Always Midnight

Madison Johnson's life changes the moment she lays eyes on Christian Watson. Christian is unlike any boy Madison has ever met in her life, he's a guy with a secret-he's a vampire with a deadly past. When they fall in love, Christian's past soon makes its way into their future together. As his past catches up to him, Madison must decide how much she will sacrifice to be with the man she loves.

Copyright © 2011


10. Hangovers and Hallucinations


-I was surrounded by darkness. I could hear it in the distance howling in frustration, hunting me. I kept moving as silently as I could, feeling the damp ground underneath my feet. My heart pounded hard threatening to tear out of my chest. A tiny sneeze escaped from my lips, giving away my position,. It ran as fast as it could desperate to finish the hunt. I broke into a run, the wind whipping me across the face. I ran until I reached the clearing in the forest where a man stood, “Hurry ” he yelled.

I didn’t know who he was but I ran towards him. I couldn’t make out his face. I knew my hunter was behind me, I saw the strange man start to run in my direction, then he crouched and jumped in the air towards me. I shrieked but it was not me he intended to jump on but my hunter behind me. They collided in the air and they fell to the ground. All hell broke loose, I turned around to see the man fighting a huge dog, the man was on the back of the animal. The beastly dog animal had white foam at the mouth, snapping its jaw. The man looked at me “Run!!!” I turned, running at full speed to the other side of the forest back into the darkness. It wasn’t long before I realized the man had been Christian.-

I woke up gasping for air in my room. The room was spinning around me, damn champagne. My heart was thumping loudly, I sat up in my bed trying to catch my breathe. My eyes were burning as tears fell down my cheek. I wiped my face with shaky hands, I turned to my alarm clock to see that it was three o clock in the morning. Great, I thought, only five more hours before I had to get up to go shopping with my friends. A gust of cold wind blew into my room, I frantically glanced around the room to see my window open. That’s strange because I did not leave my window open. I went over by my window to close it, when I noticed a blur of shadow running across my front yard away from my house. 

My heart stopped beating, I slammed my window shut and ran to my mother’s room. Was I hallucinating due to the champagne? I wasn’t sure but I didn’t want to be alone. My mother was sound asleep. I climbed into her bed, careful not to wake her up I didn’t want to sleep alone tonight. I laid there in the darkness staring up at the ceiling while she snored next to me. What the hell was that? I pondered. It looked like a blur of shadow but had the figure of a man, my head hurt trying to comprehend what I had seen. That night was the first time since I was six to sleep in my mother's bed. I cried silent tears, scared, it’s one thing to have nightmares, but a whole other thing to have those nightmares come true. 
“Madison, sweetheart wake up.” My mothers voice rang in my ear. 

I opened my eyes, I turned around, to see my mother awake, confusion etched upon her face. She was probably wondering what I was doing in her bed too, she kept on staring at me giving me time to wake up fully.

“Oh mom I’m sorry I came in here, I had a bad nightmare last night and I didn’t feel like being alone in my room. Are you mad?” I asked her.

She continued to stare at me, unsure if she should be worried or if it was best for her to act like my behavior was normal. I put on my best “I’m fine” smile, I was relieved to see her smile back. I should’ve told her about the blur that I seen, but I wasn’t sure what exactly I had seen myself, no need to worry her about it.

“Okay honey, I’m sorry you’re having nightmares. Do you want to talk about it?” She asked me softly.

“No, sorry I don’t know what got into me it’s been a long week I guess but thanks for waking me up I have to get ready, I’m excited.” I told her with fake enthusiasm.

“Madison, I am happy you’re going on your camping trip. But you need to be careful okay? There’s been another animal attack, not in Maple Falls this time but in Beacon Hills. I want you to bring the flare gun with you, just in case you need to signal for help or something. Also, I need to know where you are sleeping, it better be with the girls and none of those boys. I know you have guy friends but I need you to be responsible and watch out for yourself. I know you’re coming to that age where you have certain…urges…but you have to be careful….” She drifted off, clearly uncomfortable and not sure how to proceed. I saved her the trouble. 

“Ew.. MOM!!! I know about all about sex okay? Dad beat you to the punch a couple of years ago. Besides I would never have sex with any of my guy friends, I’m still a virgin. I’m not saying I’ll always be one until marriage but I want my first time to be special with someone who loves me as much as I will love him. You have nothing to worry about. I will take the flare gun and I am sleeping with Lillian, Katie, Angelica, and Jocelyn. Don’t worry, Angelica’s dad will send out patrols to check on us, so we definitely won’t be drinking. We know how to have clean wholesome fun without having orgies or being under the influence of stupid drugs that do more harm than good.” I assured her, I hated talking about these sort of topics with my mom. 

“Okay Madison, I am trusting you. Please don’t break that trust.” 

“I won’t. I promise you.”

“Madison sometimes I wonder whose the parent here, you’re my old little lady. You really are the best daughter a mother could ask for.” I didn’t get a chance to speak because my mom wrapped me up in a bear hug. 

I finally escaped my mothers grasp and went to shower. My mother had taken the day off of work to go away for the weekend with Dr. Carlson. I was glad she wouldn’t be home in case whatever, or whoever I had seen last night decided to come back. I had more than an hour to get ready before I had to meet my friends to go shopping. I went outside to put a few items in my car, then went back inside my house to say goodbye to my mother. I was driving to Lillian’s house, when my cell phone rang, of course, it was Lillian. I pulled over to the side of the road before I answered, 

“Madison, it’s Lilly, where are you? I thought you were going to be here at ten o clock? Jocelyn, Katie, and Angelica are already here, we’re just waiting for you.”

I sighed, slightly annoyed. I loved Lillian but she was always so prompt. Plus, I didn’t appreciate her yelling when I had a hangover. 

“Lilly, I'm on my way now.”

“Okay, sorry. I’ll see you soon bye!”

“Bye.” I hung up, put my car in drive and continued on my way to Lillian’s house. I pulled into Lillian’s driveway fifteen minutes later, I could see Lillian, Katie, Angelica, and Jocelyn sitting on the front porch. I put the car in park and got out.

“Hey girls!” I yelled cheerfully as I walked up the stairs and took a seat next to Katie.

“Hi!” Katie, Jocelyn and Lillian replied in unison. While Angelica said, “About time.” I rolled my eyes, Angelica was a good friend of mine but there were times we butted heads, I silently hoped today wasn’t going to be one of those times. I wanted to have a good time with all of my friends today. I smiled at her which after a couple of seconds she returned. I made a mental note to try to be on Angelica’s good side today. The weather was finally nice, it wasn’t very sunny but at least it wasn’t cloudy and rainy. It was a good day to go camping, a couple of rays of sunshine put me in a good mood.

“Angelica you’re dad is going to make sure to put some of his men on patrol around our camp site right?” Katie asked.

“Yup. My dad has been freaking out, since the animal attack here and the one in Beacon Hills. He’s been on my ass, calling, even texting me to know my every move. Whoever said being the sheriff’s daughter was easy had no clue what it’s really like, I feel like I need to get my own restraining order against my dad. How twisted is that? But then again he did lend me a hefty amount of money to spend today, so did my mom.” She told us. 

“I feel much safer knowing we’re going to be watched. Anyways we should get going, let me say 'see you later' to the parentals. Come on everyone get your things lets hit the road!” Lillian said.
Since we all, nor our equipment, would be able to fit in either of our cars, Lillian borrowed her mother's minivan so we could all drive together. The plan was to meet the boys at Joey’s Outdoor Hut, purchase our additional items that we needed, then be on our way to Oasis pond. Thirty minutes later Lillian pulled into the parking lot of Joey’s Outdoor Hut, where the boys were already outside waiting for us. Jocelyn was the first one to jump out of the van, and sashayed over to greet the boys. Jocelyn wore a jean skirt so short it should’ve been illegal, paired with nice black stilettos and a black halter top. She was dressed up as if we weren’t going camping in the woods but to an celebrity party at a nightclub. Her dark red hair glittered in the rays of sunlight, and her bronze skin glowed. I had to admit, Jocelyn was a knockout.

Most of the guys at school were obsessed with her, and I couldn’t blame them. She was definitely taking advantage of the nice weather today in that outfit. I took a look at Lilly in the drivers seat, then glanced back to Katie and we all shared a quick laugh. Jocelyn was such a flirt but that was one of the characteristics we loved about her. Angelica sneered annoyed, since we were kids, there had always been competition between Angelica and Jocelyn. Even though they were best friends they were each other's biggest competition, both of them ruled the school. Angelica, not be outdone by Jocelyn, got out next showing off her longs legs in a skirt almost as short. Her blonde hair was in messy waves. Angelica wore a pink skirt with a black camisole and black flats. She never needed high heels she was already tall enough, but she did have legs that seemed to go on for miles. Katie, Lilly, and I got out at the same time, we knew we didn’t have the stunning effect on people like Angelica or Jocelyn. 

We all approached the boys who were all standing outside leaning against Julian’s red pickup truck. Julian’s eyes glanced over all of us, and lingered on Angelica, who smiled glad Julian was appreciating her appearance. Julian was dressed casual, jeans with black boots and a long red tee shirt. He rubbed his hand over his newly shaved brown hair, then wrapped Angelica in a huge hug nearly picking her up, she giggled with delight. I smiled, even though Julian did have high standards he really did love Angelica, they’ve been together for nearly two years, wow did time flies by, I thought. My attention was diverted over to Lillian who gave Jensen a hug of her own, who kissed her on the forehead. Jensen smiled at me, his brown eyes sparkling with pleasure.
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