Always Midnight

Madison Johnson's life changes the moment she lays eyes on Christian Watson. Christian is unlike any boy Madison has ever met in her life, he's a guy with a secret-he's a vampire with a deadly past. When they fall in love, Christian's past soon makes its way into their future together. As his past catches up to him, Madison must decide how much she will sacrifice to be with the man she loves.

Copyright © 2011


2. Here We Go Again


I laid in my bed staring at the ceiling as I heard the front door slam. That was the sound that usually signaled my mother's departure for work. I got up from bed, throwing my covers to the side, and rushed to my bathroom. I brushed my teeth and threw cold water on my face; chasing away any trace of the drowsiness threatening to make me go back to sleep. I rushed downstairs, as the smell of eggs and bacon made my stomach growl impatiently. I sat down at the table to a pre made plate of food prepared for me by my mother. As I ate, my mind began to wander about what was in store for me today, and most importantly what had become of my handsome stranger.I glanced at the clock on the wall above my table it was already 6:45 a.m., I silently cursed myself for being behind schedule. 

I raced back up the stairs to my room in a panic. I hated being late to school, because whenever I started my morning late, my whole day seemed to get ruined. I couldn’t help but feel grateful my mother still made breakfast on the days she could. My mother and I have always had a normal relationship, we usually agreed on a lot of things. However, there were times when we just didn‘t understand each other. That sad fact was due to our completely different personalities, for instance, she’s more independent and stronger than I am. My mother is the type of woman who identifies a problem and will sit down talking until she's blue in the face, in order to fix it. Where I am more reserved with my emotions, more along the brooding type when it comes to expressing myself. Don't get me wrong, I have an outgoing personality but when it comes to expressing my true feelings on certain issues, well I still have to work on that. Besides that difference, my mother is the type of woman who gives all of her attention to one single factor in her life, before I came along, it was work. When I moved back in with her she focused on me, now that she’s gotten used to me-she’s focused back on work. 

I could only imagine her face when she received my call, two years ago, asking if I could live with her. My mom and dad split up five years ago, I ended up moving with my dad to Savannah, Georgia and my mom stayed here in Maple Falls, Oregon. Moving from a rainy state to a sunshine state was one of the incentives that determined whom I would stay with. Living with my dad was great but I still missed my mother even though we had our problems, I thought about her frequently and felt homesick. Still, I stayed with my dad for three years, by that time I was close to telling him I wanted to go back to Maple Falls, but he beat me with news of his own. Finally, I was going to meet his new girlfriend and her two kids, I knew then I had to leave. I wasn’t ready or prepared to deal with the concept of having my mother replaced and new family members. 

I guess I did have that hope my parents would end up back together but nonetheless I knew this new addition to my family was nothing I could deal with. I told my dad I wanted to go back home and he disappointed; reluctantly agreed. I remember the night before my flight he came to my room to talk to me. I was packing, when he knocked on my door and sat on my bed, bracing himself for a serious talk. My dad and I rarely had serious talks so I had a feeling of what he was going to say before he said it; I went to sit besides him preparing myself. 

“Madison I know meeting Gwen and her children was hard for you and if you want to move back with your mother then I won’t stop you. I am sorry for all this sweetheart I should‘ve realized how this would affect you. I never meant for this to hurt you and I don’t want you to think I am trying to replace your mother because she and you will never be replaceable. Do you understand that?” His green eyes pierced my hazel eyes, as he searched my face. 

I couldn't help but take in every detail of his face from the steak of gray strands in his brown hair to his strong dimpled chiseled chin and the wrinkles around his eyes. My father was handsome and my mother was a beauty, it was no wonder they were high school sweethearts. After high school, they married young and after years of being told they would never have children they had me. They always called me their "miracle," and while at my earlier stages of childhood we'd always been a happy family, the love between my mother and father faded somehow. I never understood it and was angry at both of them for quite some time but ultimately it was their decision, and there was nothing I could've done to prevent their separation. When I saw my father that night I knew that his love for his first daughter would never be replaced. 

I nodded my head. I'd promised myself I wouldn’t cry at that moment but I couldn’t contain my tears. It meant a lot to me that my dad realized how hard it was for me to deal with these new changes. My dad had started to worry then, I could see him trying to figure out what he might’ve said wrong. Before he could open his mouth, I spoke. 

“Dad I am happy that you met Gwen and I understand completely. I know mom and I aren’t being replaced and I do like Gwen and her children. To be honest I was on the verge of telling you I wanted to go back home because these last couple of years I have been missing mom a lot. I want to go back home because I know everything will be hectic when Gwen and the kids move in and I am way to old to deal with toddlers at this point in my life.” 

I saw the corners of his mouth go up, as relief washed over him and he laughed at my lame joke. He hugged me tightly and left me alone to finish packing. The next day when he dropped me off at the airport I could tell a small part of him wanted me to turn around and tell him I wanted to stay but I didn’t. My mother was happy to have me back home but I could tell she was worried about living with me, she was worried about how to reconnect with me in order to make up for time apart. In the beginning, she was attached to me by the hip wherever I went, she went. 

After I became accustomed to the routine I told her she didn’t have to worry about spending every minute with me. That talk was hard too because like I mentioned before, I am like my dad, not very comfortable with emotions and my mom is the opposite. I hated to hurt her feelings but I didn’t want her to put her life on hold, in order to try to make up for the past that was long behind us. Instead, I wanted us to work on creating a better future and relationship. 

In addition to wanting my own space, quite frankly I could tell she cut out some routines in her life that she missed. My mother is a workaholic because she truly loves her job and I knew she missed those late nights at the hospital where she worked. That was also a problem in my parents relationship, they both were workaholics to the core. Some people are meant to do certain things in life and my mom was born to be a nurse, she loves helping others. She was nervous at first to agree with me but as usual, we managed to compromise on the issue. Whatever fears she had about leaving me by myself, she quickly overcame and we’ve been living together peacefully. Every once in a while we make sure to spend the day together and keep each other informed about what’s going on in our lives. Mostly she does all the talking since I don’t lead a very exciting life. 

“Finally!” I exclaimed, coming back from the trip down memory lane, after I found the black sweater I wanted to wear to school that day. 

I settled on my black sweater, my lucky jeans and black sneakers to wear on the first day back to school. This year I started my junior year at Maple Falls High School, and I couldn’t have been more excited. Even though I saw most of my friends during the summer on my sixteenth birthday, I worked so much as a camp counselor, I didn’t get a chance to see them as much as I would’ve liked to. I went to the bathroom to try and make my hair look less like a birds nest. I stood in the mirror contemplating on how to style it, my hazel eyes frantically searching for my hairbrush. I paused, realizing how long my brown hair grew over the summer and how pale I’ve become due to lack of sunshine. Frustrated, I yanked my hair into a high ponytail and threw on some lip-gloss, and rushed back downstairs.   
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