Always Midnight

Madison Johnson's life changes the moment she lays eyes on Christian Watson. Christian is unlike any boy Madison has ever met in her life, he's a guy with a secret-he's a vampire with a deadly past. When they fall in love, Christian's past soon makes its way into their future together. As his past catches up to him, Madison must decide how much she will sacrifice to be with the man she loves.

Copyright © 2011


16. Please Tell Me Nothing but the Truth

“Madison? Are you awake?” A soft musical voice lifted me from my deep slumber. 

I opened my eyes, adjusting to the dimly lit room. A unfamiliar woman leaned over me, the alarm in my body went off. Everything that happened in the forest came crashing at me like a huge wave. Fear overtook me, I sat up in a bed that was not mine, and screamed. My body was covered in sticky sweat, my eyes blurred with tears. The woman ran from the room in a flash, my head hurt trying to make out her retreating shape. I felt like a caged animal not sure where to go, I glanced around the huge room I was in. I jumped from the bed, and ran to the nearest window, yanking open the dark blinds. It was still nighttime, I hadn’t been out cold for long. I was on the second floor. I could easily see the forest ahead, if I could only get out of here. I couldn’t go downstairs where the woman was, I had to escape. How did she know my name? Where the hell was Christian? What happened to the creature? These thoughts bounced through my head, I shook my head I didn’t have time to think about these questions. I could feel some sort of bandage on my head and I felt dizzy.

I had to get back to my friends, back to safety. I searched for something to break the window open so I could jump out of it, I was sure I wasn’t up too high to break my legs. I frantically searched the room until I spotted a baseball bat, I grabbed the bat from the corner of the room and swinging as hard as I could, broke the window. The sounds of crickets poured into the room as the sound of shattering glass echoed throughout the huge room. I sucked in a huge amount of air then screamed out the window, desperate for anyone to help me escape. 


I turned away from the window to see Christian in the doorway. His eyes were a blazing blue fire, frantic and pleading. His expression unnerved me, he didn’t look natural. He was very pale and I wondered if he was sick. I froze, baseball bat in my hand, trying to quiet the million thoughts and make my next move. He watched me cautiously, as I stood there paralyzed. He took a small step towards me, I backed up one step, holding up my bat. He stopped, stared at me, then stepped back.

“I’m sorry I didn’t mean to startle you. Please put the bat down. I promise you, you're safe with me. I won’t let anything hurt you. Let’s sit down and talk. Please Madison.”

I continued to stare as the realization dawned on me, he was scared, oh my goodness. Have I finally gone crazy? I put the bat down slowly on the hardwood floor.

“What is going on? I want to know everything right now. Don’t lie to me. Please I don’t think I can handle it…” I sobbed , painfully exhausted, my eyes blurred and everything was spinning out of focus. 

I stumbled, about to fall to the ground, when Christian had me in his arms. He lifted me effortlessly and carried me back to the bed. He covered me with a blanket, I grabbed for his hand. His hand was freezing, but I held on for dear life.

“Please, I’m scared, don’t leave me here alone. Stay with me I won’t fight or make noise. Stay with me, I don’t understand…” My voice broke.

“I won’t leave you. I promise.” Christian assured me. I refused to let go of his freezing hand so he slipped into the bed next to me. I wrapped myself around him, desperate to feel safe and sane again. He held me in place, his chin resting lightly upon my head. I settled my head against his hard cold chest, falling once again into a deep slumber. 
I slept for a long time, it seemed as if I slept for a hundred years. My eyes began to flutter open when he spoke to me.

“Are you awake?” He whispered.
I nodded. He seemed tired, and scared. My throat ached, while my stomach growled. He cocked his eyebrow as he held my gaze. I almost gasped out loud when I noticed that Christian’s eyes had changed, they were no longer blue but their original chocolate brown.

“Hungry?” He asked.

I pictured my favorite foods in my head, wishing very badly I could eat them now. 

“Broccoli and cheddar soup? With Italian bread, and iced raspberry tea?”
I had no clue how Christian knew what I wanted to eat but I was happy he did. I was too hungry to be freaked out about him appearing to read my mind.

"Yes, please. What day is it?" I asked, my voice raspy.

“It’s Sunday afternoon. I'm going to have to leave in order to make it. Can you promise me to stay here?” He must’ve seen my eyes widen with fear, “I won’t let anyone hurt you. No one will come up here. It’s my family downstairs I’ve their word they'll leave you alone. You can stay up in my room, you'll be safe. After you are done eating, we’ll talk, I'm positive you must have a ton of questions.”


“I’ll be back soon.” He softly planted a kiss upon my forehead as if I were a child.

My heart raced as blood rush to my face and neck. He pulled back swiftly, got up from the bed and briskly walked out of the room. I stayed in the bed debating my next move. I could try to escape again, I turned to the window I had broken and gasped. It was already fixed. The sky was a golden color, signaling it was late afternoon, like Christian told me, I groaned. I suspected my friends and mother were freaking out. I wondered if Angelica’s father was already on the job, searching for me. I cried silently. I had to make sure I called my mother as soon as Christian came back in the room- his room. I’m in Christian's room! I never thought in a million years I would be here. The walls were painted a deep shade of maroon, with black chunky strips. Artwork in black and white blotches were hung in black frames, the artwork reminded me of the Rorschach inkblot tests.

I rolled out of the bed, nearly falling head first on the hardware dark oak floors. The bed was higher than I remembered, the bed had a huge dark oak frame that matched the floors. The bed sheets were maroon with a huge black comforter. Christian's room, for the most part was bare, the only thing that showed any personality was a lone picture of his family, placed on his black nightstand. The room, twice the size of my room, didn’t have very much in it. There was one black dresser, and a spacious built in shelf that held hundreds of CD’s and books. I continued to walk around the room when I noticed he had his own bathroom.

I entered the bathroom, the dim light came on automatically. I closed the bathroom door behind me, I gasped when I caught my reflection in the mirror. My eyes were swollen, my hair a tangled mess and my face was red, stricken with tear trails. There was a tiny crust of dried blood around the bandage on my head, and my lip had busted and now in the process of scabbing over. I splashed cold water over my face trying to reduce the redness. I raked my fingers through my hair trying to gather it into a nice ponytail. And rinsed my mouth out with water, trying to wash away any trace of bad breath. Taking a deep breathe I stepped out of the bathroom back into the bedroom to see Christian standing in front of the bed, holding a tray of food. 
“Ready to eat?” He asked

“Yes. Thank you.” I said

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