Always Midnight

Madison Johnson's life changes the moment she lays eyes on Christian Watson. Christian is unlike any boy Madison has ever met in her life, he's a guy with a secret-he's a vampire with a deadly past. When they fall in love, Christian's past soon makes its way into their future together. As his past catches up to him, Madison must decide how much she will sacrifice to be with the man she loves.

Copyright © 2011


26. Facing the Music

“Good morning beautiful.” Christian said chipper. 
“Good morning handsome. You know how to start a girl's day off good.”

"Only good? How about now?" He said, before I could react he gave me a gentle quick kiss. 

I smiled at him, "Now that's the way to do it." 

I tossed the sheets off of me, hopped off the bed and into the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash my face. After I changed into a new pair of clothes and checked out Christian, who looked amazing without even trying, I let him lead the way to the kitchen for breakfast. 

Christian watched me as I ate my bowl of Cheerios, we sat in the kitchen at the island, since the dining room table was blasted into a thousand splinters. 
“Where are your parents?” I asked him. I had noticed the silence in the whole house. 

“They’re at the cottage talking to Emilia and Lucas. She called late last night saying she was never coming back home. My parents went over to talk some sense into her. Personally, I think she’s being episodic as usual enjoying the attention from our parents.” Christian told me, nonchalantly.

“Don’t you care if she leaves your family?” I asked him, taken aback.

“Of course I do, I love Emilia she truly is my sister but I will not let her jealousy prevent me from living my life. I love you and I am happy. If Emilia truly loved me she would be happy for me. I'll talk to her today, but if she doesn’t listen to reason then I will have nothing to do with her. When she fell in love with Lucas I kept my mouth shut, I had my doubts at first but she was happy. I battled our parents so they could be together, now she has turned her back on me.” He ranted, pain and anger emitting from him. 

“Why? Is Lucas human too? I noticed that he ate when I did. And he’s not pale or cold.” The words leaked from me, I always had my suspicions about Lucas.

“You really are the most observant person I’ve ever met. Lucas is not human nor is he a vampire. That's his secret to tell you not mine but know that he is a good guy. When he trusts you, he’ll come clean about what he is.” Christian said.

“Okay. Well he seems to really love Emilia.” I said.
“Yeah, they’ve been together for a while, about twelve years now.”

I didn’t say anything instead I ate the rest of my food in silence, then gathered all my belongings. The weather of course was cloudy, I knew later on it would rain. Christian’s house had lots of land surrounding it, enclosed by woods. He led me over to the driveway where his car was parked. He opened the door for me, I slid into the passenger’s seat marveling the car’s interior. He slid in next to me starting up the car, then we took off. We passed more woods as we drove down the driveway, everything looked the same around me. It would be easy to get lost around here I thought. Once we turned onto the main road, Christian floored the gas pedal.

I snapped on my seatbelt, scared. 
“Whoa! You’re doing a hundred miles! I thought vampire senses were supposed to be great, you're a bad driver. It's bad enough you cut people off and now you're a speeder. I'm going to sign you up for driver's education.” I complained, gripping the seat belt. 

“I happen to be a great driver, I remember when the first Renault Voiturette was produced." Christian boosted.

I had no clue what a Renault Voiturette was but I assumed it was some sort of car back in Christian's time. Either way I was not tolerating his speeding.

"Yeah? How about you step off the accelerator for a moment Speedy Gonzalez, if we were to crash only one of us would be walking." I commented. 

"Good point." Christian said, reducing his speed to my pleasure.

We made it to my house, pulling into my driveway behind my mother's car. I opened the car door and walked around the car. I almost made it up to my front door when I realized Christian never stepped out of the car. I turned around and walked to the driver’s side where Christian stared out of the open window.

“Are you sure you're ready for this?” He asked quietly, I heard the double meaning in his question.

He wasn’t only asking me if I wanted him to meet my mother, but if I was sure I wanted him. He was giving me one last chance to back out of this relationship, it was one thing to have it in private but our relationship would be out in the open now. I leaned into the window. 

“Yes, I’ve never been more sure about anything in my life. Get out of that car and meet my family. She’s going to have to find out about us, because I plan on being with you forever.” I told him.

“Alright, it's time to work my charm.” He laughed, stepping out of the car. I grabbed his hand, and we walked into my house holding hands ready to see my mother. We walked in to find my mother with Dr. Carlson on the couch. A wave of annoyance went through me, I expected to be with my mother by herself. My mother’s face lit up with delight then confusion when she’d seen Christian and I holding hands. She jumped up, 

“Maddie, oh honey I am glad you’re home. Are you alright? I missed you so much. NO more going out in those woods I absolutely forbid it from now on.” She told me, squeezing me in a bear hug.

“I’m okay mom. I won’t go into those woods anymore I swear. I want you to meet my boyfriend, Christian Watson.” I said, releasing her. She glanced at Christian, holding out her hand.

"It’s great to meet you. Thank you for taking care of my daughter. I appreciate it more than you can know.” 

“It’s great to meet you Mrs. Johnson. It was no trouble I happen to be there at the right time and right moment. It was a pleasure having Madison over.” He said courteous. 

“Thank you. Please won’t you stay for lunch? It’s the least I can do. We have much to discuss since apparently you are dating my daughter.” My mother said politely, even if she asked Christian to stay her tone implied that he had no other choice. 

“Yes of course. Thanks.” Christian said.

“Great, Christian this is my boyfriend Dr. Carlson.” My mother said, motioning over to James, who rose up from the couch. 

“Hello. Nice to meet you.” James said, also shaking Christian’s hand.
“Hello, Dr. Carlson. Nice to meet you, my father’s talked about you before. Claims you’re the best surgeon in Maple Falls.” Christian said. 

“Ah, you are Nathaniel's son! He must've not included himself. He has a way with patients I've never seen before, he is a brilliant man. You must convince him one weekend to come out with the guys one night.” 
“Will do, sir.” Christian replied.

“Madison, why don’t you two go upstairs into your room and I will call you guys down when lunch is ready.” My mother told me, then stealthy she leaned in close to my ear, “Leave the door open please.” 

“Okay mom, see you in a few.” I grabbed Christian's hand and led him up to my room, “I know you heard the last part, sorry bout that.” I informed him. 

“Yes I did, don’t worry about it. She likes me already, she thinks we make a cute couple. And she’s happy for us, she’s curious as to how we got together. James feels the same way, also he’s wondering about what to say. His paternal instincts are kicking in but he doesn’t want you to think he’s trying to be your father. He really loves your mom. Your mother is making salad, and beef stew.” 

“Wow, your special talents do have their benefits.” I told him as I opened the door to my room. My room wasn’t huge compared to Christian’s room, but it was the right size for me. A light purple paint covered the walls of the room, while the rest of the décor was black. The only windows in the room were of my door that led out to a tiny balcony, which came in handy when I wanted to step outside and check the weather for myself. In a corner of my room stood a small desk that held my computer, while another corner had a built in shelf containing books and CD’s.

Christian went in after me, going around my room, inspecting my photos and books. He walked over to my own shelf filled with various CD’s and soundtracks. I waited patiently, watching him in silence as he traced his fingers over my book collections.

“Ah, I would never figure you for a King fan. A bit dark for you.” He said.

“We all have our dark moments.” 
He nodded his head, picking up a photograph of me and Dean. He gazed down at it, 

“You and Dean used to date.” He stated.

“A long time ago. How do you know?” I wondered. 

“Because a part of him loves you, he's never been over you. It's easier for him to distract himself with various other girls than to admit that he loves you."

"You read that from him? How long ago?" I asked him.

"The first day of school. Does that information change anything for you? It's something I've wanted to ask you about for a while. Seeing only his picture out of all your friends in here it makes me wonder if he was that great love that I asked you about in the library that night." 

“Dean and I will always care about each other until the day we die. We were young, it was puppy love. He was devastated when I left to live with my father, but we're two different pieces of a mismatched puzzle, we don't belong together. But knowing this information changes nothing for me, I don't love Dean in that way. From the way you brought this topic up, I am going to assume that jealousy is rearing its ugly head, Mr. Watson." I observed, grinning.

“I hate to admit it but yes, not that I blame Dean for harboring feelings for you. If you have the power to make a vampire fall in love, I can only imagine your magic on a mere human boy.” 
I flopped down on my bed, patting the empty space next to me. Christian sat down next to me. I placed his hand onto my chest above my heart.

“You’re the only person ever, who makes my heart pound wildly in my chest. You never will have to be jealous of anyone I promise you.” I smiled at him. 
Christian leaned in kissing me on the cheek. “I love you.”
“I love you too.”

“And I love your room much better in the daytime.”

“Yes…wait a minute you’ve never been inside of my room before!” I exclaimed.

“Actually, I have, after I dropped you off Friday night I came back to check on you and snuck inside your house. I watched you sleep for most of the night when you woke up unexpectedly. I bolted out your room and ran back to my car.” Christian confessed.

“Damn it! I thought I was hallucinating or something. Not to mention you scared me so bad I went to sleep in my mother's bed!” I fumed, dropping his hand. 

“Sorry but I was worried." 

“It’s fine, I’m glad you cared enough.” I said, picking up his hand placing it once more over my heart. 

We sat there in silence, listening to my beating heart when my mother called us down for lunch. Lunch went better than I expected, I could tell my mother was impressed with Christian. James asked a few questions once in a while too. We all went into the living room, talking and laughing.

My mother’s face turned serious all of a sudden, "I can’t express my gratitude enough, Madison was very lucky to have you there. Such a tragedy the creature has struck again last night in Oakland. A young teenage girl this time, they found her earlier this morning. Poor family.” 

My blood drained from my face, Oakland was the next town over. What the hell was this creature and why hasn’t anyone been able to find and kill it? It could’ve been me, I said a silent prayer for the girl. This type of serial killing by an animal was highly unusual. Christian put a protective arm around my shoulders, I leaned into him. Fully appreciating that he saved me, “Yes, thank you.” I whispered. 

He pressed me closer to him, “I will always be here to protect you.” He whispered back fiercely. He meant what he said, I knew that but I couldn’t shake off the feeling of doubt.
James ended up being the first one to leave, then Christian, who told me he had to leave in order to talk to Emilia. I walked him to the front door, I wanted him to stay with me. 

“I’ll pick you up for school tomorrow okay? I have to talk to Emilia. I love you,” He told me. 

“I love you too.” I nodded my head, as he leaned in to kiss me on the forehead. When I closed the door, my mother stood behind me obviously have witnessing the exchange.

“That boy is serious about you Madison. He is very polite, not to mention good looking. You have my seal of approval for him.” 
“Really? I’m glad you like him.”

“I do like him but honey didn't you only met him this semester at school?” She said, carefully picking her words. 
"Yes, why?" I asked. 

"Nothing, the way you two connect with each other it's like you've known him your whole life. Everything between you two is very mature and quite serious. I'm not to worry about anything right?"

"No, mom. I promise. I'm happy, and I haven't been in a while. It feels nice." 

"Okay, honey. Good, I'm happy for you." 

We didn’t discuss my relationship with Christian for the rest of night, instead opting to talk about celebrity gossip, work and catching up with each other. The sky turned dark, signaling the end of yet another cloudy day. I went to bed that night, unable to sleep. I searched for my cell phone, dialing Christian’s cell phone number. He answered in one ring, “Hello beautiful.” 

“How’d you know it was me?” I asked softy. 

“You’re the only person who has my number besides my family.” 

“Oh process of elimination. Good work detective.” I teased. 

“I miss you Madison.” 

“I miss you too, which is why I’m calling. Would it sound desperate if I asked you to spend the night? Of course you’d have to sneak in through the back door but I can’t sleep.” I paused waiting for his answer.

“No, not desperate. Would it sound disgraceful and ungentlemanly of me if I told you that as of this moment I am in my car, outside of your house? I can’t stand being away from you Madison.” He confessed. 

“Not disgraceful, a bit stalkerish but I'm glad. I’ll come downstairs to let you in. Bye.” I said, getting up from my bed. I hung up the phone, then walked to my door, before I could turn the knob I heard a knock at my window.

Christian was there perched on the balcony I walked over to the door, letting him in. 
“How did you get up here?” I asked, listening to make sure my mother didn’t hear anything.

“She’s sound asleep. Easy, I jumped up onto the balcony, being a vampire does have it’s benefits.” He told me. 

“I thought you couldn’t read my mind.” I accused him.

“I can’t but it helps that we think alike, I missed you I was hoping you would call.” Christian admitted to me, pulling me in for a warm embrace. We laid down on my bed, and like the night before, I fell asleep in his arms. 

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