Always Midnight

Madison Johnson's life changes the moment she lays eyes on Christian Watson. Christian is unlike any boy Madison has ever met in her life, he's a guy with a secret-he's a vampire with a deadly past. When they fall in love, Christian's past soon makes its way into their future together. As his past catches up to him, Madison must decide how much she will sacrifice to be with the man she loves.

Copyright © 2011


24. Revelations (pt 3)


Christian's eyes blazed, his body coiled and he attacked. He leapt over the table aiming for Emilia- before Nathaniel intercepted him midair, causing them both to crash onto the table. The sound of them crashing resembled the sound of thunder or a car ramming into a wall. Elizabeth flung herself into me and crashed into me, as the table crumbled underneath the weight of the two males. The legs of the table shattered, causing wood splinters to soar. Everything went flying into the air, juice spilled over everywhere and ziti splashed onto the walls. We collided onto the floor, knocking the wind out of me. Elizabeth shielded my body with hers as pieces of china glass landed around us.
“Lucas get Emilia out of here! Christian calm down son! Elizabeth I need help, he’s stronger than before.” Nathaniel yelled.

Elizabeth pushed off of me, rushing to help Nathaniel who struggled to settle down Christian. Nathaniel pinned Christian by the wrists holding him in place. Both men were lying on the table, Christian's eyes bulged out of his head, jaws snapping. He let out sounds, I’ve never heard in my life before. The whole scene reminded me of a possessed victim who was getting exorcised. Lucas seized Emilia by the arm, pulling her out of the dining room. A single tear fell down her pale cheek as she allowed herself to be pulled away. I returned my gaze to Christian, my eyes widened at the sight of pointy fangs that hung out of his mouth. His beautiful face contorted with fury, a fury that froze my blood. 

He looked wild, this was a side of him I‘ve never seen, he was a stranger to me now. It was if his anger had levels that should’ve been categorized like a tornado, each level was worse than the other. I sat up from the floor, walking over to the table where Nathaniel and Elizabeth were lying on Christian. He tried to fight them off, growling loudly and snapping his jaw at them. He was out of control. I stepped closer to him, 
“Madison get back he is not under control!” Elizabeth screeched. 

“Christian, stop! You‘re scaring me!” I cried hysterically. 

I wanted Christian to get under control, he was going to hurt himself or someone else. Hearing my voice, he turned his head to me, locking eyes with me. Gradually, his mouth slacked and his body sagged as the fury seeped from him. Elizabeth and Nathaniel kept their positions until he completely remained still for more than five minutes. He closed his eyes, before he spoke.

“I’m okay. It’s me.” His voice sounded tired, and sad. 

Elizabeth moved closer to me, as if shielding me from Christian. Nathaniel reached down and pulled Christian up. My mouth went dry, and my knees shook with relief. Christian stared at me before he turned around and ran out the dining room. My legs gave way and I slid down to the floor once again, hot tears flowing down my cheek again. Nathaniel stared at me, shaking his head, he came over to me whisking me away into his arms. I closed my eyes, as he carried me away. When I opened my eyes I was sitting in a huge office room, on a brown leather couch. Nathaniel sat on his desk watching me, I cried once again.

“Sorry you had to see that tonight. I want you to know it’s not your fault. Christian needs to be by himself right now and calm down but he will be back. He is feeling embarrassed, I am sure he didn’t want you to see that side of him. Are you okay?” He asked gently.

“No. I've never seen him change that fast before. Usually, there are warning signs when he going to get angry but everything happened so fast. My only concern is for him, he looked betrayed by his sister and ashamed. If you two hadn't been there do you think he would've hurt Emilia badly?" I asked, wiping the last of my tears. 

"Maybe. Emilia would've given him a few blows of her own, they are evenly matched. Being with a vampire is not an easy thing to do, we are like ticking time bombs. When you’re a vampire, you hold an animal in you. There’s a part of us that isn’t civilized and responds to certain situations instinctively. The older we become it’s easier to control but the more we control it and if it happens to escape, the stronger those instincts and that rage becomes at least for normal vampires."

"What do you mean by normal vampires?" I asked. 

"Christian holds a power inside of him, not all vampires are like him. His ability to read minds separates him from other vampires. Even though he is older and able to blend in with society, it takes a lot of energy for him to suppress those animalistic tendencies that haunt us all. Using all of that energy can cause one to be prone to more rasher actions when provoked." 

"Nathaniel are you saying that Christian could possible lose his mind one day using all of his energy trying to suppress himself?" I asked.

"Only when he isn't taking enough energy to replenish the energy he looses. At least that's my theory, I don't think he has fed much of lately. Overall, there simply isn't enough information to tell us what the case may truly be in Christian’s case." 

"Why does Emilia hate me?”

“I don’t think she hates you. I think she is jealous of you.” 

“That’s impossible!” I said incredulous.

“No, not entirely impossible. Emilia, as you already know, isn’t Christian's biologically sister. In the beginning it was only my wife and I. I lost my first family a long time ago but I decided I would take Christian as my son. I taught him to control his beast, to not live in the shadows but to live an alternate lifestyle. After we fled from France we went to England and found Emilia. Emilia was dying in a hospital where I worked. I struggled with my decision on whether to make her one of us, but I couldn’t let her die. She was only eighteen, a young girl with much life to live but who was dying of disease. I confided in her, asking her permission to make her one of us and she gave it to me. I turned her and took her under our wing. I didn’t want her to die, maybe it was because she reminded me of my own daughter, maybe it was because I gave in to the beast. I don’t know for sure but nonetheless she became one of us. I think she figured her and Christian would be like my wife and I but he did not see her in that light. Soon after, she gave up on him and they’ve always had a brother, sister bond from that point. The real reason I believe she is jealous is because you’re human. I know Emilia harbors ill will for me for turning her, I am angry at myself for condemning her to this life when I do not know if my intentions were for her or mine sake. But here you are, a beautiful young human lady, who has captured my son’s heart. Emilia is jealous of not only of your humanity but of the life she wishes she could’ve had. You will have to be patient with her. One day she will come around, despite her flaws she has a good soul.” Nathaniel told me, and for the first time I noticed he had dark circles under his eyes.

Nathaniel’s revelations made me see him a different way. Despite how in control he appeared, he too, struggled with being a vampire. He was a man conflicted, who wasn’t happy with some of his choices in life. My heart swelled, I didn’t want to cause this family any more pain. I didn’t want to be the reason for Emilia and Christian to fight, the reason to make Nathaniel appear old, and I didn’t want to be a reason for them to flee.

“Nathaniel, I promise I will never say a word about your family. I would never do anything to jeopardize everything you’ve worked hard to keep. I love your son, I want to be with him. I don’t care if you’re vampires. I know about how you don’t hunt humans, but eat animals and that’s something I can admire. You guys are wonderful people, I never would deliberately hurt you.” I told him, truthfully. 

He regarded me with tenderness in his eyes, “I already knew that. You are a wonderful person. I trust you."

“Nathaniel, how did you become a vampire? I know its personal…” My eyes watched Nathanial trying to read his body language hoping that I hadn’t offended him with my nosiness. Nathanial stared at me for a long moment before answering carefully. 

“I was a young man of only twenty four when I lost my wife and children. I lived in a small town and was the town's doctor. One day I had to leave my wife and children behind so I could travel to another town to take care of some patients. When I returned home, my wife and children were murdered by a derange patient’s spouse, who accused me of killing his wife purposely. His wife had a terminally illness I couldn’t cure but since I’d never lost a patient until her, he believed I’d did it on purpose. Taking his whole world from him, he said that he decided to do the same to me. When I found out what he’d done, I quit medicine and drank myself to near death. I barricaded myself in my house shielding myself from the community until a former patient came by my house. She told me that since I’d saved her life once she would return the favor. At first I pleaded with her to leave me alone and let me die, so I would join my wife and children. However, she offered me something that I’d wanted-she offered me revenge against the man who had taken them. He’d been set free of course because the court system wasn’t what it is today, he was a man of equal standing and power. A man with that much power able to commit such a heinous crime was unspeakable. I gave in to her offer, and as they say-the rest is history.” 
Nathaniel told me, his eyes suddenly ablaze with the same blue fire I’d seen in Christian.

His story touched me in ways I’d never thought would, his pain even after all these years was raw as if everything had only happened yesterday. Nathanial’s actions seemed more understandable now-why he couldn't have left Emilia to die. It explained why he continued to work as a doctor, still trying to save lives. 

“Did you kill him Nathanial?”

Nathaniel eyes blazed brighter than ice, as he locked eyes with me. “Yes. I did, it’s not my proudest moment and in no shape or form did it bring them back but for me it was closure.” I nodded my head as silence fell over us once more. I decided to change the subject. 

“When did you meet Elizabeth?” 

“Ah my Lizzie, she’s amazing. She is the glue of this family, I‘d never thought I‘d love someone again after the loss of my first wife, Diana but here I am. I met Elizabeth in the year of 1879 in England under some odd circumstances that I’d rather not fully divulge at this moment…anyways we met. I fell in love with her after our first date, and I wanted her for all eternity. With her permission I changed her, and she’s been by my side all this time. Until I met her I wandered with no real purpose in my life, the day I turned Elizabeth she gave me a new beginning.” The affection in his voice was evident.

“We both started a new beginning that night my love.” Elizabeth whispered.

I didn’t even notice her standing in the doorway. Nathanial smiled at her affectionately. 
“Madison are you okay?” She asked.

I nodded my head. She smiled at me, then turned her attention to Nathanial.

“Nate my dear, we must feed, my energy is low now after tonight’s events. Emilia and Lucas have went to the cottage to spend the night there. Christian is back, he went to feed and calm down. He would like time alone with Madison.”

“Okay sweetheart. Madison we'll be back shortly.” He informed me.

“Sure, thanks for talking to me.”

“Anytime.” He rose up from the desk leading the way out of the office. I followed him and Elizabeth out of the office into the hallway where Christian stood by the stairway. Nathaniel and Elizabeth quickly embraced him.

“I am sorry.” Christian told them.

“We all slip up. Do not hate Emilia, she will come around. We will be back soon. Love you.” Nathaniel told him. As he and Elizabeth glided down the stairs.  
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