we went up to Nathanial’s study, he placed me on the couch, raising one finger to his lips. He turned from me to Nathaniel’s desk then turned back to me with a paper in his hand, 

-Madison please be quiet don’t make a single sound, there are other vampires outside they are going to approach the house. Not sure who they are yet, family is going to try and get rid of them.

I nodded my head. Christian placed the paper back on Nathaniel’s desk, and stood by the door, his body tensed. I couldn’t hear a single thing going on downstairs but I knew he could, I held my breathe. My head pounded with pain as many emotions clawed at me, each fighting to take over my body. Sticky sweat slid down my forehead while it pooled in my hands, my heart felt conflicted, it didn’t know whether to pound in fear or stop beating because of fear. I continued to watch Christian as he remained tense and unmoving as if he were made of stone, after what seemed like hours he turned to me, his eyes bright blue. His body was so rigid I thought if he moved he’d break in two.

“It doesn’t matter, they already knows that you’re here.” His voice was just as hard as his body, I jumped in the air. 

“Who knows?’ I whispered, panicked. Before he could utter a single word a light melodious voice rang from downstairs. 

“Oh come on down Christian, and bring your human friend. Is this how you’re going to treat your creator?”

My blood froze, as I realized who was downstairs. I stared at Christian only to see the confirmation on his face, he stared at me his icy blue eyes blazing with fury. But how? How could it be after all these years? My muscles locked in place and every instinct screamed at me to remain seated. 

Christian blurred in my vision as he moved to stand next to me, helping me up from the couch. I didn’t resist him, I knew we both had to face this together there would be no way for me to get out of the house anyway. I knew if we played our cards right then we’d be able to end this whole meeting peacefully as possible, I managed to convince myself. Christian's mouth was set in a tight line as he took my hand, I took a deep sigh it was only a matter of time before his past caught up with him.
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