Always Midnight

Madison Johnson's life changes the moment she lays eyes on Christian Watson. Christian is unlike any boy Madison has ever met in her life, he's a guy with a secret-he's a vampire with a deadly past. When they fall in love, Christian's past soon makes its way into their future together. As his past catches up to him, Madison must decide how much she will sacrifice to be with the man she loves.

Copyright © 2011


42. Haunted (pt 2)

My anger slipped back into disgust and all I could do was gape at Christian, though he didn’t face me I knew he felt my puzzled gaze on his back. My body went numb, it was too much, everything was too much. All of these feelings taking over my body, making me question everything. I closed my eyes and concentrated…I blocked it all, the only feeling I held onto at that moment was anger, a wrath never experienced before. And I let it take over my mind and body before I snapped. 

“Shut up! You foul parasitic monster!” I yelled, my body shook with rage. Everything went white and I couldn’t see a thing, all I could feel was warmth radiating all through my limps. My blood boiled, and I felt dizzy but it was comforting to hold on to the anger. It took all of my strength to hold myself from rushing her, then as soon as the anger came, it went. The world came back into focus hazy at first, but the scene before me changed slightly, Katherine’s silver eyes were wide with shock and amusement. 

“Ha! She’s feisty! Sweet on the outside and naughty on the inside, no wonder you like her. But hmmm you seem to be the only one. You already know Emilia can’t stand her, Lucas isn’t won over completely, and well Nathaniel is afraid of her. I never thought I’d see the day. This little reunion is so much fun!” Katherine’s singsong voice was filled with utter amusement, but this was no laughing joke. 

My breathing became harder, I wanted to wring her neck and wipe that smile off her face. Elizabeth quickly took my hand into hers, and despite my best efforts not too, I calmed down. 

“This is getting us nowhere, please Katherine tell us what you want.” Nathaniel said, speaking up. 

“I already told you Nathaniel I wanted to see Christian because I want him back. You took him from me, and I need him. It’s as simple as that.” Katherine explained. 

“Why? What are you planning now Katherine…I caught a glimpse but you’re blocking me.” Christian asked harshly. 

“I want to take over the Council, it's what we’ve always dreamed of, don’t you remember? I know you are weak now, but you can get back to your former strength. We can be how we used to be, the only reason you’re angry at me is because of these traitors around you. We can get rid of the human easily and go back to how things used to be. You try to hide your thoughts but I know the beast stirred when you laid eyes on me, you still want me.” Katherine crooned to Christian. 

I didn’t react to her words instead I concentrated on the calming feeling of Elizabeth’s hand. Basically, Katherine came back to collect Christian and over throw the leader of the Council now, Hezekiah. How Katherine thought she’d was going to take over a mysterious all powerful Council was beyond me.

“Are you insane?” Emilia asked. “The Council is a shadow, you are chasing nothing but ghosts. They aren’t found because they chose not to be and I doubt you have the power to bring them down.” 

“Says the whore of dogs.” Katherine rasped. 

Emilia hissed, baring her fangs, and Lucas trembled slightly. Elizabeth grabbed his hand quickly, quieting Lucas down, who after a deep breathe, resumed his position. 

“Katherine, no. That’s my answer, now take a hike back from the corner of Hell you crawled out and take these pests with you.” Christian told her nastily. 

“You have the mistaken impression that you have a choice, my love. The time to strike is now, the Council is in turmoil for the first time in centuries. Hezekiah has found other's are going against him for there to be a new leader." Katherine explained.

"How do you know this?" Nathaniel asked.

"Because I've had a spy in his midst for years now, and now that there is confusion is the time to strike. If Hezekiah is focused on others my attack will take him of guard and I can take control." Katherine explained feverishly. 

“Katherine, your plan for world domination is getting tiresome. We have accepted our place among this world. It is time to stop this foolishness, it's not worth dying for. Hezekiah will behead you and place it upon a stake for others to see. You know this." Christian explained. 

"Our place? To be in the shadows? To have to pretend to be human in order to live a pathetic life? To not be who we are Christian, this is what you have accepted? No. I don't believe you. We used to plan this for years, we'd stay up and talk about taking over the Council. Now we have a chance to do it, and so we shall." 

“Katherine, please. Don't make me kill you." Christian pleaded.

"You won't. And when you are my king, we will be happy." Katherine said. 

“No, I will never be happy with you Katherine.” He told her, the words dripped with venom. 

"Because you've been brainwashed by these traitors and this pathetic human into thinking you are human Christian." Katherine stated.

"No, because I hate you." Christian spat.

“No you don’t. I know it. You don’t. You hate what I embrace and you deny yourself. You envy the power that I have and you used to have, I can see the hunger in your eyes. You’ve always wanted to be powerful, since you were a frail human who had no control of your household. With your abusive father, and being poor you wanted more power, which I gave you-immorality. When you grew bored of the usual human we’d kill, you wanted to outdo yourself. Killing because you could, killing to show your power and strength. Now you are reduced to trying to win over the heart of a girl who you know sees you as a monster, a monster like me. She will never accept you, she can’t handle it and you know it. I’ll give you some time to think things over but I won’t wait long. Please, don’t make me have to resort to killing everyone you love in this room in order to change your mind. Let them live Christian, spare their lives and come with me. Either way you have no choice in the matter.” Katherine warned.

Before I could blink, Katherine and her two male companions were gone. The front door closed as if no one even came to the house. No one moved at first, until finally Christian broke rank. 

“She’s gone. I can’t sense her anymore.” He announced, he turned towards me his eyes betrayed no emotions and I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to hold him in my arms but everything Katherine said was fresh in my mind. Images of Christian killing innocents, making love in his victims blood and stalking victims disturbed me. Elizabeth, who still held my hand tugged me gently, turning me away from Christian and pulled me into the living room until we reached the couch. I sat down drained, and confused. Everything I heard and saw tonight stunned me and I wasn’t sure how I felt about many things.

“Come here darling. Sit down, that must’ve been hard for you. Oh boy, are you hungry? Let me get you something to eat I will be back.” Elizabeth muttered distracted. 

I started to protest but gave up, I could tell Elizabeth needed to do something in order to keep her composure. Nathanial entered the living room next along with Emilia, Lucas and Christian who walked slowly, obviously trying to grasp the situation. I sat on the couch by myself while everyone stood up, I remained silent not sure where to begin. 

“How did you not sense her coming Christian?” Emilia asked him shocked.

“Katherine and her companions are capable of blocking their thoughts, it’s rare for vampires to learn that kind of control and skill. Only a few of us are able to do it, it took all my energy to try and pierce that blockage and yet keep my thoughts hidden as well. I was able to hear fragments of their thoughts but nothing complete. She won’t attack us tonight she will give me three days to decide what I want to do and if I don’t she will kill you all. She doesn’t know that I know she is giving me three days if Viktor had not thought about it, then I wouldn’t have known.” He told, his voice fatigued. 

“So what do we do? Go on the offensive?” Lucas asked.

“No, we should go on the defense either way she’ll be coming to us to collect Christian. Her two friends will be no competition, they will be easily disposed of but it will take all of us to bring down Katherine.” Nathanial said, strategizing. 

“Don’t count Viktor and Lawrence out yet, they are strong. It will be a challenge but yes they can be taken care off. If we did go on the offensive though we could take them off one by one. Katherine doesn’t care for either of them, she won’t be around them all the time.” Christian added. 

“Yes, but then we’d all be separated giving Katherine time to strike. I think we should take them all out at the same time.” Lucas proposed, “And three days gives me plenty of time to call for reinforcements. Katherine appears to have forgotten my connections.”

“Yes, she didn’t take that into account, her inability to recognize wolves as formidable opponents has rendered her ignorant.” Christian agreed, “But first we have to do the most important task.” He added. 
“What’s that?” Emilia asked dumbfounded. 

“We have to take Madison out of Maple Falls.” He said, turning every one's attention towards me. 

“What?!? No!” I protested, jumping up outraged. “That vampire wrench is not going to run me out of town and if you guys are fighting then I’m going to fight with you. There must be something I can do-”

“No.” Christian said, silencing me.

“Chris-” I began. 

“Madison, he's right. You getting physically involved in this would only result in your death. It would be safer for you to leave Maple Falls for a while, perhaps we could arrange for you to fly to New York for a while until everything is settled.” Nathaniel interrupted kindly and sensible. Of course, he was right. They both were, it was ludicrous for me to be involved in this anyway I mean what I could I do besides be a distraction and get myself killed. Yet, I couldn’t control my anger anymore.

“This is ridiculous! I can’t pack up and go to New York, what would I tell my mother? And what would that matter anyway, either way I’m in danger wherever I go. You don’t think she doesn't already plan to kill me? She hates me, I saw it in her eyes!” I blurted out.

“Madison, she won’t-” Emilia began but Christian cut her off.

“You’re right Madison, she does want you dead but she won’t have a chance. It’s best if I move you out of the situation until they’re dead. I promise you will be safe.” Christian told me, in front of me on his knees. He placed his hand on mine, and I tried not to honestly but I instinctively flinched away from him.

Christian’s heart broke in an instant, and he nodded coming to a conclusion I didn’t want him to think. Before I could say a word he was gone from the room, I looked at the floor and no one said a word. I silenced every thought in my head, and focused on where he was, tracking him was an incredible feeling. It was if I could see out of his eyes and his surroundings which turned out to be the inside of the room I nick named the “museum” because it held paintings by Christian. I’d only been in there once briefly, it was also known as the basement.

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