Always Midnight

Madison Johnson's life changes the moment she lays eyes on Christian Watson. Christian is unlike any boy Madison has ever met in her life, he's a guy with a secret-he's a vampire with a deadly past. When they fall in love, Christian's past soon makes its way into their future together. As his past catches up to him, Madison must decide how much she will sacrifice to be with the man she loves.

Copyright © 2011


27. Facing the Music (pt 2)


Tuesday morning came, I woke up to see Christian had left. I knew he would keep his promise to pick me up for school. The pit of my stomach danced around, obviously my friends would want to know everything that happened to me over the weekend. After showering and eating breakfast, my doorbell rang. As promised, Christian stood on my front porch, dressed in new clothes.

“Hi, are you ready to face the world today?” I greeted him.

“As long as you’re standing there next to me. Unless you plan on running away the minute we get to school.” He teased.

“Nope hate to disappoint you.” I told him, smiling.

“That’s what I hoped for. Are you ready?”

“Yea, is Emilia and Lucas coming with us? I never asked you how that talk with her went last night.”

I walked with him to his car, sliding in the passenger seat. He closed my door, then slide into the drivers side. 
“The talk with Emilia went better than expected, she’s upset but has decided to stay with our family. Lucas is taking his car to school from now on. Emilia doesn’t approve of our relationship but promises not to open her mouth anymore.” Christian explained. 

We drove to school in silence, the closer we got to school the more nervous I became. Christian pulled into a parking spot, shutting off his car, then turned to face me in his seat. 
“Nervous?” He asked.

“Yes, it’s only because I know people will be staring at us. You know how excited people here get about new couples, the questions and staring. It makes me uncomfortable being the center of attention.” I declared.

“Love, I hate to break your bubble but you’ve always been the center of attention. More than half of the student body know your name, you and your friends are really popular. I will be seen as the luckiest guy in the world to be dating the prettiest girl in the world.”

I didn’t know how to respond, his words instantly lifted my gloomy mood. Christian had been right, the minute we stepped out of the car people stared, in disbelief. He walked me to my first class, we arrived early, leaning against the wall talking about our peers reactions. I saw Lillian’s eyes bulge out of her head, as she walked down the hall towards us.

“Hey Madison. Hello Christian.” Lillian said. 

“Hello Lillian how are you?” Christian asked.

“Fine. Madison I’m happy you’re okay. We heard about everything from your mother.” 
“Yea, she told me, a dumb mistake on my part. Sorry, I never meant to worry you guys.” I apologized.

“As long as you're fine that’s all that matters. I will be talking to you in class. Bye Christian.” Lillian sauntered in class. 
“She wants to know about Saturday’s events. And she wants to know if we’re a couple or are we only hooking up.” Christian report to me. 

“Great, wish me luck.” 
“Good luck.” 
He leaned into me forcing me to back into the wall, where he gave me a peck on the cheek, rendering me temporarily disabled. In a flash he was gone, I walked into class avoiding the other students who witnessed the PDA from Christian. Lillian nearly fell out her seat as I filled her in on the events that happened over the weekend. Of course, I withheld the part about Christian‘s family secret, Emilia‘s outburst, and most of Christian‘s confessions. I gave her enough details to satisfy Lillian's curiosity and keep Christian safe. 

“Madison I am in shock! First, you nearly get killed by a wild animal and now you’re dating one of the hottest guy in school. Your life has officially become my favorite station. I’m sad you missed the rest of our trip. Angelica told me her dad’s been working overtime to try and catch this animal. It’s crazy, actually makes me feel even more grateful that nothing happened to you. Anyway, allow me fill you in on the juicy news- Jensen asked me out, Jocelyn didn’t hook up with Justin, and Katie and Dean are going out too. Weird huh?” 

“Not too weird, I always thought they would be a cute couple.” 
“Yeah, you’re right. I wonder how Jocelyn is going to take the news of you and Christian.” Lillian wondered aloud. 

“What are you talking about Lilly?” I asked her, baffled. 

“You know how Jocelyn is, of course, a part of her is going to be happy to see you happy. On the other hand, she is going to be insanely jealous because she hit on Christian first but he showed no interest in her. You know how competitive she is and now that he chose you over her the minute he broke with his girlfriend, Jocelyn’s ego is going to be crushed. Be prepared.” Lillian warned me.

Mr. Sheppard stomped into the classroom and I ceased all conversation with Lillian at that moment, I didn’t dare risk getting in trouble. As I exited Spanish class, Christian appeared by me, taking my books and slinging one arm around my shoulders as he walked me to my next class. Once again, classmates eyes burned holes into my back. After my fourth class the burning stares from my peers no longer bothered me, unfortunately, I could not say the same for Emilia’s venomous glaring. Our relationship status blazed through the school like wildfire, everyone knew. Christian paid no attention to the whispers or gawking behind our backs instead he focused only on me. Of course, all my friends knew the events that happened because Lillian told them, which saved me from telling them. Lunchtime came and I walked out of my class with Dean who had been in a bad mood all day. I bumped into Christian, who was waiting for me. We all three walked in silence, when Dean turned around to Christian. 

“Okay Christian see ya later, come on Madison time to sit at our table.” Dean said. My mouth gaped open, Dean was deliberately trying to exclude my boyfriend. I couldn’t understand why Dean was being rude, Christian smiled.

“Dean I’m not sitting at my table today. If it’s okay with Madison I would like to sit at your table from now on.” 
Dean frowned, disappointed he couldn’t get rid of Christian. I smiled, if Dean was in a bad mood then fine, but he had no right to take it out on me and Christian.

“Of course it’s fine, my other friends won’t care.” I led the way to my usual table, grabbing an empty chair and placed it next to mine. Now I sat between Lillian and Christian. Dean didn’t speak during the whole time, not even to his girlfriend Katie, who was baffled. Jocelyn like Dean, was in a bad mood as well. She remained silent throughout the whole lunch time. Annoyance flared through me, if they wanted to be against Christian and I then that was their problem. Some true friendship, I thought bitter.

“Madison and Christian! You two are adorable, like Peyton and Lucas on One Tree Hill!” Angelica squealed delightfully.

“Wait a minute babe, we’re supposed to Peyton and Lucas!” Julian cried mockingly.

“No, we’re Haley and Nathan.” Angelica corrected, not noticing the mocking tone. 

Everyone laughed, except Dean and Jocelyn. In the corner of the lunchroom I caught sight of Emilia and Lucas who weren’t smiling nor talking to each other. A pang of guilt washed over me, I felt bad for both of them. I got up from my chair, everyone watching me, Christian stood up too.

“We’ll be back you guys okay?” I told my friends. 

Confused faces looked back at me, while Christian and I left the table. Christian didn’t have to read my mind to know where I was headed. I reached Emilia and Lucas’s table, sitting down in a empty chair next to Lucas. Christian sat down next to Emilia, who looked suspicious. 

“Hi guys.” I said.

“Hey. What brings you two over to us?” Lucas asked.
I bit my lip, cautious, I only had one shot at fixing the tension between Emilia and me. I turned my attention to her. 

“Emilia I know you don’t like me. I know you think Christian and I are making a mistake. If that’s how you feel, I’m not going to change your mind. But I don’t want to be the reason to come between you and him or any members of your family. We don’t have to be best friends but I want you to know that you can trust me. I love your brother and your family. I think your family is amazing and kind. And I would never do anything to expose your family or hurt them. I just wanted you to know that.”
Emilia didn’t say a word, instead she stood up from her seat and walked out of the cafeteria. I sighed, and leaned against my chair. 

“Madison that was kind of you, you didn’t have to do that. She’ll come around when she’s ready. Sorry about that.” Lucas said.

“Thanks Lucas.” I told him. 

Christian didn’t speak instead he sat there, fists clenched. When he lifted his fist, he left a dent in the table. My stomach dropped. Emilia would have to accept our relationship at some point because in the end if her relationship collapsed with Christian or her family, she’d have no one to blame except for herself. I vowed to watch myself with Emilia as her threat floated through my head “Because I am tired of running and when this ends up badly I will not run. I will make sure our secret won’t get out.” I wasn't sure how she would make sure the Watson's family secret wouldn't get out but I knew it would mean bad news for me.   
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