Always Midnight

Madison Johnson's life changes the moment she lays eyes on Christian Watson. Christian is unlike any boy Madison has ever met in her life, he's a guy with a secret-he's a vampire with a deadly past. When they fall in love, Christian's past soon makes its way into their future together. As his past catches up to him, Madison must decide how much she will sacrifice to be with the man she loves.

Copyright © 2011


4. Nightmare


-I found myself surrounded in darkness, I couldn’t see my hands as I lifted them in front of my face. I sensed him behind me, I turned, desperate to see his face but I couldn’t. I could only feel his hands reach around my waist as he pulled me close to his chest. I wanted more than anything to stay wrapped in his arms forever. I raised my head towards his as he leaned down and pressed his soft lips gently to mine. A sharp pain shot through my body as histeeth pierced my lip, my blood gushed into his mouth. Immediately, he shoved me away hard, I stumbled backwards as the moons’ ray lights blinded me. When I could make out his face his icy silver blue eyes blazed with fury as he roared to the sky. I could barely see his lips move before he yelled at me…“Run!”-

“No!” I woke up terrified, covered in sticky sweat. 

My heart beat against my chest trying to escape. For more than a minute, I calmed myself down, accepting the fact I was safe in my bed at home. I glanced at my alarm clock, startled to see it was three o’clock in the morning. I crept out of my bed to my window to see if my mom was home, I was relieved to see her car in the driveway.

I hopped back into bed, shaken by my dream, I knew to get my mind back together I would have to focus on something else. I began to read but that didn‘t help, I continued to lie in bed staring at my ceiling until sleep overtook me. Needless to say, when morning came I was in no condition to go to school, I felt nauseous and sleep deprived. My mom called up to me but when I did not respond she came up to check on me. Observing how pale I was she allowed me to stay home, I protested because I hated to miss school, at least that’s the story I told her. 

The real reason I wanted to go back to school was because I wanted to see Christian. However, after I threw up for the third time, I was grateful to have been allowed to stay home. Hearing the wind blowing outside, I predicted the rain would fall, making it a gloomy day. Glad that the two back to school days fell on a Thursday and Friday, and Monday was a holiday; I wouldn’t go back until Tuesday- which meant I would not be missing anything important today.

By mid afternoon, I remained in bed wrapped up in my blankets, staring at the ceiling wondering why I dreamt about Christian. I wasn’t sure if I was scared of him and that frightened me because I knew that I was unable to stay away from him. My thoughts were being carried away when I heard my doorbell ring. Reluctantly, I got up from my bed and went downstairs, curious, as to who was at my door, all of my friends were at school so it couldn't have been any of them. I opened the door and there stood...Christian, my mouth dropped open. 

He wore a blood red shirt with light blue jeans and black sneakers. His wavy jet black hair was untidy as usual, perfectly falling slightly over his brown eyes. He wore no jacket even though it was windy outside, he must've had a high tolerance for cold, I thought. The wind blew against my face, my cheeks glowed red, not only from the cold but from Christian‘s perfection. I cursed myself for not changing out of my pajamas or at least putting my hair into a pony tail. My brown hair flew all over my face, I flipped my hair over my shoulder, 

“Christian! What are you doing here?”

“I had to see you Madison, but since I know you are cold can we go inside and talk?” He asked politely.

“Sure come inside.” I walked towards the kitchen. I went to grab some cups and turned around to see him sitting at the kitchen table. 

“Can I get you something to drink? We have juice, soda, and water. Or are you hungry? I can make something, I have crackers…” I trailed off trying to calm myself down and avoid sounding more like an idiot. 

“No, thank you. I’m not hungry or thirsty.” I noticed his hesitation to continue. 

I studied his face watching how he seemed to be struggling. I wanted to break the silence but thought better of it, I leaned against the counter and waited. 

“I’m sorry if I startled you with my presence or interrupted anything. I noticed you weren’t in school today and I was worried about you. I came here to apologize for my behavior the other day, I was dealing with some issues. It’s been difficult for me being here, being the new kid at school. I wanted to make sure that you weren’t missing school because of me, I talked to all of your friends and none of them knew where you were. I was going to wait until after school but not knowing if I was the cause of your absence or if something happened, made me anxious.” 

I was floored. The fact he came all the way here to see me and asked about me to my friends meant a lot to me. I went to go sit next to him. “Christian, it's really sweet that you came all the way over here. I’ve been feeling bad about our argument the other day, but the reason I didn’t go to school today is because I’m not feeling well.” I smile kindly at him, thrilled he returned it with a gentle smile of his own. “You said you had some issues going on…you know I’m here to talk about it if you want. When I came back here I felt like an outsider, I know all about those new kids’ blues.” 

He watched me with caution in his eyes, but something in his demeanor cracked. He took a deep breathe. 
“It’s been a difficult couple of years for my family, we’re going through family issues now. We are trying to live our lives the right way and every time we settle somewhere, something happens and we have to leave. I want to find a place I can call home once and for all.” His eyes locked upon mine and my pulse was racing. Impulsively, I reached over to place my hand on top of his, but he withdrew it from the table top. 

I looked down to my empty hand and placed it back into my lap. He became silent.I broke the quiet; I couldn’t let a dumb mistake ruin our time together, especially since he was opening up to me. Once again, my curiosity got the better of me. 

"When you say something always happens,is it something really bad?" 

He stared back, his feelings concealed underneath the blank expression he wore for me. "I can't say."

"Why?" I pressed, leaning forward in my seat. 

"Because it's best that I don't, trust me, you'll be safe not knowing about my family." Christian's blank expression disappeared, and something passionate resonating from deep within him came to the surface. 

I searched his eyes with mine, and knew that despite his hidden warning he'd never let anything hurt me. That one brief moment passed, and instead he was the one searching my face for any sign of reaction. It felt like a game of poker, we were each studying each other for a "tell," anything that could reveal our true feelings. I revealed nothing, instead copying the same blank expression Christian had once had. 

“What are you thinking? For some reason you are the only person in this town I cannot figure out. Usually, I can read people but with you I can’t which I must admit has drawn me to you.” His eyes smoldered and I struggled to keep my breathing even. My cheeks started to get hot; I didn’t want to answer him at all. But I decided to go with the truth.

“I'm thinking that I'm a foolish child because for some inexplicable reason, I've felt connected to you more than I've felt connected to anyone in my entire life. I know how crazy it sounds, we barely know each other but I feel like I've known you all my life." I whispered, bit my lip and looked at my lap.

I waited for him to react, for him to maybe tell me he felt the same but instead he was silent. I looked directly in his eyes trying to read his expression. His body position was rigid, I knew I should’ve lied, and instantly regretted my decision to be honest. How could I already develop romantic feelings for Christian? Maybe I’d confused romance with lust. 

“I wish you hadn't said that to me. Forget about this conversation Madison, then forget about me." He told me with no emotion in his voice then rose up from his chair and before I could blink, was out of my kitchen and out the front door.      
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