Always Midnight

Madison Johnson's life changes the moment she lays eyes on Christian Watson. Christian is unlike any boy Madison has ever met in her life, he's a guy with a secret-he's a vampire with a deadly past. When they fall in love, Christian's past soon makes its way into their future together. As his past catches up to him, Madison must decide how much she will sacrifice to be with the man she loves.

Copyright © 2011


23. Revelations (pt 2)


Lucas and Emilia set the table and turned their attention onto me. 

“Hey, there Madison. Break any windows lately?” Lucas smirked at me. My face turned beet red, I raked my mind for a retort but fell silent. Lucas smiled triumphantly.

“Lucas…” Christian warned, his voice hard.

“Just teasing her, chill out.” Lucas said, dismissing any tension that clung in the air. 

Behind Lucas, with hands upon her thin hips stood Emilia. I smiled at her, wishing by some miracle we could get along. Emilia glared at me, my initial reaction was to shrink back in fear but something snapped inside of me. Why did she hate me so much? I didn’t do anything to warrant such hate from a girl I’ve never spoken to. Tension rose from both us, I glared back, pissed off. Rage radiated off her in waves, while I did my best to hold my ground. Christian stepped in between us, snarling at Emilia. It was the most inhumane sound I’ve ever heard, he sounded deadly. It was the same sound I heard on the night of my attack. I stepped back from him, Emilia did not. She snarled right back him, her face terrifying yet beautiful at the same time. 

“Stop it, you’re scaring Madison. I will not have this in the house, since when did you two start acting like animals?” Nathanial boomed.

Christian had the grace to look ashamed, he bowed his head, “Sorry.” He apologized, quickly returning to my side. I grabbed his hand. Emilia didn’t apologize instead she continued to glare at me for a minute then left the room. 

“She’s going to get the ziti, but she’s very angry at me.” Christian informed us. 

“She’s going to have to get over it” Nathanial said sadly, he slumped down into a chair, “Sit down everyone let’s eat dinner.”

Christian pulled out a chair for me, then sat down next to me. Lucas sat across from me next to an empty seat while Mr. and Mrs. Watson sat down at the heads of the table on opposite ends. Emilia appeared in the room carrying a huge tray of baked ziti, my stomach growled in anticipation. She placed it in the middle of the table, then took her seat next to Lucas who whispered something into her ear. She nodded curtly, and began to help herself to the ziti. 

Elizabeth rose from her chair, going into the kitchen before she returned with a juice carton and glass for me. 

“Here you go dear.” 

“Thank you Elizabeth.” I took the glass in my hand, pouring myself a drink. No one else hadglasses around them. I could feel everyone’s eyes on me while I poured my drink. I set the juice carton back onto the table, then waited patiently until I could serve myself ziti. 

I speared the ziti with my fork popping it into my mouth. It was hot and delicious, better than my own version of it. Once again I felt everyone’s eyes on me. I looked up, only Lucas and I ate, everyone else pushed their ziti around with their forks. 

“Oh, I am sorry I ate. Do you guys say Grace or something.” I asked, mortified at my bad table manners. 

“It’s okay we don’t say Grace. You can continue to eat, do you like it? Does it taste good?” Nathanial asked.

“Yes it does, I was just thinking I was going to ask Elizabeth for the recipe one day. You guys haven't touched your food...” I trailed off.

“We don’t prefer the taste of human food, we could eat it but honestly it taste like dirt most of the time. You eat and enjoy.” Nathaniel explained.

“But aren’t you guys hungry? I mean not for human food, but for your other food?” I inquired, feeling rude for having them watch me eat while they did not.

“We will eat later on tonight don’t worry about us.” Elizabeth told me. "We wanted to use this opportunity to get to know you better. Christian tells us it has taken a while for you two to come this far. We're happy he has found someone, we were not expecting him to fall in love with a human girl of course but he was right when he said there was something special about you." 

"Oh thank you. Yeah, when he came 'clean' about himself. Everything I suspected made sense, but none of that matters to me. I'm finally happy." I told her.

Christian placed his hand onto mine, "As am I." He beamed at me.

“Am I the only person here who is sane?!?” Emilia screeched her voice hard, “Is no one upset this human brat knows our secret? What happened to us being careful? Christian has endangered our family! How can we trust her? Have we not learned our lesson before, and now because of Christian's stupid infatuation with this child our secret has been exposed to a girl we know nothing about. I am sure she will tell her friends about us, then what? Madison is one of the most popular girls in school! What do we do then? Pack up and leave everything we’ve worked hard to put together? Because I am tired of running and when this ends up badly I will not run. I will make sure our secret won’t get out. This won’t end up well for them and you two know it! Yet here you are with open arms for this stranger. For once I am ashamed that I am a part of this family…” Emilia’s eyes blazed with fury. Lucas stopped eating, staring at Emilia. 

“Emilia you can’t-” Lucas started to say.

“Luc, don’t tell me to mind my business. Christian has shamed our family. Why did he have to chose her of all people? There are tons of vampires in the world who would throw themselves at him instead he chooses a human? This relationship could be disastrous for all of us, if he isn‘t careful!” She ranted on, glaring at Christian.

Christian's body went rigid, scowling at Emilia. He rose up from his seat in an instant. 

“How dare you Emilia?! After all that I have done for you? Madison can be trusted I know her, you don’t. I recall it was you who shamed our family, making us run away time and time again. I’ve heard enough from you, you have no say in what I do in my life. Madison doesn’t care what we are, and I don’t care what she is. I love her, and she loves me.” Christian bellowed, outraged. 

“You don’t even know her! You can’t read her thoughts! She could be telling you lies and you wouldn’t know the difference! How can you love someone you barely know?! You are making a mistake and I won’t stand by and allow this. Maybe she has you all fooled but not me. Humans and vampires don’t mix! The only good she‘ll be for is to be your blood lust whore!” Emilia spat, rising up from her seat. 
Time froze like the quietness in the eye of a hurricane, but the hairs on my arm stood up. Then like a hurricane, all hell broke loose.
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