Always Midnight

Madison Johnson's life changes the moment she lays eyes on Christian Watson. Christian is unlike any boy Madison has ever met in her life, he's a guy with a secret-he's a vampire with a deadly past. When they fall in love, Christian's past soon makes its way into their future together. As his past catches up to him, Madison must decide how much she will sacrifice to be with the man she loves.

Copyright © 2011


3. Here We Go Again (pt 2)


I grabbed my car keys, locked the door and headed to my black Volkswagen Jetta. I was disappointed, but not surprised to see it was foggy out. The day Maple Falls has a sunny day will indicate the end of the world, seriously. I turned the car on only to be blasted by Carrie Underwood and caught a glimpse of the time, I sighed knowing I was going to be late to school. I hoped it would be a good day but I had a sinking feeling the day was not going to get better.  I pulled into the school parking lot, desperately trying to find a parking spot. I spotted one by the administrative building and was on my way to claim it, when all of a sudden a black BMW M6 Coupe with tinted windows, cut in front of me and pulled in. I floored my brakes and sat there angry and stunned. I was going to get out of my car and give the driver a piece of my mind immediately, but was stopped in my tracks. The car was not the only thing that had me temporally disabled, the driver finally stepped out. It was my mystery boy. I nearly died on the spot, I should've expected that he would be going to school here as well. He looked even better in the daytime instead of some dimly lit library.   

My breathing stopped and my hands shook on the steering wheel. He wore a brown shirt that accentuated his chest muscles with jeans and black sneakers. I peered out of the windshield trying to get a better view of him but was distracted by the appearance of his other occupant. I didn’t think I could have been more stunned but I was, out of the passenger seat came a beautiful tall girl with shiny jet black hair all the way to her back. She was equally pale and wore a purple tee shirt with a jean skirt and black Ugg boots. Turning her head in my direction I noticed her flawless face and noticed she had the same chocolate brown eyes as the driver. She was the most beautiful girl I had ever seen, and instantly I felt insecure. I was so mesmerized by her it took me a minute to notice another boy come out of the car. He, unlike the other two, was very tan and equally as beautiful. He had short cropped black hair with deep mocha colored eyes. I thought the first boy was muscular but this boy was built like a body builder and much taller, he towered over both of them. He looked as if he were twenty-two and seemed out of place here at a high school.   

I continued to stare until I noticed all of them were staring at me with a look of amusement etched upon their perfect faces. I suddenly felt as if time stood still and I quickly turned off my radio. I held their gazes until I caught sight of his car in my parking spot, triggering my anger to resurface. Even though they were intimidating, I unbuckled my seat belt and stepped out of the car.   

“Hey just so you kn-know…” I stuttered.   

I had prepared to sound tough but I made a mistake- I looked into his eyes.    His face caught me off guard; he was even more beautiful than I thought. Instantly my mind flashed back to him in the library as he whispered in my ear, and I could remember how good he smelled. He was taller than me, which forced him to look down at me patiently, with a lopsided grin upon his face. His eyes locked on mine, once again, I couldn’t breath. I continued to look stupidly up at him until his female occupant clear her throat loudly. 

  “Um… right then, just so you kn-know…” I attempted speech once more, but I could not finish, until again, she cleared her throat. The sound brought me crashing back to Earth.   

“Right then, I hope you realize you cut me off and had I not braked fast enough I would’ve hit your car. Next time, you could…watch out. I mean, um…” I trailed off, unable to put a coherent sentence together and before I made my third attempt, he cut me off.   

“Well hello again, Madison. Look I'm sorry, I was only trying to hurry and get us here on time. We’re new students this year. But that’s no reason to have cut you off. Would you like me to pull out and you could take the spot?” Each soft velvet syllable he spoke hit me each time threatening to take me off my feet. 

  I thought I would collapse right there, then I'd have an excuse to fall into his arms. My thought process was disrupted when I realized he was patiently waiting for my response. Probably wondering if I was mentally competent. Before I gave the girl a chance to clear her throat again, I spoke up.   

“No, that’s okay I understand. I’ll find another spot. Welcome to Maple Falls High School.” I turned on my heel and stalked off back to my car upset that I embarrassed myself.   

Not only did I make a complete idiot out of myself, I was going to arrive late to class. Turning on the car, I prepared to reverse, glancing quickly in front of me to see the other two occupants of the car walking away. However, the driver was still staring at me. His eyes penetrated me, I shook my head because he couldn’t possible see me very clearly, my windshield was fogged up. I waved at him, testing my theory and he waved back. My mouth dropped again as I cursed myself for my stupidity, he laughed, showing off his perfect white teeth and before I could blink he disappeared.   

“How nice of you to join us Miss. Johnson, twenty minutes after class has started. I understand this is the first day of class but you are a returning student. I would expect you to know your way around school by now. Now, please have a seat and try to arrive promptly on time tomorrow.” Mr. Sheppard scolded me as I walked into Biology class, breathless due to running across the parking lot.   

I walked to the only available seat, taking out a notebook, prepared to take notes. One of my best friends, Lillian Bryans, leaned towards me and  placed a note on my desk. I hesitated before opening the note, debating if I should risk getting in even more trouble but I opened it anyway.   

-Why were you late? And why do you look so out of breath? Anyway I have to tell you what happened on my date with Jensen, you never are going to believe it lol anyways can’t wait for lunch. I would write it but I have too much to tell you!   

I wrote back.  -That’s great I can’t wait to hear it, I woke up late ...had to run to get here... I have much to tell you too ,can’t wait for lunch!  

The next couple of classes went by in a blur but every once in a while, I would hear about the new kids in our school. Our school was very small, it wasn’t easy keeping secrets in Maple Falls High School. Every one here knew each other since Pre School, it didn't surprise to me that the new kids were the talk of the school and probably the whole town. In Math class, my friend Dean Ackley was filling me in on the new gossip, while we waited for Mr. Rinehart to enter the classroom. Dean was my ex boyfriend, who had become one of my good friends.   We dated before I left for Georgia and broke up once we figured we were better off as friends. Dean was African-American, he had mocha colored skin and deep brown eyes. He was taller than I was and very athletic. He also happened to be one of the best football players at our school. Popular, outgoing, with a heart of gold were the perfect characteristics to describe Dean. It was no wonder half of the girls at school swooned over him, he was a great catch. Since Math was my least favorite subject, I was all too willing to listen to Dean as he told me about the new kids.   

“Have you seen the three new kids today?” He asked me.   

I nodded my head, “Yeah, I ran into them this morning, is it just me or do they look like they walked out of an Abercrombie photo shoot?”

He smiled warmly at me, appreciating my participation in our conversation.    “Yeah they do. The shorter boys’ name is Christian Watson and the girl is his sister, her name is Emilia Watson. She’s hot, but seems standoffish and the bigger guy’s name is Lucas Jacobs. I don’t know about that last one, I’m not afraid of many people but I wouldn’t want to tangle with that kid. He could probably crush me in half and grind my bones into powder. They haven’t talked to anyone as far as I know. I found out they live out way in the boondocks all the way by Oasis Pond on the outskirts of town. All the girls are already checking out Christian and Emilia is getting the come-ons’ from most of the boys, when she’s not around that Lucas kid. I don’t know Madison, something is definitely not right about those three, I have a funny feeling about them.” He told me forebodingly.   

I’ve never heard Dean dislike anyone, he’s so outgoing it troubled me.  “Dean, calm down just because they are extraordinary good looking doesn’t mean we plain Joes should cast rocks at them. Remember they’re new here and probably haven’t adjusted yet, I can relate to that, don’t you remember when I came back? I felt like a fish out of water, didn’t even fit in at first, until you came along.” I told him smiling as I recalled that first day back to school.   He saw my smile and returned it with a brighter smile of his own. We were suddenly aware Mr. Rinehart walked into the class and we reluctantly ended our conversation. Math class went by fast and after Dean and I walked to lunch. The lunchroom was buzzing with excitement, as other students rushed to get lunch in order to catch up with old friends. Usually, I would’ve packed a lunch from home but I didn’t have enough time. Once again, I cursed myself for being late. I paid for my lunch and walked with Dean to our normal lunch table in the center of the lunchroom. I flopped down in my assigned chair next to Lillian and between Dean. I looked around the table to all of my friends’ smiling faces, knowing they were happy for us all to be united again.   

I smiled back at my friends; Katie Lang, Justin Thompson, Julian Woods, Lillian Bryans and Angelica Tyler. Katie was my oldest friend who I knew since childbirth she was Chinese American with long black and pink streaked hair. She was quiet most of the time but she had a rebellious side to her. She had a petite athletic body and was editor of the school newspaper, I had no doubt she would end up a famous editor of a popular magazine such as Cosmopolitan.    Next to her was Justin Thompson, who had sandy blonde hair with the lightest blue eyes I’d ever seen, they almost appeared silver. Clusters of freckles dotted his face. He was lean and wasn’t much for the sports scene. He was very relaxed all the time, and even when it looked as if he never paid attention to anything, he could always figure out what was going on. I’ve always suspected that he may have been a user of marijuana even if he never did it around us or spoke of it, but somehow I think he was a secret stoner.   

My eyes glanced over Julian Woods, who smiled at me, happy I acknowledged his presence. Julian also played on the football team with Dean, and he was the loudest person in the group. Julian could be intimidating because he had a habit of being brutally honest even if it made others feel uncomfortable. He looked me over, his deep olive green eyes appreciating what he saw. His scrutinizing, wasn’t anything new, Julian was always concerned with appearances.    It was no wonder his girlfriend Angelica Tyler dressed in the most fashionable clothes and achieved the look of perfection the best she could. Angelica was a striking beauty in her own right, she had blonde hair and bright blue eyes. She was captain of the varsity cheerleading team, who constantly knew all and any gossip in Maple Falls High School.   

Before I could start any conversation, Lillian attacked me with details of her date with Jensen. Lillian Bryans was a part of the newspaper crew along with Katie; she was African American with light bright brown eyes and shoulder length jet-black hair. She was very studious, which made me believe without a doubt, she would end up going to Harvard University one day. Lillian is mainly the charismatic one of the group, so I couldn’t help but get excited with her as she told me about the date. I became engrossed in our conversation when out of nowhere, I saw him. There was nothing but the sound of my heart racing and Lillian’s words fell upon deaf ears. There was Christian, Emilia, and Lucas sitting by themselves in the farthest corner in the cafeteria. They all looked like models sitting there for a high couture designer line. My face must’ve appeared frozen to Lillian because her next words broke through the hazy mist that clogged my brain.  

“Looking at Christian? Don’t even bother Maddie. He’s in my class with Jocelyn and she already tried hitting on him, he totally blew her off. I mean he was polite but he said he already had a girlfriend and isn’t interested in anyone here.” She informed me, her voice soft and gentle, trying to lessen the blow of the news.   

Those last words, despite their delicate deliverance, tore at me, he already had a girlfriend? I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised but I felt my heart sink. I hadn’t had a boyfriend since Dean nor was I attracted to any boys here at school, which at one point made me question my heterosexuality. Now the one guy who I was attracted to had a girlfriend. Great, once again something I wanted was unavailable to me, this seemed to be the story of my life.  I glanced back to her and put on my best ‘I’m fine’ smile.   

“Oh, yeah I figured since he’s really good looking, I met him last night actually. I didn't think he was going here."   

This information piqued Lillian's interest now, "Really? Did you talk to him?"   

"Yeah, for a minute or two then he totally disappeared on me." I muttered distracted.   

"What did you guys talk about?" She asked me.   

"Nothing important." I lied, for some reason I wanted to hold on to memory of Christian and I.

"But trust me I am so not interested.” I struggled for words as Lillian peered at me, raising her eyebrow in doubt.  I remembered Christian cut me off this morning, and used the only ammunition I had to throw Lilly off my back.   

“He completely cut me off this morning and stole the parking spot I wanted, I nearly rear ended him!” I fumed to her with false anger, relieved when she seemed convinced.   

took a fleeting look once more at Christian, when he whipped his head around and locked eyes with me. This time instead of being awestruck, I managed to become embarrassed with myself for gawking and my cheeks flushed with color. I turned my head, immersing myself back into Lillian’s date night but I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Christian and every time I looked at him he stared back simultaneously. Lunch went by fast, and for the first time I was grateful to be going to class.   I entered English class early with Lillian and Katie by my side as we walked to our seats. I didn’t hear any part of their conversation but nodded my head when it seemed appropriate because my mind was racing. I simply couldn’t understand why I behaved the way I did when I saw Christian, I was not that type of girl to be boy crazy. I rushed to sit in the first empty spot I saw, not caring if I sat next to Lillian or Katie. Distracted with my thoughts I didn’t notice I sat in front of a handsome boy with a lopsided grin on his face.   

When he leaned over and whispered, “Hi.” I gasped out loud taken by surprise, causing nearby students to glance at me questionably.   

My body tensed up the moment he spoke and unlike previous times when I would be immobilized, I became annoyed. I was upset that this boy had so much influence on my behavior and could affect me with little effort on his behalf. I turned slowly in my seat to face him, bracing myself to ignore his beauty. My plan was to try to have a complete non embarrassing conversation with him. But I took too long, for Mrs. Patrick walked in the class. I snapped forward in my seat annoyed, yet grateful for this interruption. When the bell finally rang I jumped up, darting for the door, not bothering to wait for Lillian or Katie. After English my two study halls with Jensen and Jocelyn followed, but today I figured I’d skip and go home.    I walked briskly out the school and into the parking lot. The wind blew vicious and cold, I sighed, even though I lived here most of my life I hated the weather sometimes. Halfway to my car, I felt the presence of someone walking behind me, I whipped around. There he was, casually walking by himself behind me, grinning, he quickened his pace until he stood in front of me. My anger boiled to the surface, I was furious at myself and him for allowing these type of emotions to overwhelm me when I tried hard to suppress them. I waited impatiently as he looked down at me, he studied me and smiled as if he knew a secret. 

  “What’s so funny?” I demanded.   

“Nothing. Didn't figure you to be the type to skip out early on classes. Nor did I expect you to be probably the most agitated person I’ve met at this school. Last night you were quite nice to me, but then again I hear you're the queen bee here at Maple High. So what is it against your clique's rules to be nice to the new guy? You know it’s impolite to stare at people while they try to eat right?” He smirked. 

 My cheeks burned red hot, causing him to erupt with laughter. His laughter sent electrical sparks down my each vertebrae of my spine, and if I could've I would've bathed in his laughter. My mouth gaped open, I’d never met anyone like this boy before.   

“Oh well you're skipping too apparently and I’m glad I could be a form of entertainment for you. You do realize it’s impolite and dangerous to cut people off right?” I hissed back. 

 “Hey! I offered you back that spot-”   

“After I yelled at you.” I interrupted.   

“Yelled? Actually you mostly stammered through that whole tirade.” He corrected. 

“You know what? I've completely misread the type of person that I thought you were. Last night...never mind. I don’t have time for this. Goodbye.” I said.   

I turned my back on him and stomped back to my car, getting in and driving away. As I drove home my thoughts wandered to thoughts of Christian, and my feelings toward him already. Yes, I did find him midly annoying but not because of his personality, I found his affect on me annoying. I was happy at the sight of him, insecure about my looks, and a couldn’t control my yearning desire for him. All these emotions toward this boy was turning me into a nut case! My head told me that I was crazy to have such an emotional response to a boy I didn’t know, but my heart told me that it wanted to be in love. It told me I should embrace these emotions, and follow wherever my feelings led me. I debated on which one I should listen to.   

I drove absentmindedly when my car engine light went on, this had never happened to me before and since I didn’t know much about cars I wasn’t taking any chances. The roads were deserted as I pulled on the shoulder of the road, and stepped out into the foggy haze to peer under my hood. I messed around with a couple of things hoping that by adjusting the wires that somehow I’d fix the problem. It didn’t work . I pulled out my cell phone preparing to call my mother for assistance when I’d seen Christian's car pull behind my car, and park. Just my luck, I thought bitterly. I sighed, whether I liked it or not he was the only one around to help.

“Hey, what’s wrong?” 

“I don’t know, my car  engine light went on.I pulled over to see what was wrong, I don’t want to drive it with the light on. What if my car blows up or something? Don’t want to take that chance.” I explained. 

“Let’s see if I can help.” Christian offered, looking under my hood. I waited patiently as I watched him. My heart fluttered nervously. 

"You know a lot about cars?" I ventured, attempting to make conversation. 

"Not much, but my dad taught me a thing or two." He replied, as he continued to fiddle around under the hood. 

"Oh. Well how did you like your first day at Maple Falls?" I asked him curiously. 

"I liked it for the most part, it wasn't boring. I've been to a lot of high schools and never has a pretty girl yelled at me in the morning. Or attempted to yell at me I should say. Then proceed to have a staring contest with me in the lunch room, treat me as if I had some plague when I said 'hi' and finally put me to work on her car." Christian told me, I could hear the laughter in his voice. I tried not too, but I chuckled. 

"Sounds like an interesting day to me." I commented, playing along.
Inside my was heart doing somersaults, I hadn't failed to catch his compliment. We fell back into a comfortable silence while I watched him work under the hood.

"What were you going to say back there about last night?" He muttered. 

"I was going to say that last night I figured you for someone..." I started.


"Someone who wasn't truly happy."

“Okay done. You’re alternator clip wasn’t attached, should probably get that checked out by the mechanic. It should hold for now until you get home.” He quickly said, I wasn't sure if I offended him but I had the suspicion that he was purposely trying to get away from me.

“Thank you. I-” I meant to say how much I appreciated his kindness when Christian’s eyes flashed from brown to an icy blue. I couldn’t believe it. “Your eyes totally changed from brown to blue!” I blurted out astonished. 

Christian blinked and his brown eyes returned, my mouth popped open. “It happens during this type of weather.” He muttered, hastily slamming the hood of my car.

“Eyes don’t change that drastically.” I challenged unconvinced. 

“Well mine do. You know you really are irritable.” He commented. 
His demeanor changed abruptly, it was almost as if I were dealing with an entirely different person. Christian tensed then shifted into a defensive stance. Taken aback by his rude comment I reacted without even thinking, taking a defensive stance myself.

“How dare you? First of all, you don’t know the first thing about me.” I protested. 

“I know that I just helpd you.” He hissed. 

“Help I didn’t ask for. You volunteered.”

“You know Madison, I stopped because I wanted to say sorry for insulting you earlier but now I can see I got you figured you out. You're another one of those popular teen girls. Do me a favor: don't even look at me in school and don't try to psychoanalyze me. For the life of me I can’t understand what I did to make you dislike me or why I am intrigued by you.” He said frustrated. 

“You are the most arrogant piece of work I've ever had the misfortune of meeting. For the life of me I can’t understand why I get flustered around you! All I know is that I’ve felt my life become more complicated since the moment I laid eyes on you, and I don’t like it!” I screeched.

“Well don’t worry, it’s about to get less complicated!” With that, Christian stalked to his own car, opening his car door. His eyes were blazing blue once more.

“Don't look at me either! And don’t think I forgot about your eyes! Your explanation made no sense!” I yelled, trying to get the last word. 

Christian shook his head and sped off in his car.
My heart pounded in my chest, as I realized we had gotton into a shouting match, a fight about…being frustrated at being interested in each other? My head hurt trying to figure out how the whole thing had transpired. I went back into my car, and continued on my journey home. As I drove home, Christian's color changing eyes were all I could think about, and the thought was unsettling.
I pulled into my driveway and since I left school early, I predicted that my mother wouldn't be back from work. I knew she wouldn’t be home until later on tonight, I went inside and ran up to my room. I flopped down on my bed, upset over Christian’s and I confrontation. I shouldn’t have said anything to him about his stupid pretty eyes. I decided I would apologize to him immediately tomorrow morning in school. I was astonished how strongly upset I became at the thought of Christian being upset, because of me. I decided taking a nice hot shower would calm me down, this whole day was nothing but an emotional rollercoaster. I showered, threw on a pair of sweats with a thin long sleeved shirt, and went downstairs to start cooking dinner. Most of the time I am the night chef at home, due to my mother’s absence. I decided to make baked ziti for dinner, cooking helped to relieve stress for me. By the time I was finished it was still too early for my mother to be home, while trying to decide if I should start homework or read a book, the phone rang. 


“Maddie, it’s mom sweetheart, I am sorry but I won’t be home until late tonight it’s busy at the hospital. They need the extra help, I promise I won’t be too late okay?” My heart sank. 

“Yeah mom I understand. I made baked ziti I’ll save you a plate okay? See you in the morning.” She was silent for a minute I assumed she was feeling bad for not coming home. 

I tried to reassure her, “Mom listen to me, it’s okay. I have a ton of homework to do and I didn’t have a good first back to school day, I wouldn’t have been much fun company tonight anyway.” 
I smiled sadly, fully realizing how much truth those words held. 

My mother finally broke her silence, “What happened today? Don’t tell me ‘nothing’ either. You can tell me besides, it will be better to hear something non medical related.” She encouraged. 

“Nothing awful it’s just that I had a disagreement with this new kid today at school his name is Christian Watson. I feel awful for being rude to him and I don’t know mom, I think I…” I broke off my sentence, not ready to be that honest with her or myself.

I was positive my mom could sense how uncomfortable I was because she didn’t press on the fact I didn’t finish the sentence. Instead she changed the subject. 

“Watson? There is a new doctor here by the name of Nathaniel Watson he just transferred in. Very young attractive man. I have heard many good things about him so far. I assume this Christian Watson must be his son, oh honey, don’t worry about it I am sure this new boy is only adjusting to a new town with new faces. Try talking to him again, work out your differences, I have a good feeling about Dr. Watson and I assure you his son must be as nice as he is. Okay? Don’t stress out about it, and keep me updated. Anyway I must go now, the sooner I get back to work the sooner I can leave. Love you.” She told me.

“Yeah, love you too.” 

I hung up the phone, taking in her advice. She might not always be there but my mom had a way of being exceptionally insightful, which came in handy. I ate dinner, then afterwards went upstairs to start my homework. Apparently, the teachers missed the memo for going easy on the first day of classes. After I finished my homework I took a quick look out my window. The dark sky reminded me of my own dark feelings, as Christian's face floated through my mind. I couldn't let go of the image of his smoldering bright blue eyes and the deadly look he gave me before he drove away. For the first time since I'd thought of Christian, I didn't feel a sense of euphoria. Instead, I felt a feeling that had been nagging at me since I laid eyes on him. A feeling that I buried with teenage hormones, a feeling I didn't want to acknowledge that Christian could ever make me feel...blood chilling fear.

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