Always Midnight

Madison Johnson's life changes the moment she lays eyes on Christian Watson. Christian is unlike any boy Madison has ever met in her life, he's a guy with a secret-he's a vampire with a deadly past. When they fall in love, Christian's past soon makes its way into their future together. As his past catches up to him, Madison must decide how much she will sacrifice to be with the man she loves.

Copyright © 2011


35. Moonlight Reveals A Dark Knight


Time passed slowly as I continued to wait for Christian and Nathanial to return. My thoughts began to drift in all directions, I wondered how long the bite would hurt before the endorphins kicked in. Before I could think of more horrible ways this situation could go wrong, Christian and his parents walked in.

"Madison, you don't have to do this if you are uncomfortable. We have plenty of time to figure out another solution-" Nathaniel started.

"No, I want to do this. This makes sense to me, and I trust Christian. It's okay. I'm okay. Let's do this." I cut him off.

"Okay. Let's do this. You really are fearless." Elizabeth said. I smiled warmly at her. "It's best if you lie on the bed and try to relax." 

I did as I was told, and looked at Christian who managed to put on his best game face.

"Do you prefer the left or right side of the neck?" I asked, sheepishly. 

He smiled weakly at me, "No preference. You decide."

I put my hair on my right side, exposing the left side of my neck. Christian sat next to me on the bed with Nathanial behind him and Elizabeth sat on the other side of the bed, they both made sure they were in arms reach of Christian and I. 

“The bite will hurt at first, but the endorphins will kick in. You must not fight back or try to escape or else it will excite Christian. Once the endorphins start to affect you, you will enjoy the bite. Madison listen to me carefully- a vampire’s bite can be addictive, promise me you will never ask Christian to do this. It is crucial that you listen and obey this. Do you understand?” Nathaniel asked me, his eyes searched mine. I nodded in agreement. 

Christian took my hand into his, and gazed into my eyes. His pain radiated off of him in waves, each wave made me want to take him into my arms and take his pain away.

“I trust you.” I repeated. 
Christian nodded, this was the time where we both needed to be strong. He squeezed my hand, comfortingly. There wasn’t anything left to say, it was now or never. Christian leaned in towards me, until his face hovered above my neck. My breathe caught in my throat and I waited for him to bite. He grabbed a hold of my wrists, and pressed them into the mattress. My chest rose rapidly with anticipation and fear as I tried to prepare myself. His body pressed into mine restricting my movement, as my heart beat wildly against my chest, I heard my blood flow in my ears.

Christian moaned softly, and inhaled deeply. I even noticed Elizabeth had shifted uncomfortably next to us, Nathaniel seemed to be the only one who didn't seem affected at all. 
My carotid artery throbbed as Christian's fangs punctured the skin, I tried to scream out in pain but I couldn’t catch my breathe. My body tensed up, but had no room to move since he pinned me down with his body. Tears swelled in my eyes, as I fought for control of my body, battling my natural instincts to fight back. 

I forced my body to relax against his as pain shot through my wrists up to my arms as he tightened his grip. I thought for sure, he would break my bones, panic rose from me until a surge of euphoria flowed through my body. The surge of euphoria started at my wrist then like a tree, branched out to reach other parts of my body, instantly relaxing me. I sagged against him, fully giving him control of me as my breathing became shallow. The world became unfocused and shifted into a blur of hazy fog, I had no sense of being. 

I didn't feel the weight of Christian anymore, I felt weightless as if I were floating on water. My mind cleared and for the first time I felt freed from the mental constraints placed around me. There was nothing better than this feeling, I bet this felt better than any drug out there in the world. I began to forget who I was, or even where I was at, all I wanted to do was fall asleep. My eyes fluttered uncontrollably as fatigue threatened to claim me. I tried to stay awake but my eyelids fell for the last time.

The moment Christian ripped his mouth from my neck, my world came back into focus and I felt pain. When I opened my eyes, I saw red blood drip from the side Christian's mouth, as he retracted his fangs. His eyes were a luminous blue as they danced out of control, he clenched his jaw, trying to suppress the beast inside of him. I planned to reach out to him but found I could not move a single muscle in my body, as if I were paralyzed from the nose down, for I couldn’t even smile at him to let him know I was alright.

His face appeared as is he were truly a seventeen year old boy, his face was flushed in a light rosy pink color. He truly was the image of perfection, it was as if I were looking at an angel. 
Minutes later my heart beat returned back to normal and I regained control over my muscles. Christian didn't move from my side, instead he stoked my hair and face as he waited for me to recover. Meanwhile, as my body continued to recover from the bite, my mind rode the last wave of euphoria and I felt like me again. 

“I am going to have to check her vitals I think it would be best if she stayed the night here so I can watch over her, but you can’t see her tonight. You will stay at Emilia’s that way you will not be tempted nor will she. You did a great job, but the danger isn’t over yet. Come home tomorrow.” Nathaniel told Christian.

Upon hearing this I wanted to protest but I was so tired all I could do was gaze at Christian. Christian frowned at the orders his father gave him, but he knew Nathanial was right. He leaned over my forehead and planted a soft kiss upon it, “I’m sorry you had to go through this, I will be back tomorrow.”

I didn’t even get a chance to reply to him, when faster than I ever seen him, he stood up and vanished out of the room. Left alone with Nathanial and Elizabeth, I laid in the bed and waited patiently as Nathanial checked my vitals. Truth be told, I experienced a range of different sensations throughout the whole experience that confused me. Elizabeth tucked me into the bed after Nathaniel was done, as if I were a child, but to her defense I couldn’t really move because I was so tired.

She left the bedroom leaving me and Nathaniel by ourselves in a slightly uncomfortable silence. Nathaniel grabbed a chair to place by my bedside, he appeared older than I’d ever seen him. I struggled to speak, seeing this Nathaniel gave me a glass of water. 
“Why did you send Christian away?" 

"It wouldn't have been safe for either of you right now. If Christian would've stayed I feared he would've bit you again. It's crucial that he goes to the cottage with Lucas and Emilia where they can monitor him and make sure he doesn't do anything dangerous." 

"Does human blood affect him that bad?" I asked, horrified. 

"He mostly consumes animal blood, in rare cases he has drank human blood from the blood banks that I've brought home. It's not the same though, it doesn't appeal to the beast in us. There is no artery to pump the blood into our mouths, no thrill of it. Your essence or your scent in particular, is nothing I've been around before. I can see why it was hard for Christian to be around you, even I had to struggle once he spilled your blood. There is something highly intoxicating about it." Nathaniel mused. 

"Why only me though? And why can't Christian read my mind?" I asked. 

"I don't know. That's what I've been trying to figure out. No need to worry about that now. It's imperative that you rest. I want you to know that you are a part of this family now, and we love you. You've brought life into this family again.” Nathaniel told me, winking.

My throat became thick with emotion, there were many things I wanted to say back to him. Tell him how much I appreciated his kindness and warmth, how I adored his whole family, but I found myself at a loss for words. I smiled and closed my eyes falling fast asleep. Something woke me up in the dead of the night but when I opened my eyes I didn’t find the cause. I turned my head to side and noticed Nathaniel’s chair was empty, I glanced around the dark room. 

The fatigue that claimed me earlier had escaped me now, leaving me feeling refreshed and energized like I haven’t been in a while. I sat up in bed and hopped out of the bed, walking quietly to the nearest window that overlooked the front of the house. It was pitch black outside except for the porch light, that showed two human shaped figures. Squinting, I could make out the faces of Nathaniel and Christian which was weird because I thought Christian would be at the cottage. Movement coming from the woods caught my attention and I stared at disbelief at the sight of the creature that attacked me a couple months ago. 

I knew it was the same animal, Christian and Nathaniel noticed the creature but didn’t appear nervous as they stood there watching the creature. What were they doing? I wanted to yell out to them, tell them they had to kill the beast before it could kill anyone else. The creature continued to walk over to them, finally reaching them where it stared at them patiently. My eyes blinked rapidly as I tried to comprehend what I was witnessing. Christian handed the creature a change of cloths, taking them the clothes in it’s mouth, the creature walked over to the edge of the woods. 

When a man emerged from the same spot the creature had been in the clothes I put it together that the creature had transformed into the shape of a man. My heart pounded as I squinted trying to make out the man’s face and accept the cold facts of what I’d just seen. The man was someone I recognized and someone I thought I could trust, the man was...Lucas.   
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